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  1. I knew Dave, we drank beers together sometime when I was at the Herd Boogies, I will never forget his signature laugh! God Speed, Dave
  2. A good friend and a class guy, my heart hurts, I jumped with him many times at Cross Keys... God Speed Steve! Anyone have details on how He passed away?
  3. I'm sorry no one replied. Your compassion for another human being is acknowledged, at least by me. Life is not fair, I will say a prayer for a stranger that meant a lot to you tonight... VMO
  4. Over the Gulf of Mexico and on Christmas Day, IIRC..
  5. Wow, I used to jump with him at Rucker when I was in flight school. God Speed, Mike
  6. Jumped there in '86 and '87. ops were sporadic, also jumped and flew for "Aggies over Texas". Used to go down to Fentress as well. Always a good time at Fentress... VMO
  7. The older I get, the more I miss the people who affected my life in such a positive way... God Speed Chris Bickerdyke
  8. God Speed Michael, we had quite a few jumps together over the years. I no longer jump, but I will cherish the memories of guys like Mike and the awesome skydives we had together.
  9. WOW! Always a smile, did some bigger stuff with Burt, In your memory my Friend, a prayer and I raise a glass to you who had so much class... God Speed
  10. I jumped with Tom, A big dude physically and spiritually, a person I respected and admired. Tom was in the back of a glider that landed in Arnhem, Belgium on D-day. He didn't jump in Normandy, he set me straight one night at the fire during a Herd gathering. I was honored to know and jump with Tom. My prayers are with you and your family Tom. God Speed and God Bless.
  11. To Tony and Caryn, I knew Chris at Bragg in '81 when I had just started jumping. We became close friends until I went to Ft. Rucker. I kind of lost touch after that. Chris was a lot of fun to party with and a really talented guy, but he was also a genuine, decent Human Being. And I know we would still be good friends today. As I sit here in sunny Florida on Easter Sunday, not being able to jump because my cypress is in Germany, I thank God that people like Chris affected my life in such a positive way... Warmest Regards, God Speed Dean Austin [email protected]
  12. Blue Skies and God Speed to Chris... VMO
  13. I knew Chris at Bragg in '81. He would let me use his racer w/ an rw pc before I got my rig. We were good friends, and he was a talented guy. Glad to see someone else remembers him... Thanks.