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  1. Hi there. Excellent that you are interested in learning to pack. If you are jumping in OZ, go and have a chat with your Chief Instructor, your DZSO or an instructor you are familiar with and let them know you are keen and are looking for suggestions. Check the APF Regulatory Schedules to see the prerequisites to apply for your APF Certificate B. Apart from the minimum 50 jumps and a few other things, you need to be certified to be able to pack for yourself. So this is the time to get into it, and your training DZ will be offering options.
  2. APF web site now a .com address.
  3. Hi Jerry. The APF is a very different beast than the USPA. It is a CASA Approved Self-Administering Aviation Organisation. The APF Operational Regulations and the subsidiary Regulatory Schedules are the Australian Parachute Federation’s controlling reference documents for governing the safe and efficient conduct of parachuting activities. The Operational Regulations (OR) are approved by CASA as APF’s primary regulatory document. OR 2.1 details obligations of members of the APF. It includes that members are not only bound by the ORs and RS, but also: "mandatory standards published as equipment standards, service bulletins and rigging advisory standards, and technical directives;..." Unlike in the USA, all bar one civilian skydiving centre in Oz is a member club of the APF, as are all individuals. Kim Hardwick
  4. Whilst it is true that in Australia, SWS do not meet APF Equipment Standard 081014, visiting foreign parachutists (just like in the USA), can jump them under specific conditions detailed in APF Equipment Standard 010901. APF ES 080114 APF ES 010901
  6. With limitations. Like Certificate B and above for a start. "This extended-airworthiness inspection / repack cycle does not apply to parachute assemblies used for and during student, novice, or emergency descents. That is, reserve or emergency parachute assemblies used during student training operations – including the emergency parachute worn by the pilot of an aircraft - must continue to be maintained to a 6-month inspection/repack cycle." Note: Tandem ops are under category of student training in Oz. This is step 1. Further review is on-going.
  7. Jim's paper attached that was presented at the 2011 PIA.
  8. Hi there. I know that rig. I was also a member of that Oz 8-way team (Rijidij). We got those team rigs in 1993 - so pretty ancient now. May not even be set for AAD installation unless it got a retrofit. The main canopy really will be too small for your use for quite a while. Great to read you are booked on that AFF course - hope you have a ball! Contact me directly if you like, for a further chat. Kim Hardwick Technical Officer at the Australian Parachute Federation. [email protected]
  9. Needs an update, but maybe something you can work with. Cheers, Kim
  10. If you do facebook, try a search there with ChutingStar
  11. DOS - Dual Operating System. Used by a few operators in Australia. Has come in handy a few times when a student has executed their EPs (handle pulls) out of sequence. For eons in Oz only the SOS was approved. The DOS method was introduced as a trial well over a decade ago, and now TAS is also approved. Systems in use here with the DOS (according to reports received through APF incident notifications) - Javelin, Telesis, Icon. Likely, on request from the manufacturer.
  12. You will need to join the Australian Parachute Federation. There are options for short term and full year. When you rock up to a DZ you're current qualifications will be assessed and you will be able to apply for the equivalent APF Certificate, if you wish. This can all be found in the APF Operational Regulations, which are on the APF web site. See Part 4 - Visitors from Overseas or Outside the APF System. Bring your current licence/qualifications and log book. Hope you have a beaut time downunder. Kim Hardwick Technical Officer Australian Parachute Federation
  13. Tail of the fully linked, 16-way chunk out the door of the Otter.
  15. I would recommend getting in touch with your APF and they'll be able to help ya find locals. Kim :)