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  1. >Now, stay off of my front porch. Mad I do not understand why anyone would get angry at someone because they are standing on your porch in plain sight and knocking on the door to ask to speak with you. These people are not there to commit a crime against you or your property,so why get so wound up. I have even invited them in for a drink, or a cup of coffee on a few occasions when I've been bored, just for entertainment purposes. They always profess that alcohol and coffee are bad, and I try to tempt them to have some anyway. They never seem to come back, even when I invite them back for some party action later. In fact they never come back period. It seems none of them want to be tempted by an INFIDEL!
  2. >I suggest you go tell this to the "dumb" folks at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I beg forgiveness for doubting the unbiased holier than thou enlightened ones at the London school of economics and political science,NOT! There are constantly studies being done on many things,and often there are studies done by different entities on the same subject that result in vastly different conclusions. So you believe that this one study should be deemed scientific fact,a physical law of the universe? I can't speak for you or anyone else,but in my experience I've met some very smart liberals,conservatives,religious folks,and atheist. I've met a few not so smart liberals,conservatives,religious folks,and atheist. Now I've not tested any IQ's,but I have seen some very well edjumicated professional type people who believe only in scientific facts do some really stupid things, especially since I've been skydiving. I personally believe in science, and I am not at all religious,so it's going to take a lot more than one study on anything to convince me to take any findings as facts. I have observed on several occasions that you like to paint anyone who refuses your ideological koolaid as stupid. My observations of your post have led me to hypothesize that you are not any smarter or dumber than the average adult,but you have been fortunate to have had some higher edjumication. I am guilty as most everyone is of the ridicule of those who disagree with our views,but citing one study as proof that people with views that oppose your own are less intelligent seems very unscientific.
  3. >Patriot Act??? That damn liberal Cheney and his running dog John Ashcroft I never said that only the liberals were guilty of trampling our rights. Both conservatards,and libertards are guilty,but the libertards are the bigger threat at this time.
  4. > Easy. Christians do as they please because they are forgiven. Crazy Most of what they do is what makes them douche bags. Judgmental, condescending, insulting, rude, imposing.... The ones I've met anyway. I have met a lot of Christians,and most are very nice people. I've met a lot of jews,and most are very nice as well. I've only met a few muslims,but all the muslims I've met treated me as if I was beneath them. I know a lot of atheist as well,and most get all wound up about people being religious, which cracks me up. I'm not religious at all,but I've participated in saying grace more times than I can count when I've been the dinner guest of Christians, out of respect for them. Since I truly do not believe,it bothers me not at all to go through the motions, if it makes them happy. I know that jews,muslims,christians, and many other religious groups have done some very bad things throughout history, using religion as a banner for their intolerance of others,and their exploits of conquest.This is why the founding fathers of our constitution wanted the separation of church and state. Now there are those who get all wound up about god being mentioned on money,the pledge of allegiance,and any other mention of god,but it bothers me not. Now if I were persecuted by the government for being a non believer,or for believing,then things would be f**ked up for sure. Imagine the treatment you might get in iran,or Pakistan if you professed your infidel status there. Trying to imply that religious belief,or political affiliation has anything to do with intelligence is really dumb but it seems to be a common liberal ploy though. I have a dim view of conservatives as well,but at least they are not frothing at the mouth with as much profusion to trample on our rights.
  5. > I will stick with my libertarian 149.
  6. >You must take a 0 minute course to own a hand gun here. Same here in Washington state. You fill out a form asking about prior convictions,domestic violence,mental health issues,restraining orders,ect,then they fingerprint you to go along with the background check.
  7. This should happen in the other 49 states. I wish concealed carry permits would be made reciprocating between all the states as well.
  8. > Here's a suggestion for Christians: keep your religious views to yourself. Stop proselytizing. Stop trying to encode your beliefs in state and federal law. I agree, but why just single out Christians? All religions should be included. For instance the muslim movement to place sharia law above all other law should be squashed flat as well.
  9. So you think that requiring ID to vote is racist? Lmao,the truth is that any US citizen can get ID, and as David Johns has pointed out,if you use banks or go to college you need a photo ID to prove who you are. You talk about the GOP placing slow antiquated machines in predominantly minority areas,well if this is true then it is wrong,but it's also wrong for the new black panther party to intimidate people from voting for candidates they do not promote and not get jailed for voter intimidation. Once again I do not see how requiring ID to vote is inconvienent in any way,since you need it to operate motor vehicles,or to open any bank account,or to get into college,or to get a legal job,or to get welfare, or get unemployment,or to rent anything,or to participate in activities like skydiving,and the list go's on,and on..... So please enlighten me on why a US citizen would not have ID when it is so easy to obtain,and crucial for everyday life.
