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  1. >From the proponents of the law,the NRA,yes. Total bullshit! The NRA is not promoting the murder of people sitting in cars listening to loud music,or the murder of anyone for that matter. Walking up to a car full of people and shooting into it even as it is driving away is not standing your ground. Now if a legal gun owner were in that car, and shot this racist prick ,then that would be standing your ground.
  2. Yes,I have had a lot of friends from many backgrounds and we never had any issues with racial friction at all. I grew up in the longview-kelso area of Washington state though,and have seen a few racist pricks there even into recent years,but their numbers are falling quickly as that generation is dying off quicker than they can recruit new ranks. The last time I've been subjected to racism was in the Pahokee florida area as recently as 2007. I have had a couple of black guys try to rob me in the past,but I do not think it was a racism thing anymore than the last white guy who tried to rob me was racism. Thugs come in every size,shape,sex, and color.
  3. When I was still body building I was with a friend who was black,and he took me to his favorite soul food place. He stopped outside the building to talk with this cutie while I went in to get a table. As soon as I walked in three black guys stood up and asked me if I was fucking lost. I told them that I was there to try some of the red beans and rice that I had heard was very good. Another black guy wearing a funny looking hat told me that I had really fucked up coming in there. The lady who owned the place came to the counter to see what the commotion was,and at that moment my buddy Davis walked in and she smiled and asked him if he had brought another big eater in to enjoy her food. He introduced me to her and we sat down. The four guys who had hassled me started to give her shit for having a cracker in the place at which point she informed them that it was her place and if I was a friend of Davis then I was more than welcome there. One of the three sat back down. The guy with the funny hat and the other two guys left. The owner apologized and then sat down to talk with Davis and I. After a couple of hours of power eating she laughed and asked me if I always ate so much. I told her that I only did when the food was tasty. She told me to come in again anytime. I asked her if it would hurt her business and she told me that she didn't care if they liked it or not,and that they would be back regardless since she had the best food in town. A couple of weeks later Davis came up to longview to a party my two roomates and I were throwing. Davis brought this hot red head with him. The night was going well until these four red necks from greys river cornered Davis who was shitfaced, and were roughing him up, and calling his date a skanky whore, while she was trying to keep them off of him.At that moment one of my roommates and I walked around the corner. We backed them off and my roommate told them to get the fuck out at which point they started calling us nigger lovers. At that moment I got a look at Davis's face and his bloody mouth and I exploded on the two who were closest and knocked both of them out. My roommate had another one on the ground pounding on his face while the third ran into the black berries to try and hide. The point is,that there has always been bigotry from all races,towards all races, for as long as there has been differences in skin,hair,eyes,culture,ect.... It is ignorance and intolerance. I like to believe that there have also been good,tolerant,people of all races,and this has been my personal experience.
  4. >I just wonder if she will have her own intern scandal. Hit me with that cigar big boy.
  5. Oh please! If an irish catholic blows up a school then the public knowing they are irish catholic might help catch them in an irish catholic church. If a white supremacist blows up a jewish deli then the description of them being white supremacist might point you toward finding them with the other skinhead assholes in the supremacist compound or church. If an islamic jihadist blows shit up then the description of them being muslim might help to find them in a radicalized mosque. All the things that describe a person including race,height,weight,scars,limp,radical religious beliefs,ect can and should be used to both catch suspects,and to give warning to other potential victims of the increased threat posed by the described suspect.
  6. >You don't want a round that is going to blow up on someone's leather jacket. I like 230 grain JHP +P 45 acp ammo when out and about for the exact reasons you have stated. They usually penetrate around 17 inches and can easily open up to .6 inches or better.
  7. Ha ha ha,yep that's a cannon for sure. I bet a 50BMG makes more energy at 1000yds than a 30-06 at the muzzle. The barret I've shot was indeed very heavy,but did not kick as hard as I expected.In fact it was rather easy to shoot. Wish I could afford one.
  8. >A good video on general CCW concerns of 9mm vs .40 vs.45 (or rather,how silly it all is) Yep,all the common pistol rounds are very weak. Even the big magnum rounds are weak compared to most center fire rifles. A regular old 150gr 30-30 round produces more muzzle energy than a 44mag. I think the 500 magnum will beat the standard 30-30 but not by much,and the 500 is a hand full to shoot.
  9. Go with the biggest round you can handle and shoot good groups with. 9 mm or bigger will do the job if you shoot it well. As far as the Glock vs Springfield thing,they are both good. I like 1911 style pistols myself and I am very partial to the Para usa superhog long slide 1445's with 6 inch ramped barrels.
  10. >A bunch of grapes,maybe? Granulated sugar and potassium perchlorate,maybe?
  11. I can't believe you are comparing the US with middle eastern countries when it comes to poor treatment of women.
  12. >1Parents who neglect their jobs......... >2 Hollywood progressives who continue to produce their violent movies. Don't forget the video games.
  13. I am not saying that a nice wide grip high cap 1911 style 45acp pistol is not handy for self defense. But fire bombs and explosives seem to be more effective at killing larger numbers of people than firearms. This is why terrorist both foreign and domestic, which are considred mass murderers by most of us, prefer bombs. But most people do not want to kill the whole block when they are defending themselves from a couple of attackers. So you think that if dangerous people can't get guns they will just stop being dangerous? I think not. They will use something else,like cars driving up the sidewalks,or burning down crowded buildings, bombs,ect.
  14. I think guns and ammo are more expensive,and harder to get than gasoline,lighters,rags,and containers are. I don't like the idea of crazy people getting ahold of any kind of weapons. There have been bombings,shootings,and people have been run down with cars,ect,and the only common denominators in all these violent acts are the crazy people.
  15. It is actually very easy to make things that explode out of easily obtained chemicals,and then there is the tried and true mass murderers fire bomb that is extremely easy to procure the components for. It seems this kid was mad at one specific person and the classmate simply got in the way. The death count could have been huge if he had tossed a few fire bombs into a class room full of kids,not to mention the potential number of burnt and maimed survivors. A few gallons of gasoline,a bic lighter,and a few rags is still a lot cheaper,and easier to to get than ammo and a gun. These bombs are also far easier to get past metal detectors than guns and ammo. He had some molotavs but luckily never got to use them,or shoot more people because of the good guy with a gun that was there to fight back.
  16. Why does it always have to be a gun thing when this shit happens? Why can't it be a batshit crazy thing? This kid was a huge fan of the cookbook and it could have been much worse if he had brought more than just a 12 gauge and some molatav beverages. What if he had gotten ahold of some high capacity pressure cookers? He could have cooked up a big old heaping pile of carnage that only high explosives can dish out.
  17. I have a friend from Egypt who has black hair and is whiter than I am until he gets in the sun,and I am of northern european desent. I also know a few people from Iran who are whiter than I am,and I've met a girl from Palestine who had bright blue eyes. Just saying that ancient people got around a lot over the course of human existence. But the big question is, do you think Jesus,or Santa, would be prejudice about things like color?
  18. I don't know about the bunny,but the eggs seem to be laid with any combination of color.
  19. >she was writting about Warren Beatty Carly was singing about an openly gay record producer. I think his name was David Geffen.
  20. yes I would say you don't need a law degree to say that,but the law degree does give you more credibility