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    New Jumper from Oregon

    Welcome to skydiving! Who did you make your tandems with?
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    Aerodyne A2 vs Icarus 365

    I've flown both, and the Icarus is far superior in every way.
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    Skydive The Rockies! - Closed

    Nice friendly DZ with great panoramic views next to world class river rafting in the royal gorge. The staff is highly experienced and very knowledgable.They have an instructor who is also a raft guide on the arkansas river. They fly one turbo 206P and a turbo 206U that climb very well even in the thin air in colorado. The conditions here are great for high perfomance landings and you will definitely notice the increased in speed if you are comming from sea level. Go rafting and skydiving in the same day. I would recomend this DZ for 1st timers or experienced peeps.
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    Skydive San Diego

    Great student gear,great rental gear,very fast climbing aircraft,nice grass landing area,the wind is almost always 5-10 steady,nice packing area. I do not know what else a skydiver could want in a DZ. This place has a very talented staff lead by great management. I would recomend this place to everyone. Great place to try a 1st skydive or to visit for an experienced skydiver.
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    Sin City Skydiving

    They have a 206U full time and there was a caravan there for the new years boogie. The boogie was a blast and had many visiting skydivers from washington and oregon present for full caravan loads to 13,000ft. Sincity skydiving has really gone the extra mile to welcome funjumpers in Vegas. There were a few local skydivers who resented the dzo because he inforced USPA BSR's, but most of the funjumpers were cool and the staff was very profesional. I had alot of fun while I was there and plan on returning for the next boogie.
  6. You do not need alot of strength to be a great swooper. Swooping is all about skill. You could smoke 2 packs a day,be fat and lazy,and be a great swooper.
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    tandems tandems

    I was working at Skydive New england last fall and there were some pretty nice days in october. The AFF level 1 is a day long gig. After level 1, if you have the cash you could do multiple levels of AFF in a day. It all depends on you,the weather,and how many other students are there. I know most of the staff at Skydive New england and they are very motivated to teach. They love making new skydivers. If the weather stays nice,it is possible to finnish all levels of AFF in one weekend,I have seen this done a couple of times in the last 14 years. What ever you decide,have fun!
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    Skydive Snohomish

    This place is fairly new as far as Northwest dropzones go.The airport is off limits for landing unless you hold a D-license.Without the D-license you have to land down the road.
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    Vegas Extreme Skydiving

    I live in the vegas area, and from what I've seen,this is a tandem factory. They might go as high as 7,000 AGL if your even able to get on a load.
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    Skydive Toledo

    Skydive Toledo is very friendly towards 1st timers and vetrans alike. You have to try real hard to ruin your welcome here. The weekend bonfires are great for talking of the days skydives. The views of the Saint Helens volcano are superb along with the rest of the cascade mountains. The Northwest rocks during the summer. Check it out!
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    Skydive New England

    I was fortunate enough to get to work the end of the season here after skydive las vegas shut down.Skydive new england is alot like skydive oregon. Only 2 things are different.Skydive new england is a bit smaller and everyone has an east coast accent.This is a great place to make your 1st skydive or to visit for experienced folks. Nice super otter and great skydivers.The fall season is spectacular with the changing of the leaves.Just like oregon,the food of choice is beer.Carp has a nice gig going on.Skydive new england is my second favorite DZ next to skydive oregon.Go check it out. You will love it!
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    Skydive Mesquite

    This is a experienced friendly DZ.The landing area is tight,but I've seen worse. They have a C-208 that flies on weekends and there are some nice fun jumpers around.
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    Skydive Oregon, Inc.

    This place rocks! I lived there for 2 years,and I miss it alot. Not a day passes without my thinking about the sweet goodness at SDO. The experienced skydiver population is good size,with CRW dogs,swoopers,belly flyers,and a crap load of free flyers.The 300 series super otter is faster than any other I've experienced.The C-208 does pretty good also.If you like hiking,mountain biking or windsurfing,they are all within short driving distance. From June through early October this place is full throttle.Go there and experience skydiving next to the cascade mountains of the great northwest.
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    Eugene Skydivers

    This place has a nice group of experienced skydivers who like to have alot of fun.The landing area is good and a C-208 is not uncommon on weekends.Like all northwest skydivers,the food of choice is microbrew.Visit and make some new friends.