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  1. Yeah, I was jumping with Antoine the last couple of dives. We had loads of fun and learned lots and lots
  2. blueshrew

    Katana wing load

    Hey, not too much experience on them, but demoed 2 sizes. First one for 50 jumps @ 1.25. Wouldn't say hated it, but didn't exactly like it. The other was @ 1.35 and I loved it. I guess fewer people are light enough to load them that lightly given the available sizes. First one kinda felt very "soft" coming out of turns compared to a Stiletto of the same size and a Sabre2 of a bigger size. Just my experience. Nadine
  3. blueshrew

    Is the Eloy money meet still going ahead?

    Hey Andy, it would be if the weather cleared, but right now it's cloudy and wet . cya soon hopefully. Nadine
  4. blueshrew

    Canopy Piloting World Cup

    Hey, the sensors are only being used for the open class as they move around to much with the higher gates of the intermediates. So they're doing video control of the gates. cya Nadine
  5. blueshrew

    Canopy Piloting World Cup

    Hey Lucia, your honey is in 1st place right now after the semi-finals, with 2 final rounds to go in zone accuracy which seems is his speciality!! Brian is in 13th waiting to go into semi-finals tomorrow and Dani 43rd, Danilo is 41st, Bruno 7th. And I am packing for Brian after his cutaway cause he's afraid to pack himself now. The standings for Open now are (those are the people going into semis tomorrow): 1st Jonathan Tagle (USA) 2nd Shannon Pilcher (USA) 3rd JC Colclasure (USA) 4th Drew Lepinski (Australia) 4th Jay Moledzki (Canada) 6th Francisco Neri (Venzuela) 7th John Zuliani (Canada) 7th Bruno Brokken (Belgium) 9th Ian Bobo (USA) 9th Clint Clawson (USA) 11th Jim Slaton (USA) 12th Luis Cani (Brazil) 13th Brian Vacher (UK) 14th Robbie McMillan (Australia) 15th Andy Farrington (USA) 15th Paul Rademacher (Canada) 17th Clint McBeth (Canada) 18th Fabio Brandt (Brazil) 19th Jason Eames (USA) 20th Michael Vaughan (Australia) 20th Chris Lynch (UK) 22nd Paul Gurteen (UK) Intermediate (going onto finals) 1st Pablo Hernandez (Spain) 2nd Chris Johnston (USA) 3rd Paul Rossouw (UK) 4th Ian Brown (UK, out because of injury) 5th Brian McNenny (USA) 6th Martin Backlin (Sweden) 7th Curt Swanson (USA) 8th Gary Gregory (USA) 9th Jimmy Smith (Australia) 10th Sami Lethinen (Finland) 11th Livio Piccolo (Italy) c you soon Nadine
  6. blueshrew

    Canopy Piloting World Cup

    Cutaways were Brian Vacher from the UK and either a Canadian or US intermediate. Start was delayed because of heavy fog. Both speed round were completed however. Open 1st Jonathan Tagle 2nd Shannon Pilcher 3rd JC Colclasure Intermediate 1st Curt Swanson 2nd Ian Brown 3rd Gary Gregory Edit: I believe the scores will be up tonight on the DZ site. cya Nadine
  7. blueshrew

    canopy school advice

    Hey Ginger Jo, I attended Brian Vacher's course in November and would recommend it to everyone. Brian's a great teacher. I have just spent 4 weeks in Lillo and seen a lot of his other students improving their skills and landings in just very few jumps as well. Drop him an email through, he is very friendly and helpful. Nadine
  8. Goto and click on the link in the box :) Featuring Brian Vacher, PD Velocity 96 and El Nuevo Isuzu Rodeo.
  9. blueshrew

    Skydive Lillo Spain Xmas Boogie

    I just came back from there this morning, and I absolutely loved the DZ and the people. Will definitely be back for XMas (though this time packing, not jumping ). The canopy school is also running through the boogie. Brian Vacher's course rocks, and it teaches you more than you'd dream of. So who else is going? cya Nadine
  10. blueshrew

    Basic Canopy Control Course in Spain?

    I met Brian Vacher the coach at Lillo recently. He's happy to share all his experience, and has a great way of explaining things. Lillo would be safer weather wise. Empuria has really bad wind days, which will most likely ground you at less than 400 jumps and will not be that great for a CC course.
  11. blueshrew

    Skydving in movies & TV... let make a complete list

    Half Past Dead, haven't seen it, but they did freefall stunts in Hoexter, Germany for it.
  12. The best 6 nations in the overall ranking.
  13. Hi Dave, as far as I've heard from EXI, there are 10 swooping places that will be given away at the World Cup in February. 6 will go to the best 6 nations and 4 to the remaing best overall with an option being left for a German participant (hosting country). Nadine
  14. blueshrew

    Section with coach name, reviews, ratings

    Well it seems to be working for DZs with the reviews and stuff. It would just be great to have an overview. There are so many coaches around, you meet so many, but you have no idea where to go or who to book if you're pressed for time. Sure you hear some names more than others, but I still have no idea who of those guys I'd try to go to, if I could choose.
  15. blueshrew

    Skydiving in Germany

    As stated before, the only really approved AAD is Cypres 1 + 2. Vigil is definitely not approved by the jumping association for anyone. You can get good third-party insurance for less than 50 Euros a year (GFF Card), so you don't need to join a club if you don't want to.