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  1. Has anyone had an experience with Skydive Midwest in Wisconsin? I have a family member thinking about doing a tandem there and asked if I know anything about them. So any information the collective might have would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are those names just the new members? If not do you have the names of any others?
  3. I am looking for opinions on the Motorola RAVR phone or the LG VX8300. I know someone probably has some useful information on these two phones. Thanks
  4. Is the general tone of this thread feeling that this stunt really wasn't that difficult???
  5. A list of all memorials can be found at Quantum's website. My thaughts and prayers are with the entire Quantum Leap family. I wish I could be there. Mike
  6. I did my AFF at Quantum Leap and was deeply sadden to hear about the accident. I miss no longer being in that area, because the people there were alot of fun to be around. My first 4-way was with the two owners, Scott and Jim Cowan, and Rob Walsh one of their employees. I was fortunate to to have that experience, I had only 30 jumps at that time and it is the one skydive that kept me coming back. I owe my love of the sport to those guys. My heart goes out to the entire Family at Quantum Leap.
  7. I'm suprised that with 96 votes in that non smoking is a greater percentage than smokers. Seems like everyone at the dropzone lights up. Maybe its just my aversion to it that makes it seem everyone smokes. It will be interesting to see how this poll pans out in the long run.
  8. I have two people who want to do a tandem and we weren't able to do it in Michigan before they left for Florida. So I told them I would help them find someplace down there and I would come down and jump when they made their tandem jump. They have a place in Naples and probably won't make the trip up to Zhills. If travel wasn't an issue I would meet them in Titusville. Last year when I took some people there they didn't charge me for my skydives and that was pretty cool.
  9. I am curious what is the closest dropzone to Naples, FL that will be have a turbine aircraft this winter? Thanks
  10. I pulled up the anapod explorer site and it looks like it solves alot of the bitches people have with ipod. Might have to give that a try.
  11. I might have this wrong, since I am brand new at this, but aren't CD's stored as WMA files?
  12. So to fill my Ipod it could cost $1000's of dollars not including other songs that might be left on my hard drive. Thats alot of jumps.
  13. I just received an ipod and I'm curious what my options are for downloading music for it? What sites have you used? Good or Bad? Thanks for any info.
  14. 13E2P Field Artillery Fire Direction Center, 3 years Ft. Bragg, N.C. Sgt 1987-90 B 2/319 AFAR
  15. When I went through jump school, 15 years ago or so the requirements were the same as basic training. They weren't interested in whether or not you could max out the requirements just that you were able to do the minimum standards. However, they were very strict in form and alot of people did a lot of pushups that didn't count.
  16. Since when did advertising have anything to do with the products being offered. Skydiving is an awesome experience and if someone wants to use an image of someone having a blast doing a tandem skydive more power to them.
  17. Nancy from Ouragan replied the next day to an email I sent to her asking her some questions about freefly suit materials and the following is how she replied. "Nylon materials are more resistant, light and create a better drag. In time, cotton or polycotton fabrics expands and your suit become bigger and flies differently without slowing you down more because the fibers are more apart from each other (more air passes through = less lift effect). Nylon keeps its "shape" even when being old (less air passing through = more lift)"
  18. There's no theory about it - in my experiences ZP tunnel suits fly slower than other tunnel suits. So when you are wearing a zp suit in the tunnel the tunnel operator is able to decrease the airspeed in the tunnel related to the airspeed needed when wearing a non zp suit?
  19. Paige, Hypothetically, if you had two suits that fit identically and one was made with zp fabric and the other polycotton, how differently would they perform. The reason I ask is I am trying to make an informed decision with what suit I am going to buy. Rather than the typical buy suit xyz, because I wear it and its the best. Thanks
  20. I saw a comment that the new technology, in reguards to materials used, to make freefly suits is a way to charge more money, rather than improve a suits performance. I am curious if that is a widely thought opinion? High tech fabrics have improved the way a garmet preformans on the golf course or on the ski slopes, so why not in freeflying? Interested in your thoughts.
  21. Every dropzone makes a claim about how they are a friendly dropzone, but very few actually live up to their advertisement. I can honestly say these people were very friendly and inviting to a strange face. Thanks and I will be heading back out your way.
  22. Many companies make telemark specific skiis and they are nothing like cross country skiis. Telemark skiis are much wider at the waist typically shaped like a normal powder ski and tend to be softer flex than your typical powder ski. My understanding is that telemark skiing although very physically demanding it is alot easier on the body. Not so high impact and jarring as traditional down hill skiing, just watch the difference on how the guys on telemark skis make their way through a mogul run. Down hillers bang through the moguls and telemarkers move through them more gracefully. It is also easier to get to the backcountry on tele skiis you don't have to put attachments on your downhill bindings or snowshow while carrying your skiis.