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  1. I run a 1956 with a PPonk, high compression pistons, 86" McCauley C401. No cooling issues. email me if you want to talk randy@midwestfreefall.com
  2. No Kodiak is that slow. I operated one for a year. No CG issues, respectable climb rate, comfortable for jumpers. Not a bad a/c at all. Slower than a PAC, faster than a 675 Caravan. PM for more opinions. Don't do it here, though - use randy@midwestfreefall.com.
  3. In reality, the meeting is open and the board welcomes anyone who chooses to attend. Having streaming cameras in the room won't change anything in terms of board behavior. I would recommend that those who are inclined to watch the proceedings, should this transpire, pick up and read a copy of Roberts Rules so you understand how things work. There will be times, however, when we close the meeting to discuss individuals and/or disciplinary actions, and the cameras would need to be shut off for those sessions. Don't be shocked if that happens. I believe we are transparent in our dealings. I personally have nothing to hide. Randy Allison USPA Mideastern Regional Director USPA Vice President
  4. There's no point in trying to stream the meeting - no one could see anything that was happening due to the fact that the room is smoke filled, and all of the side deals happen in the shadows!
  5. Howdy. Sorry for the slow reply - I'm not on the boards as much as I once was. My DZ is at about 700 ft. I'm not quite sure what the gap seals and fences will get you - you may want to check around a bit prior to spending the money. Let us know how your airplane performs. I had fun this weekend flying mine in formation with another '56 with the 260 hp conversion and wing extensions. I had to throttle back quite a bit to stay with him... Randy
  6. Dear Mr. ts1962: Here we go again. Some anonymous expert - you - on dropzone.com suggests that he knows the position of "the USPA Board of Directors" and "all the regional directors." Oh yeah? You are wrong. You should cut it out. If you have an issue with this, pick up your phone and call me. Randy Allison USPA Mideastern Regional Director 586.698.8110
  7. You don't identify the model year of your 182 that has been modified by the WingX STOL STC, but most do receive a GTOW increase. Mine was 400 lb., which is clearly reflected on the revised W & B info that came with the STC and is now part of my a/c logs and records. My Sportsman STOL kit, on the other hand, had no official impact on the W & B calcs. Go back to your STC data for the answer. You need this info and if you don't have it, contact the STC holder(s). I'm sure you want your paperwork right in the event someone wants to look at it someday
  8. TK- What year? It makes a difference in the approval process. Randy
  9. So, Mr. "alabamaskydiver," where did you get your information about my position on Skyride? You certainly didn't talk to me or comminicate directly in any other manner. If you want to know, pick up the phone and call, but I'm asking you to not publish your anonymous, unverified opinions or assessments on the internet and associate my name to them. Randy Allison USPA Mideastern Regional Director
  10. The increase in static thrust is real, however, from the longer prop. You can really feel it in acceleration on take-off roll. Check Steve Knopp's website for some details: http://www.pponk.com/HTML%20PAGES/propellers.html In regard to the OP's question, I don't believe you will see much difference in "skydiving" performance with a stock 0-470 between a C-66 (or a C-201 or C-203) at 82" and a C-401 at 80". A friend of mine did the 3-blade converstion on a 1958 C-182 several years ago and was disappointed. The risk of balance and vibration problems is real as well. I had good luck with mine (and I have a stock engine mount), but the best answer is the heavy duty engine mount. More $$$$. Randy
  11. Hey Dave... My 182 isn't really a fair comparison. I changed too many things to give you a real a/b comparison between 2-blade and 3-blade. My 3-blade prop was a project in itself - I have a field approval for an 86" C401 3-blade McCauley. That is basically a 3-blade seaplane prop (6" longer than a normal C-401) that requires me to have a heavy duty nose fork (Landes kit) and 6.00 x 6 nose tire (normal is 5.00 x 5) to assure ground clearance in the event of flat tires/flat nose strut. I also have a Pponk 0-520 engine with high compression pistons (close to 300 hp). The engine can turn up to 2750 rpm, so the noise generated with the big prop can be really high. I need to dial the RPM back right after take off to keep the neighbors from having issues. Along with XTOL wing extensions (2950 lb gross) and a Sportsman STOL leading edge cuff, it's a pretty fun airplane to fly. Doesn't require much runway for takeoff or landing. Times to altitude are 10 - 13 min depending on load size. Cruise is at the top of the green arc. I think it's a great set-up, but the noise could be a real issue for some. Randy
  12. Hey Van - been away from the computer for a bit. I'll dust off my spreadsheet and send you a PM on my conclusions. Probably will be mid-week. Randy
  13. I flew the Soloy 206 and it's a real buzz. I was seriously looking at buying one a few years ago - actually went out to California to look it over and fly it. At the end of the day, I really was having trouble making the business case work out with only six seats (and knowing that it would probably fly with only 4 or 5 frequently). Regarding the -20, I found it interesting that when I attended Pratt & Whitney's factory PT6A training, the -20 wasn't even listed as an engine model in the training literature. When I asked the instructor about it, he said that it was an unsupported "legacy" product. The U206 with a -20 might work. Interesting thought in any case. Randy
  14. Midwest Freefall, Detroit's closest DZ, is pleased to again be hosting Skydive Chicago's Super Otter the weekends of September 19 - 21 and September 26 - 28. Organizers both weekends. Jeff Nebelkopf will be hosting a Wingsuit Camp the weekend of September 26 - 28 as well. See our website at www.midwestfreefall.com for more details. Randy
  15. Dave: Thanks! I guess you gotta do something while sitting in that DEEEE-TROIT hotel room (while it rains outside)! I'm printing it off and having it laminated. Randy