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  1. I'm from Nashville and whenever I go home to visit family I always go to Skydive Alabama. Its less than a 2 hour drive and the people are very friendly. I definitely recommend going there!
  2. Yeah!! You're talking to the Zhills 2006/2007 new years eve electric star champion! Well co-champion....I tied with a guy from Finland. I guess he didn't want to lose to a girl
  3. Here's another Jack and Jill one.... Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana Jack got high and unzipped his fly and asked Jill if she wanna Jill said yes unzipped her dress They did some hanky panky Stupid Jill forgot her pill and out came little Franky ....oh the fun things you learn at summer camp as a kid
  4. Welcome to the dark side! I quit last April and life has never been better
  5. The original Richmond Boogie began in the early 70s, 1972 I believe. It stopped for a few years and started up again in 1987. Not quite sure what the oldest boogie is. Good luck!
  6. Although I don't play professionally, i've been playing piano my whole life (and various other instruments). Been in the sport for 4 years and have had a lot of mysterious minor bang ups but nothing to impair my piano playing. I have had some random cuts on my hand from hard openings (not quite sure how it happened) and i've banged my hand on the side of the plane on exits before but nothing too bad....i don't wear gloves, but I probably should. You'll probably have the occasional random scrapes and bruises but thats it. Just keep your hands in if you are having a hard landing and try not to take out a formation! Oh and if you are floater on a CASA watch your arm/hand on exit. Smacking the side of the tailgate hurts!
  7. Awesome footage. I just got back from Summerfest a few hours ago, had a blast.....quite sad I missed Orly by a few hours!! Keep us posted on how the world record attempt goes!
  8. Skydive Switzerland in Interlaken is awesome. They have a sweet Pilatus Porter too!...the landing area doesn't have many outs as it is surrounded by a mountain, a highway, train tracks, and trees but you should be fine. Definitely worth your time.
  9. That's the plan!...although the plan could change :-\
  10. Oh come on Kim, tenting it out is the way to go! What's a Boogie without squeezing as many people into a tent as possible and tripping over empty beer bottles in the middle of the night while searching for a good spot to pee?
  11. My mom called and told me while I was at the dz, so sad...I sat next to him and his family at dinner not too long ago. A nice guy and great football player.
  12. Definitely some interesting questions on this quiz....apparently I'm a "Window Shopper" hmmm....
  13. Ouch! Hey, the KA is fixed now! Haha not what I was referring to but nice one!
  14. Hey Ryan. I went to Skydive Alabama last time i jumped when i was home. The ride is slightly less than 2hrs and the people are really cool. I forget what they fly...King air maybe. You can crash there. When i went everyone was going to someone's house to party and get in the hot tub but I couldn't stay the night Definitely good times! Does this mean you won't be around for "THE" Boogie?? We're gonna have to find someone else's canopy to search for in the corn fields all day long!