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    It's not really B.A.S.E.,

    1356.816 is my best so far. Fun-ass game.
  2. Zennie

    Mike Allen's videos

    I think Marah has the rights to Mike's videos, so you probably should touch base (no pun intended) with her first.
  3. I'm in 90% agreement with you here. I'll explain the 10% reservation in a second. The most import thing is a person's actions... they're either ethical or unethical (granted there are plenty of grays in there). I think if you go back through any of my rant posts you'll see that I try to focus on WHAT is being done, not the person doing it. If Jeb went off a tower on a bicycle, resulting in the bicycle striking the tower, or day blazed high-profile objects which are mainstays of many jumpers (thus putting their ability to jump it at risk), I'd be equally upset with him. Or any jumper for that matter. The 10% reservation regarding attitude has to do with repercussions. In the justice system... and human dealings in general... if you have two otherwise identical people who do the identical thing wrong... who gets the harsher treatment? The one who shows true remorse or the one who's remorseless? Further, if one person realizes what they did is wrong and chooses to no longer do that thing, while the other person continues to do it, who is going to receive the harsher treatment? Finally, which person will have a lower tolerance threshold for future less egregious actions from the community in general than the other? All BASE videos are "look at me" things of one sort or another. Again, it's more a matter of what is being done on the video than the "look at me" aspect that gets people riled. What you did with the RADIX/rail jumping issue was really cool and I think most people here will give you credit for that. At least they should. And I'll be the first to admit that the rail jumping scenes from Continuum make me uncomfortable... and I tell folks who see it not to do that... but the circumstances there are important. When they were doing that, and when the film was originally released, rail jumping wasn't a problem with the City of Twin Falls. As far as I know they still frown upon it. But the rail jumping thing is a dead horse I think most everyone is tired of beating. I agree, again it's why I try to focus on actions, though the attitude that comes with it often gives me an insight into their personal ethical system. I've had plenty of strong personal disagreements with people. I also know that people change, as do their actions. So if someone has a torrid past (and god knows I do) I tend to overlook it in light of their present actions. I also know I tend to be WAY more argumentative writing things than discussing them in person. Probably a lawyer thing going there. *shrug*
  4. Zennie

    Houston Jumpers

    PM sent
  5. Zennie

    I got a new neighbor....

    I'm insanely jealous....
  6. Zennie

    In case you missed this great story...

    Yeah I heard about it. Saying the site is "hot" now would be an understatement.
  7. Zennie

    Why so few females?

    You obviously haven't been to Houston...
  8. Zennie

    Labor Day Perrine BASE Boogie

    As I mentioned over on Blinc... I'm throwing in 5 copies of HMB's (Team Hold My Beer) first video "Hey Y'All, Watch THIS!!" for the drawing. They're free anyway, but winning something always gives a person warm fuzzies.
  9. Zennie

    Low cost video cam, for BASE only?

    I have a Sony PC-101 that I've had for a few years now and it works great. PC-9s and 100s have been out on the market now for several years as well. I'm sure you can find them on eBay for a couple hundred bucks.
  10. Zennie

    Keen 'N Able teaser

    No thanks...
  11. Zennie

    Cargo Round

    There's a rigger in town (Bill Lee) who has all kinds of stuff. I'll ask him if he has anything like that.
  12. Zennie

    Longest Delay possible

    The highest BASE jump ever made was by Nic Feteris & Glenn Singleman off of the 6237-foot Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. Interesting that your dream was in the same place. You can see the jump in "BASE Climb". It's pretty scary footage actually.
  13. Zennie

    10 cops respond to reports of jumping

    Maybe the cops up there have more time on their hands but when I got busted the cop who took me into the station thought the whole thing was a complete waste of his time. McGruff says: "Help take a bite out of crime...."
  14. Zennie

    US walls

    Legal no. But there are some big walls just across the border in Mexico.
  15. Zennie

    ERROR C:31:22

    I had that error on mine. Mine gave that error when I put a tape in and tried to play or record. The screen just flashed that error with the "no tape" symbol and it dinged continuously. If that's what you're experiencing, it basically means the drive mechanism is fuxored. Had to send it back to Sony for about $300 to get the drive mechanism replaced. Before you send it back though try removing the batter for five minutes, turn the camera back on and reset the camera with that tiny reset button. That supposedly sometimes clears the error.
  16. Zennie

    SD Houston or SD Spaceland

    Not sure what you mean by "outgoing" but I have great friends at both places and feel at home at both places. Everybody looks for different things. What one person likes another may not. Best advice I can offer is try both.
  17. Zennie

    Fatality in France: 3 July 2005

    Glad you're OK Yuri! I'm sorry to hear about the accident though. I'll be keeping you and everyone else there in my thoughts.
  18. Zennie


    Now THIS is a thread I'm looking forward to following!
  19. Zennie

    Potato Article . . .

    Nice article, but they need to up Tom's jump numbers juuusst a tad.
  20. Zennie

    Problems standing it up

    I was taught pretty early on that stand-up landings in the BASE environment can be somewhat dicey. You can easily land on uneven ground, hit a rock or divot and twist the heck out of your ankle. Plus it's a great excuse for ugly landings... "Hey man, I'm just being SAFE!"
  21. Zennie

    Opening heading and out-of-trim issues

    Have you measured the lines to see if there's any asymmetry?
  22. Zennie

    How often have you walked down?

    I don't do it super often, because normally if I gear up it means I'm psychologically prepared to go. Still, I have climbed down when my head just totally wasn't there. I'm pretty in tune to my psychological state, because I think that's one of the most, if not THE most, important factors in jumping. Occasionally something will really creep me out or just not feel right. I honestly believe we can subconsciously sense things, and those creeped-out feelings are your mind's way of telling you something isn't right. Whenever I've ignored that little voice, I've regretted it. And on peer pressure? Yes I have climbed down when others have decided to go. And no, they didn't not give me a hard time about it. I just said I didn't feel right and that was that.
  23. Zennie

    Jumpers in Texas....

    Not much going on by College Station, but shoot me a PM and I'll fill you in on other areas.
  24. Zennie

    Older Pickys . . .

    Those are great Nick! Thanks for sharing!
  25. Zennie

    Moab 3/15-17

    Hey Omar, my schedule suddenly got VERY flexible so I might be moseying out West during that timeframe. I'll drop you a note.