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  2. Thanks DSE.. I had also in my mind to buy a N3 for its low profile and add it on my wrist...but now i prefer to spend the money to buy a flysight.:-)) If the weather is good i will do some jumps and I will report back. Thank you guys.
  3. Thanks.!! It looks fine.! I will try to mount it there next time and see the results.
  4. If it is not a problem for you....Can you please upload this picture to check it..? I have over 2 months to receive the parachutist..:-((((( Next time i will try it on my wrist and i will see the results. Thank you for your replies.
  5. I have both settings enabled..:-( The only thing that I am thinking is that I must did a GOOD job.. :-p I was my first jump with the S,I did some practice pulls and I was a little unstable after the pulls.I remember I was stable around 8000-9000...and the altitrack records opening at 7890.. So I supposed I had a very slow fall rate and confused the altitrack..? Another thing is the position of the alti..I have it on my left mudflap.. Is it matters?? Comparing to the wrist.? But again I NEVER HAD any issues before.
  6. Yeah I've heard that before about the 3 mins flights..:-)))But i supposed it will take me some jumps to achieve that..It is my first "triwing" suit..I was a S-fly "fan".. I hope the weather will be good next weekend..:-)
  7. Flysight is my in my future "plans" as right now Tony took my last savings..:-)))) I am curious about flight data because time is not the most important weekend I will put on my camera to check the case if altitrack stops again..I didn't want to have it on my first solo jump with the S-bird Thanks for the answers.:-)
  8. Hello there.! This week just received my new "toy" S-bird and this sunday i did only one jump because of very high winds..:-(( I know somewhere in the forum probably will exists the answer but i didn't found any... So,the question is WHY my Altitrack stops at 67 sec and says opening at 7800..?? I disappointed because i wanted to check the time to compare my previous suit and i didn't had a chance to do more jumps to add my camera... The settings is SLOW and SAS... Never had a problem before with my previous suit.. Best time was 141 sec.. Any idea or different settings etc..?? Thank you for your time. ps:By the way..this thing going F.A.S.T ..:-0
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  13. Great thanks. I am looking a box for my cx 730 and I can't find anyone else making for this camera.:-). I send another mail and it seems that everything went ok.. Now I am waiting.. Thanks for the replies.:-)