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  1. cvfd1399

    The BBQ thread

    Are you married? Are you willing to accept a room mate lol! That sounds delicious.
  2. cvfd1399

    TOS violations

    Even if its paypals TOS which is stupid, you expect people to just eat $100-500 because you want to buy their item? They are just going to jack the price up if that becomes a rule here.
  3. cvfd1399

    DZ is slooooow ..

    Im still getting this error. Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. When it is working, it is painfully slow. Today I am from a different computer, and a different IP, so the problem is not on my side.
  4. cvfd1399

    low jump numbers, camera and low exits

    I was referring to it being safer to be at 1.25 on a navigator student type canopy vs a katana. It is safer to be on the navigator in that situation, but according to the chart 1.25 is 1.25 regardless of canopy type or size. We're not debating 1.1 vs 1.25. Obviously when you increase your WL you increase risk, that was never doubted, and as I said earlier Brian's chart is genious, with a few sidebar notations.
  5. cvfd1399

    Silverado cleared taxi to 3-5 right

    love the title lol. I love how he plowed that nice truck into the fence and scratched the hell outta it.
  6. cvfd1399

    Check this out

    It is kinda wierd and cool, you can click your mouse and move her anywhere.
  7. cvfd1399

    Meet My New Puppy!

    Ha Ha you Fool a border collie lol. Joking I have one and a blue heeler those two dogs are just like kids to my wife even tho they drive me nucking futs sometimes. Smart cute dogs lol
  8. cvfd1399

    Nice arch(ouch)

    cooler races hmm edited to add AHHHHHH for second pic.
  9. cvfd1399

    Hi, i like M&Ms

    I like coco crispies
  10. cvfd1399

    500th jump no pie?

    Really Really bad stuff
  11. cvfd1399

    Beer Coozies

    Aww that hurts. Me and my rig now need thearapy for that Naww my rig is hot lol
  12. THE List '05 World Free Fall Convention Rantoul, IL August 5-14 2005 BE THERE! Official Website, click here (attempting to keep the dz.commers screen names accurate) Gotta be there Free Load Organizers AND staff get top billing! WFFC STAFF RevJim Snowwhite (Beth) Streaker Load Organizers Flyangel2 LouDiamond - Wingsuit Vendors LouDiamond - BirdMan Gonna be there 2Fat2Fly Adrenalinejunki Airmail akurtom Alanab anothergoodin antifnsocial Bgill BMCD308 bobsled92 brothermuff65 bseriesboosted Buried CieloDiosa cocheese Cvfd1399(anvilbrother) DaMan Drew Droquette EmLo eeneR flyinrob Freeflyin Nicki frenchy gemini Icon134 Kai2k1 Kris- FlockinA Meloo09 MrJones mwbad1 mx757 nate_1979 PrairieDoug P-nut-n-Lucky rhino RoadRash scottbre soulshine TallGuy tfelber tink717 tweak Vallerina windcatcher wingnut weegegirl scotty and tami carbone w/the carbonzone Gonna try to be there (A.K.A.: If I win the lottery, if I get money back on my taxes, if..., if..., if... By the way, if you see me, it's a miracle) Balls kansasskydiver ladyskydiver N2SKDVN Peej Piisfish skysprite wrongway
  13. cvfd1399

    I hate spiders!!!

    Damn Anything that makes your skin die and fall off and is smaller than a quarter is not fair.