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  1. arai

    Project XRW

    you know this is going to have to end with a multi discipline 4 way jump at some point in the future. two highly loaded canopies doing crew while "surfing" on some wingsuiters. look forward to the video.
  2. arai

    New wingsuit flyers!!! Photos

    I'm pretty sure good clouds on your first few jumps doubles the likelyhood you'll take up wingsuiting as a regular thing.
  3. arai

    my new phantom is here!!

    and no... I did not forget the sacred campos enjoy
  4. arai

    Z-Flock 4.0 photos online

    wow thats gotta be your fastest turn around yet. great shots
  5. arai

    Canada Vacation

    if you make it out west, stop by at Pacific Skydivers (just outside of vancouver) We've got a king air to get us up to altitude and are starting to convince more of the locals to put on wings, so we're building the flock. More birds are always welcome
  6. arai

    I missed this part

    oh come on, I'll admit I've been cooped up in cloudsville (can you tell?), but no half hearted golf clap congrats, not even a "nice helmet darth vader, wheres your lightsaber".. nothin? I guess I'll have to come meet you guys in person before I get made fun of (the all telling sign of acceptance) either that or just post whore more, I've heard that works too. maybe that I posted the flight before the suit wrecked it all. are phantoms old skool already? blue skies
  7. hmmm, looks like a crazy dive, but it always seems that tv loves to portray non realistic facts to get it to sounds more dangerous. they make it sounds like he leaves the cage at 1100 feet then fumbles with his gear for a second or two before deploying. But the shot of him under canopy sure as hell doesnt look like he deployed below 1100 feet.