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  1. I'm done with this censorship. A person make a joke and your hitler ass deletes it. Take your circle jerk and run with it prick. I hope it gets on your face.
  2. Well first you gotta be consistent with what you believe if you want to debate something.
  3. Ok I think it is pretty obvious it's warming, but I disagree to who the percentage of blame is to be shared. My unofficial gut feeling is its 25%man 75% natural, but I don't deny warming.
  4. Did he say that?. I did not ask if an article he link suggested it was so small of a change it would be indistinguishable. I want to know if he thinks, and you think he believes it is NOT warming. To make myself clear I need an answer from both of you.
  5. Who here said the planet IS NOT WARMING AT ALL? Rushmc do you agree that factually it is warming? Or you just have issue like myself with the cause of it all, and some saying it's all man made, and some saying its natural, or a mixture of both?
  6. You believe in a god? Having Trump as president of the US would be pretty clear indication of a god. Nevermind
  7. How does your figures include the El Niño? Of course it is off the "charts" it's an El Niño. It would have been slightly higher without, but for the uninformed "blowing the fucking doors off 2015 with a flow of hot lava to your face" sounds way scarier doesn't it.....smh
  8. Maybe you should too since you have been told to stop saying this already.
  9. Did you already forget you were basically warned by BILLVON against claiming people were sock puppets?
  10. Yep it's warming at a natural pace with minimal man input.
  11. What about california signing in a bill to allow illegals to vote, any issue with that? Or the states with loopholes. You guys are big on closing loopholes. Unless it's for your own good. Like electing clinton.
  12. Yeah he called the new guy an asshole and got away with it so there is that.