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  1. I've read the PD document about wing loading, and was interested by the paragraph that states "Wing Loading is the biggest determinent of speed". If this is the case, can you estimate your airspeed based on your wingloading? Cheers Matt
  2. Hi Anyone tried, or know anything about the Samsung VP-MX10 - its an SD card camcorder, that you can attach a wide angle lens to, all for £159 from Currys. Sounds pretty good, but do you guys know anything about it? Info here
  3. What else would you look at? Like every consumer, I want the most from the least!!!
  4. Hi I jump in England (well Spain, as our weather is usually crappy). Thanks for the offer!! Did you start on an S-Fly access, and if so how did you find it / other people who attend your academy find it? Thanks for the 'friendly' reply!!! Matt
  5. Hi There Bird People Anyone got any views on the S-Fly Access, or similar type of suit? I want to get into some wing suit action - and this seems like a good way in? Your opinions would be great. Cheers Matt
  6. Hi Everyone I have to be in Lisbon for work () at the end of march, but I can go jumping at the weekends()....does anyone know a good DZ nearby, preferably one that speaks a little English.. I have checked the dropzone locator, but my Portuguese geography is not really up to where is near Lisbon, and where isn't. Any help and opinions on what is there and what sort of DZ it is, greatly appreciated. Thanks Matt
  7. Hi All I'm thinking about zipping over to Skydive Empuriabrava for a long weekend in a few weekends time......what is the weather usually like this time of year? Are there any times of the year when the clouds roll in and its gets all grey like here (UK), or do they get to jump most days of the year (from height)? Any views would be most welcome. Cheers Matt