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  1. s-fly BLOG update sflycommunity.com Patrick de Guillebon
  2. yes but also... http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2215137180 Patrick de Guillebon
  3. Looks like the Ekranoplane pic you posted is the model Bartini Beriev VVA 14....should have wings on top of it... http://www.testpilot.ru/russia/bartini/vva/vva_e.htm http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2009/06/ekranoplans-showcase-part-2.html Patrick de Guillebon
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUTWWsh6iGA&feature=player_embedded#! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbecl88NsEQ Patrick de Guillebon
  5. Sweet Patrick de Guillebon
  6. Make sure your body is straight so your arms ! the main trick with the S-fly expert is to understand the work you need to do with shoulders and chest... the power of the suit comes by pushing forward your shoulders while maintaining your arms straight. Then at the same time give a bit of angle to start moving forward... the extra boost can be found by twisting your hand loops turning also forward giving more tension in the suit. enjoy and if you want to get more, come over for a skill camp Patrick de Guillebon
  7. similar to "Experience the Venom..." on somebody's signature here on DZ....??? Patrick de Guillebon
  8. sugar glider not jii-wing... Patrick de Guillebon
  9. Video by..... Julian Boulle Patrick de Guillebon
  10. As for the S-Fly course, they ask for a minimum of 500 jumps with 100 wingsuit jumps, at least 15 ws jumps within the past 2 month before the camp, video helmet and a FFP coach rating preferred. It's a 3/4 day camp with approx 15 to 20 jumps with real ws students where each futur instructor is rated both on ground coaching and flight coaching. Instructor students are followed in flight by examinators and debriefed on video after having themselves debriefed the beginner ws student. The Instructor course is held in Gap once or twice a year with a team of 3 S-Fly examinators. S-fly delivers two instructor ratings; level I and level II. Level I allows you to ground coach a student using an access wingsuit model, Level II allows you to follow a student in flight.
  11. Just received my new PULSE 135, awesome canopy ! so easy to pack, very soft openings, straight ! much better flare than the Storm
  12. both ways both. The symptoms are exactly like as if the canopy had 500 jumps with the original lines... tried all kind of tricks to have it right but failed, had the canopy checked by rigger, etc... I already had several emails with our local PD guy in Europe & he advised me to send the canopy back to PD. Thanks Scott Patrick de Guillebon
  13. after soft and nice openings during the 50 first jumps started being unstable (easily giving a fast 180 deg right or left) just after the end of the opening...weird ! and i am not the only one facing this issue. I even had a cutaway after a fast spinning... Patrick de Guillebon
  14. one with an Accro, felt like a dead fly ! anyway maybe not skilled enough. But definitively come over to Gap, I'll make the trip from Morocco just to see it ! Patrick de Guillebon
  15. how many flight did you have with Alex s-fly expert...2 maybe 3 ? Patrick de Guillebon
  16. and talking about Julian, you missed his last video on WWWN, he's doing some video & basejump coaching for a small group of students... http://www.s-flycommunity.com/2010/08/4-way-wingsuit-base-red-bull-air-force.html enjoy ! Patrick de Guillebon
  17. I do it once in a while, I also have a Blade... I usually don't think, just fly...outside a box of course.. Patrick de Guillebon
  18. I agree, the GS1 is not a monowing, julian's sugargliders are.. his first proto was build out of crossbow & the verso arm wing was inspired by his latest proto... just to say ! Patrick de Guillebon
  19. Julian flies sugarglider protos & S-fly Verso, maybe he tried a V3... but both his protos & the verso are monowings... the movement of your hips inside the wing is the main difference with a tri-wing...for the rest...others can juge ! Patrick de Guillebon
  20. Hi Ronaldo, the suit might be a bit tight, so you really need at pull time to arch and push your hips forward, keep your head up, let your arms fall along your body and reach the handle from below (I mean from your ass) as stated by Scott, you should make it this way, otherwise it's a size issue, drop an email to ZUN at [email protected] for a change. enjoy Pat Patrick de Guillebon