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  1. check with lurch, I thought he did something like this when he won his tonysuit.
  2. Congrats to all jumpers, the pics look great! Does anyone have details on what criteria were used? I've missed all the personal bs that's been going around but am honestly just curious as I was a member if the last record jump that couldn't make it this time. It doesn't look like it fits the grid, yet the posts from the event mentioned waiting on the judges ruling, so I was interested in how/what they were judging?
  3. I got the opposite side of the luck spectrum. Today my vacation was officially cancelled. Pissed. Was really looking forward to a good start to the season. hope everybody has a great time.
  4. good job getting through that "interview"... if you will. :P
  5. Shit sonofabitch you gotta be kidding me. It looks like my vacation might have been canceled. Trying to work something out, but it's looking less and less likely that it's gonna work.
  6. yes to both questions. I just picked up my flysight but havent had a chance to jump it yet. I've got a flatlock for my camera, but have rigged up my old gps on my ring sight, still havent decided what to do for the flysight.
  7. went out on a limb and booked my flights before they approved my vacation time, hoping it all works out. Cant wait, I get in I think around7:30pm on April 12th. Anyone else inbound to Tampa around that time? looking for options to the dz.
  8. I thought Lurch was his own evil twin. Putting in for my vacation request, should find out in the next few days if they'll let me go.
  9. remember too that wingsuits flap less and less these days. subtle cloth vibration is cool, but watching a lot of pf's new stuff as well as tonysuits, they lock in pretty solid, and only have some flap when your shutting down your wings a bit to get down.
  10. am I reading the post wrong or are you saying you have the gps data - but are too exhausted to post it (or maybe you were too exhausted after completing the suit to get the gps data in the first place?) you want to have a side by side comparison - but you cant lend out your suit and don't jump yourself anymore. the prototype is so dangerous because of its awesomeness that its not safe enough for anyone to fly no matter their experience. (I think this one is my favorite. ) are you surprised that people want to see a gps track? do you think its unfair that you'd have to provide one to support the claims of your suit? I guess I can understand being hounded for that kind of stuff to be a pain, but its hard to think that a simple gps track would be so hard when it would solve so many of the questions being asked.
  11. we did it in peperell last year. I was rear float on the otter, and it was actually pretty cool to look up into the tail of the casa and see Justin hanging out on the ramp. We put the otter low and to the right of the casa, so I had a clear view. I was the key for ou aircraft and I just left when I saw justin jump. I seem to remember it went pretty smooth, probably just not enough tailgate aircraft for it to happen that often. we also had to do a staggered take off and a meet at altitude as they had different climb rates.
  12. realistic vs fun for the public is always a fine balance. you'll have to decide if your making this for diehard skydivers, the regular joes, or a blend of both. looks awesome though
  13. arai


    its been close many times before. Hell at the last bigway we had a jumper get knocked out by a collision and have a cypress save. This actually sounds similar, maybe a head vs leg collision? watch those approaches guys, its not worth getting there 5 seconds faster
  14. I tried the tracking suits before I went over to wings, and while they made the flight a little twichy while maxing out, falling back to a boxman made it stable again super quick, so I cant see a super high number required to use them. On the performance front I was able to get my fallrate in the high 60's while covering a good distance, so I'd definitely say they effect performance. To the original post though, right on. Chasing friends though 15,000 puffies remains to this day one of the most rewarding experiences i could ask for.