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  1. I've got the GoPro3 Black Just need a CX or similar replacement.
  2. My CX 150 finally died Best Buy is willing to replace it with a another CX or another similar model. I understand the 150 is the last of the great ones, but is there anything that come can come reasonably close? Thanks.
  3. New to the CX world (been using PC's up to now): 1. Did 3 jumps on it and the vids were extremly shaky (flutter or shake effect) 2. It keeps reverting back to auto focus instead of staying on manual. Thanks
  4. I jumped at Lodi (Parachute Center) from 2004-2008. I would recommend it for winter jumping. The weather, during the season, is a little unpredictable (can get a little chilly and rainy now and then) but it should fit your needs.
  5. Do you have to be part of a team to particiapte?
  6. 1. Reserve Repacks: First DZ, I've heard of, where the main has to be removed (disconnected) prior to turn-in. 2. Packers and staff treated my girlfriend as an outsider (senical and disrespectful). 3. Once an individual comes off Student status (i.e. DZ money maker)they should be treated with the same respect/courtesy as a TANDEM & or AFF student. Contrary to popular belief, Fun Jumpers are paying customers to. 4. Next time I come to San Antonio I think I'll try out the Austin area. 5. Last, but not least: Parachute Center (Lodi, CA) still rules; $12 Jump Tickets, $5 Hop "N" Pops. A Beech, a King Air, an Otter, and a Cesna
  7. There not dead yet. I still use my PC109 with a Royal Lens .3x LONG LIVE THE PC's
  8. Sorta on the same subject: I took the Army Jumpmaster (Static Line) Course. 30% of the class didn't make it to graduation day. When it comes to safety and attention to detail, the US Military doesn't mess around.
  9. taz9420

    Gears of War

    Nope! Made for XBOX 360 only
  10. taz9420

    Gears of War

    For those XBOX 360 owners: Go out and get Gears Of War; WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. C License, 150 jumps, Airborne School or willing to attend if selected for the team, and a good military record. Key to successfuling completing tryouts is no matter where you come from or your experience level, is to leave it at the door. More than skydiving skills, your evaluated on your professionalism as a soldier, ability to thrive (not just survive) in a team environment, your ability to interact with the public - both in person and on camera. Mentally and physically the tryout cadre mess with you - a LOT. There is a reason for everything they do. Learning how to endure long days of physical activity on 4 or 5 hours sleep is pretty much the norm. 10% Jumping; 90% soldiering The Golden Knights look for, annually, personnel to fill their DEMONSTRATION TEAMS (BLACK/GOLD), not Competitors, Swoopers, Tandem Instructors, or Freeflyers.
  12. New members from the 2006 (Sept-Oct) Assessment and Selection.
  13. Congrats to: SFC Fleming SFC Hendricks SSG Bradley SGT Acord SGT Starr SGT Valle SPC Beckel AIRBORNE and BLUE SKIES