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  1. Not just for guys! I am a lover of sex too! Morning, noon, night.... I dont care when it happens! Great... Now Im sitting here at the Phoenix airport thinking about sex!!!!!
  2. Wow, the bonfire is vacant this morning!! I am currently sitting in the Sacramento airport at my gate, waiting for my flight to board. Its back home to Florida today. So I'm going to go get a cinnabon and wait for a naughty thread to get posted!
  3. Yeah... wishful thinking, I know!! But maybe Karma has something good in store for me!!
  4. Moi?? But Im sweet and innocent! Everybody knows that! Im also having a dry spell at the moment.... Predicting that hopefully it will be over soon! ...Lets give it a month. I'll report back if anything changes
  5. ...The next time you'll get humps! Lets see who the lucky ones are! And the wishful thinkers!
  6. Friday: Flying back to Florida.... California vacation is over! Saturday: Unpacking (yes, it's going to take all day... I have a lot of stuff!) Sunday: TBD
  7. And here come the male submissions for judging.....
  8. Spank her for abandoning her position in the notorious threesome!
  9. I hereby OFFICIALLY nominate Poe62 as a contestant, for posting the following quote on another thread: THAT is what smutsketeers are made of! PS. The contest does involve puddin' wrestling between contestants, right??
  10. Thank you!!! I feel so honored to be the first one nominated! I was going to submit my own application anyway, but looks like I don't really need to now!!! In case I do need to submit an application, does this thread count as a submission??
  11. Says she who resigned from the smutsketeers!
  12. Wonder where they found these 48 people with low self esteem?? A psychiatrists office?? Jenny Craig??