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  1. I was pointing out how the present administration is reluctant to call crimes such as this terrorism when I started this thread. I do not like republicans anymore than I like democrats,but at the moment I feel democrats are more of a threat towards freedom and liberty with their nanny state tendencies and PC bullshit.
  2. Lets see now! I support gay rights to the benefits of marriage. I support legalization of all drugs. I support people being able to eat as much of anything they want,or to smoke,not to exercise,and to be as unfit as they want. I believe people should be able to live however they like as long as they do not directly harm anyone else. These before mentioned views do not seem to be very consrvative at all to me. I guesse my negative views towards the nanny state liberal agenda and my pro-gun rights views would make someone leaning left want to demonize me as right wing. It seems that of the right and the left,the left seems to be the least tolerant of opposition to their ideology and are quick to insult and attack all who refuse to drink their koolaid. I did not trust the Bush administration and trust the Obama administration even less. I used to feel that the right wingers were the worst,but the lefties have quickly changed my mind.
  3. If this happened to liberal groups under a republican administration the liberals would be protesting outside the white house and demanding some heads. They would also use it as an excuse to stage peaceful protest around the country where they would start breaking out windows and throwing bottles at police.
  4. I'm not extreme right. In fact I'm not what most would call right at all,and I care. But it seems that if you are not a hard left liberal nowdays then the left demonizes you as a hard right winger.
  5. >not too much difference in any case. Big difference to the people who were wounded and to the families of those who were killed. Big difference from a political standpoint as well. The biggest difference is that most workers do not take an oath like the people who serve in our military do.
  6. This guy was a US military officer who shot up his fellow soldiers. He was not just another pissed off postal worker,he was a professional soldier. He is known to have had contact with islamic extremist prior to the attack. He knew what he was doing when he attacked his fellow servicemen and women. He should be treated as an islamic terrorist and the shooting should have been declared as a terrorist attack.
  7. It's not tin-foil that is used for hats. It's aluminum foil that the crazies are reportedly using for their hats. Since aluminum is linked to increased risk of alzheimer's, it could be a bad fashion choice for good brain function. I like the way hard left wing types like to fling insults and labels at people when they do not agree with them,or if they say things that they do not like to hear. Lefties are just as fucked up as the righties it seems. Being neither left nor right,I find it amusing when either side resorts to ridicule or insults to attack and belittle all who do not drink their political koolaid.
  8. You only address the part of my post regarding the constitution. What about the IRS going after conservatives? How about trying to intimidate the press? And do not forget how fast the governments of other countries have radically changed in recent history. Things can happen,and they can happen quickly. The champions of the nanny state are already waging war on individual freedoms at this moment,and have been for sometime now.
  9. Things can change quickly if nobody pays attention to the little things. Like a government entity(the IRS) targeting political parties who oppose the political agenda of the party in power at present. How about targeting the press when they report things that make the government look inept for not keeping a handle on their secrets? Sounds like an attack on freedom of speech. How about a push toward rewriting the constitution and infringing on individual rights? Taking a little here,and a little there can add up quickly.
  10. Why wasn't the fort hood shooting considered and islamic extremist act of jihad? The shooter was in contact with islamic extremist groups,and had been expressing islamic extremist views shortly before the shooting spree. Why wasn't this guy considered a traitorous enemy combatant by Obama?
  11. I wonder how long it will be before citizens will be charged with treason for bad mouthing the government. When do we start calling each other "Comrade".
  12. Hey,I have the right to drink and punch keys
  13. >put metal stakes in trees to kill lumberjacks.... I was a third generation logger,or lumberjack if you want,and the stakes were far more of a danger to the saw mill workers. I ended up working in a saw mill after the tree huggers shut down alot of access to forest land because of the spotted owl. I still have a nice little cook book for spotted owl somewhere. All extremist are bad news,but the religious extremist tend to be the worst,and at present the islamic extremist are taking the cake. I do not think christianity is dying,but I do think islam is growing and at the moment muslims tend to be more prone to detonation. Here in the USA you have the right to practice any belief you choose without government discrimination(in theory) and I agree with people having the freedom to live however they want,as long as they do not fuck with anyone else or their freedoms.I just tested my freedom of speech with that four letter word.
  14. This whole Benghazi incident smells like deciet no matter how you look at it.
  15. >Spot on! Yes,and it's scary. I hope we are not calling each other comrade in the next few years.
  16. >Wouldn't it be nice,then,if we had an effective process for keeping bad people,stupid people,crazy people,religious zealots from getting weapons with which they can commit mayhem. Even in communist and socialistic countries where citizens have far less protection from their governments than we have here,they have criminals selling drugs,selling people,selling weapons,stealing,raping,killing,ect..... The only countries where there is no crime are the dictatorships,and dictators tend to be criminal in the way they treat the people under their rule,but they have very few people breaking the laws of their dictatorships. I am more than willing to accept the chance of a few bad people doing bad things,as long as my country still holds to the bill of rights that protects freedom and liberty. And besides,only a very,very,very small percentage of people in the USA are killed by intentional violence. In fact people die from overeating and poor health habits more than any other causes of death in this country(440,000+ from smoking,1 in 10 from using to much salt,over 75,000 from alcohol abuse,ect... ),and thats ok with me,people are free to make their own choices about how they live their own lives. It's said that freedom comes at a great cost,and most people I know are more than willing to pay it.
  17. >Shotguns are not the problem-hand guns most definitely are. Knives,clubs,hand guns,shotguns,rifles,poison,or bombs are not the problem. Bad people,stupid people,crazy people,and religious zealots appear to be the problem. As far as shotguns and hand guns go,they are both close range weapons with the shotguns being far more deadly than hand guns,and shotguns are better suited as offensive weapons than the much smaller and less powerful hand guns which are more suited as your last line of defense or what you would use to fight your way to a long gun. Because hand guns have far less power than most long guns,they often need several more rounds to stop threats and thus they need a higher round capacity. Long guns are for hunting all animals,hand guns are for defense against people and some animals. Do you think as many people would have survived being shot with a 12 gauge instead of a pistol at this parade? Many 12 gauge shotguns hold 8 shells, and most can be easily modified to hold 3 to 4 more additional shells Wow! Imagine 12 rounds of 12 gauge fire power?
  18. I think this targeting go's far,far,far above the IRS peon level.