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  1. If you don't have the patience to play with his program, here is a simple JPG image of separation issues from 'wrong' exit order. This comes from John Kallend's site at http://lensmoor.org/cgi-bin/chute.cgi. Not trying to create any arguments, just thought is was a cool illustration. This example is jump run into 40 mph upper winds, 15 mph winds < 6000 ft, FF exits first, belly second with 8 sec delay Separation Example jhus..
  2. Windchill = 35.74 + .62(T) - 35.75(V^0.16) + .43(T)(V^0.16) where T = temperature = -34F and V = wind speed = 120mph = -94F And you had people taking off their goggles/ visors... You all are crazy!!! jhus..
  3. Arlo-- I think you can go ahead and repost your deleted post. Looks like day 6 / jump 3 did it! http://www.300-way.com/pr/daily.html Thursday December 12 - Day 6 Jump 1: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of us thought it was complete. There were two or three out from a white wacker. I have not seen the video yet. The formation was super flat - flying stable - barely a ripple or wave. We are on a short call - my guess is around a 12:30 - 1 PM takeoff. Jump 2 (sort of): We took off got to 7.5K. Had to come down because we missed our ATC window. Jump 2: Built slowly - some people out. I do not know what sectors. Webmaster banged right elbow on aft edge of door during exit. Must get ice. Next take off is 4 PM. stay tuned. Jump 3: WE DID IT!!!! Held for 9 or 10 seconds. jhus..
  4. I challenge you to find anyone who has really had the opportunity to cut away from diving line twists from a normal deployment altitude (under 3500'). Your parachute first has to go throught the deployment sequence and you need to recognize there is a problem. After you recognize there is a problem you need to decide that this problem is definately not fixable. Next you perform cutaway procedures, but the cutaway handle isn't moving. Concentrate on pulling pillow, but it still doesn't move. If you are truly in a diving spin, you are now well below 2000' feet. To use a hook knife you now need to grab the knife and decide what to cut. But you can't cut all of the lines, so after you cut something (and you will probably try cutting your finger off mistaking it for a riser), well now you still need to cut away from the remaining mess. If you still can't pull your pillow, you now have given your reserve very little altitude to try and work around the trailing main. The reserve will usually open with a trailing main, but chances are better the more altitude it has. I say if you want to try and do something until decision altitude, you continue trying to pull your cutaway pilow while watching your altimeter. Trying to grab risers and use a hook knife while concentrating on your malfunction seems like an easy way to completely lose track of altitude. jhus..
  5. Do you have video of any vertical cave jumps on your site? jhus..
  6. This is a climbing accident because they were in the process of climbing during the wind, just like if the wind throws a jumper and conopy to the ground. No, because you are not in the act of hunting when the gun goes off. When I think about this one a little more I think you are right about this not being such a stupid question. It is one thing if you are wrapped in your canopy and your rig pulls you under, but what if you land out in the ocean and completely free yourself from your parachute but you are not found by rescuers and eventually drown at sea... I don't think that would be a skydiving incident, but I guess it makes sense that this issue is not black and white. Same holds true for wind (dust devils) picking up canopies that have already safely landed and dropping them back to the ground. jhus..
  7. I hear this argument a lot, and yes it is true that you can die doing almost anything, including driving. But what you have to consider is the risk vs. the reward of these activities. If someone is to stop driving because it is dangerous then they must change their ENTIRE life. They are limited on how far they can travel from their home, they may not be able to get to thier job, they may have troubles getting food to the house, etc. So the reward is usually worth the risk of driving. For most of us reading this forum the personal benefits of skydiving are worth the risks. But believe it or not there are people who do not get the same benefits out of skydiving, and why should we push people to continue skydiving if they are not benefiting from it? If someone is to quit skydiving, this does not affect the other parts of their life, it just means they stop skydiving. jhus..
  8. Why do you consider packing part of skydiving? Packing is simply maintanence of equipment that is used for skydiving. Just like changing you oil or filling your car with gas is simply maintanence of the equipment used for driving. I'm not sure how you can ask a serious question about whether or not an accident that occurs while folding nylon could be considered a skydiving incident. Now if your question is whether or not the "incident" will be discussed by skydivers and in included at web pages such as this, then the answer is yes. It will definately be discussed by the skydiving community. But even an airplane crash involving skydivers is not a skydiving incident, it is an aircraft incident involving passengers that happened to be skydivers. jhus..
  9. Not exactly. One tree is destroyed every time someone denies that they play with the "one eyed snake" or the "little boy in the boat"... jhus..
  10. quade: See if this explanation works a little better for you. It is the same link as above, but with a different diagram. I think it meshes with your explanation a little better... it even talks about a tether ball! jhus..
  11. You got this all wrong. There have been some recent studies showing the kitten thing was just a coincidence. This is the new theory (or at least the one I prefer). New Theory jhus..
  12. I recommend avoiding anything that looks like one of these: Dust Devils And definately avoid anything that looks like this: Not Exactly a Dust Devil jhus..
  13. What do you mean "it ain't that simple"? K-Points are a piece of cake. Here is a simplified explanation... K-Points For Dummies
  14. Just picture this guy with a wing suit on! Wing Suit Skis