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  1. blueshrew

    Katana wing load

    Hey, not too much experience on them, but demoed 2 sizes. First one for 50 jumps @ 1.25. Wouldn't say hated it, but didn't exactly like it. The other was @ 1.35 and I loved it. I guess fewer people are light enough to load them that lightly given the available sizes. First one kinda felt very "soft" coming out of turns compared to a Stiletto of the same size and a Sabre2 of a bigger size. Just my experience. Nadine
  2. blueshrew

    PD Reserve

    When I started skydiving all I heard was people complaining about reserves, from openings to landings. Well their mistake in not buying a PDR. My experience is that it has a fast but soft opening, and great landing characteristics. It felt almost exactly like a 9-Cell-Zero-P landing. I will definitely never think twice about which reserve to buy.
  3. blueshrew


    This is my first owned canopy, but I demoed a few things before buying it. The minute I was under it, I knew that was it. I just felt very safe under it, for whatever reason. The thing I noticed very early is an unbelievable lift in landing compared to other beginner/intermediate models I'd tried. It's as responsive but as inagressive as I want it to be. If I were to recommend a canopy to a novice with mostly good landings, that would be it.
  4. blueshrew

    Javelin Odyssey

    I am quite small and there's rarely anything that fits me properly, but this baby is like a second skin. The cut-in laterals are amazing. I am definitely sticking with this rig (unless Sunpath makes something even better ;) ). Sunpath service was also great.
  5. blueshrew

    Neustadt - Glewe EDAN

    Mainly a freefly DZ, though there are some RW jumpers. The porter is lots of fun to jump out of, and there are people of all levels. Would recommend another DZ for AFF/SL, but for lisensed jumpers, it's a good place to jump. Plan on getting you own food if you're not into grease.
  6. blueshrew

    GoJump GmbH, Gransee bei Berlin

    A modern DZ with a great facilities, and a nice lawn to hang around on. Lots of freefliers at this DZ, some of which world-class. Manifest is well organized, though on some weekends it takes ages to get on a load because teams get prioritized and can double-manifest.
  7. blueshrew

    Take Off Fallschirmsport

    If you don't mind waiting for tandems sometimes, this is a fun place to jump. Coaching for most disciplines is available, and there are a lot of people that can give good advice. When the day's over, there are usually small parties all around the DZ. Check out the Freefly Container :)
  8. blueshrew

    Dädalus Fallschirmsport Eisenach-Kindel

    Deffinitely a good place to go, if you want to jump a lot. Very good organization, and a friendly atmosphere.