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  1. Sweet looking piece. How would you check/pull focus without a monitor? And if you got a micro+monitor, why not just get the pocket?
  2. While you can't process video you have already shot, this app uses the gyro in the phone to know where the camera is in space and stabilizes with minimal processing time.
  3. Not sure if it works with your rig
  4. Google around for IR triggers, that is what I use for the NEX 7 which also has lame app restrictions.
  5. Electronic shutter could open up some cool strobist options.
  6. Be careful with the bolt-through-helmet option. The threads in the CX100 are notoriously weak. I glued a washer to the CX to reinforce the mount.
  7. the body is small, the two lenses stacked on top of each other, not so much this is also an option:
  8. NEX-7 with 16mm lens and fisheye conversion lens gives pretty good quality, much better than GoPro, less than 5D.
  10. Seriously? Back to the brand thing? I guess I need to make my jokes a bit more clear, maybe a smiley or something. I love both my Tonysuit and my PhoenixFly suit. Different tools for different jobs.
  11. I think the future is bright for positive lift in wingsuits. Mere days ago it was stated as fact that and now the impossible is possible as the resident expert of GPS wing suit tracking shows that If such progress is possible in only three pages of banter, imagine what the coming weeks, months or even years hold.
  12. There is a foam pool toy in the Tony and Phoenix arm wings that gets dislodged from time to time but it doesn't really affect handling. I am not sure you fully understand the effect of thermals on a hot day Jarno, they are very powerful forces, especially near the edge.
  13. No, I think it is a true reading. The thermals were exceptionally strong and when combined with a dive produced the results seen in the video.