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  1. "Yet somehow we did survive the 70's." And most will survive today as well.
  2. "Without a legally purchased military-style rifle, he would've just been a guy standing in a bar. That's the fault of the FBI, which they even admitted today" There are a lot of rumors about the feds trying to be careful of offending islam, and in doing so,not pushing forward with leads and investigations. It could have been much worse if he had blown himself up with one of those explosive vest packed with ball bearings that seem to be very popular with jihadist martyr types these days. Guns are not very good tools for mass killing when compared to explosives. Check out the Bath Michigan school bombing,and then imagine the death toll if the perps second bomb had detonated. Oklahoma city is another recent example of home built explosives effectiveness at destruction. So how do you stop suicide bombers? What happens when IED's start showing up at bus stops,playgrounds,hospitals,ect.....? Remember how bad it was in northern Ireland when the IRA was having it's hay day,and they were not suicide bombers,being catholic and what not. Bombs have always been the greatest threat in my opinion. At least you have a chance to fight back against a gunman,but how do you fight back against explosions and shrapnel when you are in the blast zone?
  3. The Washington post/progressive liberal propaganda machine.
  4. You are either for freedom or you are not... it is a pretty simple concept. Word!
  5. There should be no victimless crimes. You should be able to eat yourself to death,drink yourself to death,smoke yourself to death,starve yourself to death,run with scissors,skydive,big wave surf,base jump,ect..... I can't understand how anybody,especially extreme sports enthusiast would consider legislating against an individuals freedoms to live there lives anyway they wish, as long as no other individuals are hurt directly by such lifestyle decisions.
  6. Billy busted my balls. I normally have a cast iron gut but after the second day of the course I had the worst heartburn I've ever had. He took this sport very seriously and always stressed safety above all else. When you passed a Billy Rhodes course you were as prepared as you could be for the real world of AFF. I liked him a lot,and had a huge respect for him,but hey I'm just an old logger from Washington state. Blue skies Billy!
  7. He should be buried alive with porkchops or drowned in pigs blood!
  8. I dislike conservitards as much as I dislike libertards. I'm a libertarian!
  9. I edited my original post as you will see. Jerry Ziefman did not fire her,but he did accuse her of lying and, unethical behavior and, disregard for the US constitution, like trying to deny tricky Dicky of his constitutional rights to legal counsel. Ziefman also stated that he would never give Hillary a job nor recommend her for any job because of her unethical behavior.
  10. Her lies and unethical behavior go back at least as far as the Watergate investigation. She was accusesd of lying and unethical behavior by Jerry Ziefman who was head of the Watergate investigation committee. Jerry Ziefman said after the investigation that he would neither give her a job nor a recommendation to get another job.
  11. There is no reasoning with the unreasonable. It's like you're talking to a 9 year old with his fingers stuck in his ears. Well actually I still think its possible john actually is a 9 year old I love it when someone tells me that I am more likely to be shot with my own gun than if I didn't own a gun. No shit! Since you can't be shot with your own gun if you do not own a gun. It is not possible to convince them that you are far more likely to be harmed or killed by a bad guy if you are unarmed. As I have stated several times before,I've stopped bad guys in their tracks with my gun,even when they had a gun as well and,I've never had to fire one round.
  12. kallend wrote: . Meanwhile, elsewhere in the USA. Not to mention the 30+ people murdered with guns in a typical US day. You don't actually believe the gun went off by itself do you?
  13. kallend wrote: . I hope he wins the nomination. I can only assume you think hillary is a better candidate. Personally I think the only thing she deserves is her own wheelchair in an old folks home. As far as the GOP nomination goes...I'm all for Rand Paul/Trey Gowdy. Being a libertarian myself I agree that Rand is the best choice.
  14. >You're full of historical shit. How many times are these revisionist historians going to keep saying this nonsense in Speaker's Corner? How many times do I have to give these brain surgeons a history lesson? You sound like a left wing propagandist who reverts to name calling and attempts at belittling all who oppose their ideology. The dixiecrats were still democrats,and the republicans were against voter literacy laws. Voter literacy laws were intended to prevent poor minorities from being able to vote,which is racist.