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  1. "Jason C. Finan, a 34-year-old chief petty officer, is the first American killed in the current battle for Mosul, a military push to reclaim the city in northern Iraq from the Islamic State, the Defense Department announced Friday. "Finan is survived by his wife, Chariss, and their 7-year-old son, of Imperial Beach, California, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. "The Pentagon said Finan died Thursday, after sustaining wounds in an improvised explosive device blast. He was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve in its fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria."
  2. Hold the nose upright over a bathtub. Fill the cell with water one gallon at a time from a jug. Count the number of gallons. When full, convert gallons to cubic feet. Presto!
  3. WYOMING MAN FOUND WITH 30 EYEBALLS IN HIS ANAL CAVITY Okay, Snopes says it's a fake story. But nevertheless, imagine the person who has such a mind to even dream up such a story. Now that's scary!
  4. "Do you know that 35,000 people per year die in car accidents?"