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  1. cvfd1399

    SONY PC9 Driver??? Help

    You are plugging in Via fire wire or USB?
  2. cvfd1399

    Exit Ideas

    What kind of plane?
  3. cvfd1399

    Lake Charles, LA

    There is one listed in Beaumont Texas, but I am not sure if it is still open. I go to Gold Coast Skdivers in Moss Point Mississippi. It is great. There is also one in Houston, Texas. I was told that the one in Lafayette is closed. You can put your address in here and find the closest dropzones. I would still call them to make sure they are still open. The DZ list gets stale
  4. cvfd1399

    Traveling with a trad rack & rig

    What is a full trad rack? and what is Gunks?
  5. cvfd1399

    Slowing down in a Sit

    I was told to spread your legs out to the side at the knee joints. I tried it , and you can really feel the wind resistance that makes.
  6. cvfd1399

    Visting an old subject

    As long as the TI is not about to set up shop every weekend, or take money away from the resident TI who cares, you are just another jumper in a way.
  7. Sadly about that time for my custom color Spectre
  8. cvfd1399

    Aff level 3 ?'s help me relax!

    On the way up and right at the door take deep breaths. It oxygnates the blood stream and triggers your body to relax.
  9. Cool idea except the part about securing what looked like a 250$ neptune altimeter to your hand with velcro. If you find another way like using the screws that are supplied with the unit might be a good way to go.
  10. cvfd1399

    Paddle turns?

    I wish someone would answer I want to know too
  11. cvfd1399

    MC-4 rigging

    I have had mine repacked, and have seen one packed for many years. I understand it that they do not have a TSO, but are covered due to the military rating, and I forget what letters it is like ANSO or something. Edit you might see what what I am talking about in the picture I have of my old rig.. I am not really sure what all that means.
  12. cvfd1399

    Brand new to the sport

    Keep it up you are in the same boat as many of us were and we made it out fine!!!
  13. cvfd1399

    Video showoff from this easter

    Wow the last opening looked low! Awesome video
  14. cvfd1399

    ground crew wannabe in central IL

    I have been down that road, I have the same qualifications, and I know where the police hang at b/c I am one part time. No luck finding any takers.
  15. cvfd1399

    Newbie question

    well first thing you need to do is save up money, or get a good credit card lol joking. If you have a dropzone already in mind, just sign up for the first jump course that will explain alot of questions you have. For your first and following jumps you will most likley have a radio in you helmet where a instructor will talk to you and guide you down until you learn how to steer and flare properly. As far as gear goes it is all in how much money you have. This falls back to the credit card thing. You can go all out and spend over $7,000 on all the gear from head to toe, or you can look used and get away for around $1,500-2000. The bigest thing to worry about now is going through the course being safe and having fun. Worry abotu gear later when you are sure skydiving is really what you want to do.