  10. I'm not sure where they are going to college. Not only did I have to have ID to go to each of my schools, the school issued me another photo ID. Stay at home moms and dads would almost make sense, except they would have to NOT be on public assistance to meet my how do they have the means to stay at home? Retirees are just right out. That means they had a job, could fill out an I-9, and have ID (not to mention pension, bank account, etc. that require ID) Right!
  11. But this is different, they dun put themselves a colored boy in that there White House. This has nothing to do with color,but I know that it's classic liberal tactics to call anyone who refuses to drink their koolaid a bigot.
  12. Another phallacy.. not even the same property regardless of what you have read on the right wing internets I do not read or visit right wing websites anymore than I do left wing websites. I am neither republican or democrat. I think both sides are corrupt,but I must say that the democrats strike me as even more untrustworthy. The republicans ideology has not changed much over the years when compared to the democrats ideology which has changed vastly since the mid sixties. The republicans were the party that voted to abolish slavery,demanded equal rights for all,demanded voters rights for all,were pro womens rights. The democrats were pro slavery,pro segregation,against civil rights for all,against voters rights for all,against womens rights,and supported the KKK. So I do not buy the democrats champion for the people bullshit anymore than I believe the republicans have the average citizens best interest at heart. Sending armed government agents out to bully some cowboys just smells bad,and I'm not buying the turtle bullshit that the BLM is touting at all. It is also well known that a certain democratic senator from nevada has family members who are lobbyist for private special interest groups,and they lobby him. Sounds real shady to me. So if this rancher just owes a million in grazing fees[which I've seen no proof of] why send an army out to steal his cows and intimidate his family like this?
  13. Again, I have to wonder how the people cited in that scenario survive without a job or government benefits, but are registered voters. It doesn't strike you as odd? It is very odd indeed! If you are a US citizen of legal age then it is no problem to get a state issued ID,even if you are on government assistance,since the government will provide you with ID free if you are in the welfare system. Lets face it,state issued ID is available to everyone in the US,and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either,all it takes is being a legal citizen. If you are a legal alien visitor then you have a green card that proves who you are and from where you are from but doesn't allow you to vote right? Either way,if you are here as a citizen or a legal visitor you have access to ID,and if visiting must be able to present ID at anytime right? So why would anyone who is above board be against presenting ID proving you are a citizen to enjoy the right to vote?
  14. The real reason that the BLM wants the rancher off the land is not to protect turtles. A certain US senator from nevada and his son want the rancher gone because they are in business with a chinese energy company,and are pushing for a chinese owned solar farm to be built on the land,and they are using the turtle excuse and the BLM as a lever to get this done. If they get the rancher out of there,then the bulldozers will come in and construction of the solar farm will begin. I bet bulldozers are a lot more harmful to turtles and habitat than a few hundred cows.
  15. So push anti-gun legislation,and when the black market for guns grows because guns become scarce,then you make a crap load of money selling black market guns.
  16. >Of course you probably do not understand what I just said, because you are blind to any changes to any laws....ever, unless of course, they suit your flavor of koolaid'. I actually believe in less laws,and would like to see many laws changed or repealed. I feel that all drugs should be legalized. I feel everyone should be treated equally in any publicly funded programs or organizations, in all states. I feel businesses and private organizations should be able to refuse service or membership to anyone they want for any reason,and if you don't like it you can spend your money,or time elsewhere,vote with your feet. I do not feel we should have more restrictive gun laws. I believe in freedom and liberty,and smaller government,and less of big brothers intervention in our lives. I don't try to get anyone to drink my koolaid,but rather feel you have the right to drink any koolaid you want.Just don't tell me what I should drink,eat,smoke,drive,who I should love,or what small arms I should, or should not have.
  17. >And we are advocating some changes to that right...yes. No we are not advocating some changes to that right,you are. I do not like being told what I want or need,but this is often the MO of progressive liberals who feel the need to make others drink their idealogical koolaid.
  18. >we TAKE away rights to drive cars Driving is a privilege not a right. US citizens bearing arms is a right.
  19. >Other states allow for a more interesting option... as long as you are the correct ethnicity. Not buying it.
  20. May I politely change "armed victim" to "armed citizen." By all means please do.
  21. This girl protected herself with a hangun without firing a shot.
  22. Armed robbers stopped by armed victim.
  23. This guy was not stopped by the security system,the three dogs,or the locked doors and windows. He was stopped by a woman with a handgun though. The report states that when the police arrived,the suspect fought them and had to be tased.
  24. >After concealed carry laws were passed,murders and crimes from handguns dramatically declined. Funny how thugs think twice about attacking someone when they think the potential victim might shoot back.