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  1. Hi Steve, no need ... the S-fly expert don't work with inflation but with tension... (no bent legs) i you want to increase your performance, put more tension in the suit and play with angles (like in freefly) Patrick de Guillebon
  2. yeah, The Elite new version also have a new back deflector....so nice !
  3. Hey ! more news.... So we now have a group of LO for the 3 days Boogie : Flylikebrick : Jarno & Alex BBTeam : Miki & Paula Flyyourbody : Zun See you very soon ! Patrick de Guillebon
  4. Hi everyone... As you all know, the 4th Intl. Artistic Wingsuit Competition is held in GAP-Tallard France this year during the first week of August. After a few days of training for the teams, the competition will start on Thursday 4th of August. Just following the Competition, the Gap-Tallard DZ will bring a Skyvan on top of their 2 pilatus allowing us to fly together in bigger groups. This is a real chance for wingsuit flyers from all Europe to join and fly together. 15 teams will be there just for fun ! The Skyvan will be stay from the 5th to the 8th of August ! Come and join ! get to fly with the very best ! Patrick de Guillebon
  5. Crossbow was the very first suit produce by parasport Italia for Flyyourbody ( Loic jean Albert & Stephane Zunino) so The crossbow model should be below S-FLY Patrick de Guillebon
  6. it's a kind of M... Patrick de Guillebon
  7. well, the arm wing of the verso makes all the difference with the expert. it will allow you to expand your flight range... for normal flocking, just keep your arms like you use to do with the expert but you will need less tension...easy. the same if you want to increase your forward speed, just add some more angle to your flight by pushing your chest down...
  8. I love it this trailer ! Patrick de Guillebon
  9. really nice... mine just arrived too... ! Patrick de Guillebon
  10. with the frenchies...? http://www.sflycommunity.com/p/skill-camps-events.html Patrick de Guillebon
  11. apparently it's becoming a standard... +1 Patrick de Guillebon
  12. Very nice Patrick de Guillebon
  13. like an S-Fly Verso...(also with backflying inlets) Patrick de Guillebon
  14. would love to...can't make it ! maybe next year ! Patrick de Guillebon
  15. Looks pretty nice legwise.... is this really in the states ? Patrick de Guillebon
  16. ever tried with the frenchies...? Patrick de Guillebon
  17. .....and so ? I was the first, no me, no me...? Innovation is all what as a wsflyer we are looking for, the more brands innovating from current design appears, the best it is for the community...no ? why should all manufactures absolutely be original with their particular design ? improvement and innovation taking from everybody's ideas is truly the rule to go... hopefully today manufacturers are not in a competitive market like kite surf sails where all brands are paying fees & licences for each innovation. Everybody is free in this small market to boost their products for our ws community... at least let them have a chance to get a decent living with it (such a small number of WS sold per year... in comparison with other markets...) am i wrong ? Patrick de Guillebon
  18. : how many seconds ? Patrick de Guillebon
  19. ...Hopefully....! the Verso is a much smaller suit.
  20. funny enough, same exit with a S-fly Verso by Fred http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4wIKLwo7Vk[/url] [url] Patrick de Guillebon