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  1. It goes much deeper than that. This whole mess started when Good As You investigated and found that CFA had ties to a fundie group that is anti-gay, etc. Then fundies like Tony Perkins were calling them "militant homosexuals" and other ridiculous slurs when in fact Good As You was only telling people to make a decision on your own on whether to eat there. It was this reaction that fired up some members of the gay community, but of course fundies are constantly lying about gays and dehumanizing them. Personally I wouldn't touch their overpriced crap with a ten foot pole. For a couple of pennies I can eat a pickle with two tablespoons of salt between two slices of bread and get the same effect.
  2. Once the nuclear furnace fuses elements on the periodic table up to iron gravity takes over. There's nothing to believe - it just happens.
  3. So are teen pregnancy rates, STD rates, divorce rates, etc. I guess the US is falling apart socially, but it's "all 'dem liburals." Just an added note, this guy was completely 100% anti-gay (against hate crimes legislation, civil marriage for same sex couples, for the defense of marriage act and the constitutional ban on marriage for same sex couples). Apparently the claim for the protection of the "sanctity of marriage" didn't apply to his own, as he found it completely appropriate to bop (at least one) of his staffers. That, my friends, is one definition of hypocrisy - and it always comes from the "family values republican christians."
  4. Classic! This one on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is also good: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/2010/03/22/100322sh_shouts_rudnick#ixzz0j2LEyA9J
  5. That tells me YOU have issues with white people in general.... and christians..... well jews too... and that certainly is borne out with your incessant hatred towards anyone not muslim such as IDF or americans in any mideast conflict against your brown brothers. Do you ever wonder how many traitors we have in this country, those who would sell out this country or harm this country.. for their muslim religion??? I think your 1% is a VERY low number. WOAH! You'd better be careful and slow down. The US has a long history under republican regimes, yes, I wrote regimes, of murderous tactics of Middle-Eastern citizens, from the Iranian debacle back in the '50s to Reagan's cynical happiness of deaths in Iran and Iraq for eight years to George Bush's ultimate order to kill thousands of retreating Iraqi medical personnel after a cease fire to his son's illiterate move to invade Iraq with its "Alqaida" connections. The "good christian republicans" have been responsible for millions of senseless deaths of Muslims over the last 50 years, and you'd know this if your source of news was beyond Fat Limbaugh and Fixed Noise. I'm an American, and an Atheist. Islam is a religion that is far more peaceful than christianity. Do your research. It's not that difficult.
  6. Well, Miss California certainly is a bigot, and one could argue Perez is too although I prefer to see him as a whiney bitch. Miss California needs to understand that marriage is a civil contract that does not involve christianity. She also needs to understand that the "biblical" definition of marriage is far from "one man and one woman." Therefore, she is the bigger bigot IMO, but even worse, she's a bumbling, air-headed, stupid bitch.
  7. I'm not a gifted scientist either, but this argument fails in so many ways it's laughable - on scientific and logical grounds.
  8. Well, this particular world, and all of the others in our universe, certainly weren't created. They evolved from collapsing clouds of gas and dust resulting in stars and their satellites (if any). The dust itself was the result of supernovea explosions - the deaths of massive stars that collapse upon themselves so violently that fusion produces the higher elements on the periodic table and subsequently this dust is blown back into space. When these clouds come close enough to other clouds, gravity takes over and another star is formed. It's simply a recycling process. If I had to bet - I'd go with the big bang - a singularity erupting into a fireball resulting in our universe. There is evidence for it - an expanding, cooling universe. How did it all originate? I don't know - but that doesn't mean that question will never be answered.
  9. Everon

    Hey Christians

    LOL! I'm quite sure he's not familiar with it.
  10. I'm all for this, and I can't wait for the US to catch up with other progressive nations on this planet to ensure that two committed same-sex couples enjoy the same equality to destroy the "sanctity" of marriage that only christian heterosexual couples in the US have been able to exploit at a 50% rate.
  11. Katrina was clearly in god's Accu-Wrath weather forecast for New Orleans in light of the impending gay pride parade. Considering the unbelievable number of Americans that believe this shit, why would you ask such a ridiculous question?
  12. The Left is not upset, they know that he is not a fundamentalist. A fundamentalist would not support many of his views. Correction made.
  13. It may have been sensational but it was quite accurate. Both Metropolitan Edison and the NRC were in complete denial of the condition of the reactor despite clear evidence to the contrary. The public quickly caught on to what it viewed as lies. That coupled with the fear of an unseen killer that is radiation resulted in the negative public opinion of nuclear power in general.
  14. If properly overseen I have would have no fear at all of even living next door to a nuclear facility, but the industry itself has obstacles that it cannot overcome - some of which could lead to disaster. Operators aren't trained to properly handle common mode failures (two or more simultaneous, independent failures - which led to the TMI accident, for example). Those who could comprehend the intimate workings of the "machine" that is the reactor are usually overqualified to be operators. The NRC is comprised mostly of people not familiar with the technology. No one has been able to come up with a good solution for the disposal of spent fuel. The enormous costs of construction and INSURANCE make it virtually unapproachable by the utilities, etc. Fear it or not - it's not a viable solution for our future energy needs.