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  1. Titanium_Gecko

    13th March 2010_Exit

  2. Titanium_Gecko

    13th March 2010_Flight

  3. Titanium_Gecko

    Nearly a year wingsuit flying - what next?

    A quiet Saturday afternoon and perfect time for a quick spin! This is what it's all about...........
  4. Titanium_Gecko

    Phoenix-Fly @ BPA AGM - 16th January 2010 (UK)

    Happy New Year Jarno & Macca I shall endeavour to stop by and say hello!! Ross
  5. Titanium_Gecko


    I have spent 4 months (Feb-June) jumping at Saumur this year putting in 100 jumps, whilst working in France, and it became a home-from-home! I could not have been made more welcome or made to feel part of numerous families, hence, look forward to going back. The DZ is situated just above the town, in the Loire Valley, which is a beautiful part of France. It is a small centre (on a quiet, active, airfield) with a single porter but has a large landing area, friendly to foreigners and welcoming to families. A working knowledge of French to be able to explain yourself is beneficial but some English is understood/spoken. The staff at the centre support students, tandems, freeflying, formation, crew and canopy piloting (with visiting instructors). Wingsuit first flights are also supported via an S-Fly Access Instructor. There is a small portacabin-style bunkhouse, area for carvans and tents, a club house with full kitchen and very small toilet/shower area. A lunchtime shutdown for a cooked meal is part of culture, adding to the relaxed atmosphere, but does not affect jumping speed. I've done so many firsts there this year. A massive thanks to everyone!
  6. Titanium_Gecko

    Gath Hat

    I bought my Gath on the day I got my A License and have never looked back. Admittedly, it was the best fit for my head at the dropzone shop but would recommend anyone to try a Gath on. This year alone it has proved reliable and secure/snug at 200mph head down, 140mph+ stand through to 50mph-ish wingsuiting. It also protected me from worse head injuries in 2004 after a low turn, which took me out of the sport for 2 years. I love its look in photos and videos.
  7. Titanium_Gecko

    Icaro 2000 helmets

    I'd also love to know if any one is using them - Any reports? Any thoughts? http://www.icaro2000.com/Products/Helmets/4fight/LT-Integral/LT-integral.htm http://www.icaro2000.com/Gallery/Helmets/4fight-paracadutismo.htm Cheers, Gecko
  8. Titanium_Gecko

    My First Wingsuit