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  1. NorCal Skydiving, a Northern California based drop zone is looking to partner with a Professional Demo Team or Demo Organizer. We occasionally get requests for high profile demonstration jumps, however we are not staffed for nor have a great deal of experience organizing demonstration jumps. We would like to capitalize on the benefits (especially advertising) that high profile demo jumps offer. We would like to partner with a team or organizer who has experience with demos requiring a high level of professionalism and planning, i.e. football stadiums, and we are happy to share all revenue generated as we are most interested in the advertising opportunities. If interested please contact Jimmy Halliday: [email protected] 707-478-8382
  2. Looking for a cd I heard Wes Rich put out. It contains instructions for the technique he used to make his helmets. Does anyone know of or own this cd? Looking to purchase this cd to get insight into the production his amazing helmets. If anyone has any info about this cd, it would be great to get a p.m. Thanks
  3. Medium: the middle quality or state between two extremes; a reasonable balance Sized: adjective [in combination ] having a specified size; sized : marble-size chunks of hail.
  4. On cat B it should be a very slight variation from your neutral student arch. From neutral, look the direction you want to turn and dip your shoulder down. i.e. look left and dip the left shoulder down. The deflection of the wind will initiate the turn. Then go back to neutral and get a heading. A slight counter turn in the other direction as you stop your turn can be helpful then right back to neutral.
  5. Yo 460! Whenever we get calls from jumpers who are getting back into skydiving after a long break, a HUGE concern is that they will be super un-current with canopy skills. Not the case with you. Welcome back! Remember you have a reserve so line twists or a line over won't potentially kill you. hahaha. GO to ur local DZ and talk to an AFF instructor. You are not the typical "un-current" jumper. A lot will depend on your skydiving log book and what license you attained during your skydiving. Expect to do a ground school and a couple AFF style re-currency jumps. How you do in the air and while flying your pattern will tell you and the instructors at the dz where you are at. Although you probably don't need the help with body position or altitude awareness, it will be invaluable to spend some time with a current aff instructor going over the newer equipment and refreshing emergency procedures. Spend lots of time walking the landing area and plan your landing strategy remembering you will potentially be among much more traffic (except during those big-ways at Bridge Day.) After you land, don't run to your car to escape. You can go right back up for another jump. While getting recurrent, jump a conservative skydiving parachute for longer than you want to. Although you have a ton of BASE jumps, you are still a newbie by skydiving standards with just 100 jumps. Your last 600 jumps have been under F-111 boats. If you jump a BASE rig with a 260,265-280,285, try to skydive with something like a Navigator 220. That will be an excellent transition canopy as you move to a Sabre 2ish type 170-190 skydiving canopy.
  6. People are still watching RADIX? wow. Hold on to that copy. None left. I showed my X-Ray in the "carange" section cuz that really happened. I'm just glad I wasn't paralyzed. I never intended to scare anyone away from the sport. Just trying to provide some entertainment during the rainy days when jumping isn't possible.
  7. BTW. A guy who did absolutely NOTHING wrong is now paralyzed for the rest of his life...and the best we can do as a "family" is rename the hop 'n pop to "dive and dump"????? wow really wow If bill did nothing wrong, why rename it? Or did you guys do that cuz you think it's funny? And if you think it's funny....wow
  8. In other words....the circus is back in town!!!!! 3 buckz to see a fat lady! 50 centz to see crazed dwarf! Take it from me, we all love a good circus...until we don't. Good luck to all my friends in Lodi this year, just as I hope you all wish me good luck too. how do i do a wink and smiley?
  9. thanks, I've never figured out how to make these damn links "clicky" :)
  10. I think this is good media coverage for not only my business but the sport in general....thoughts? http://www.allbusiness.com/2984963-1.html
  11. If ur looking for that "family" DZ feeling, and you like to skydive with expansive views of the Ocean and lakes and mountains, and Geysers, and rolling hills, and etc. etc. etc. then eventually we'll see you at NorCal Skydiving. Sorry, we don't have a turbine yet...but come check us out anyway. I doubt you'll be disappointed!
  12. Darn Craig, Talking all reasonable and even fact checking???? Shame on you! One thing is certain, The Parachute Center, as long as I've known of it which apparently was 8 years after it most recent move, has had some AMAZING jumpers and Staff!!! No doubt about it. My opinion is that the secret of the success of that Drop Zone has not been the prices, but the quality of people who have chosen to dedicate their energy, time, love, and $ to the place. As Jaques used to say: "We are all Lodi product." Of course you gotta hear it with that French Canadian accent. My best friends are there to this day, and I wish them nothing but long lasting success! But all this talk about how long Bill has been in business reminds me of a joke Duke used to tell all the time. Remember Duke? Man it would take years and years to catch up with that guys numbers! Anyway, the joke goes like this: An engineer spends his whole career (40 years) building bridges...well you know the rest.
  13. And considering the place you are trying soooooooo hard to defend, I'd say that Jimi Hendrix quote doesn't suit you.
  14. Bwahahahaha! OMG! Seriously? At this point my better sense is telling me to stay out of this "conversation," but, mate, or is it broo?, you're just making it way too fun! First of all, go back through this thread and see how many times you called my friend and "idiot" before you talk about personal attacks. Then go stand in front of a mirror, make a really serious face, and say "woop de fucking doo" without cracking a smile. Hahahahahahahahaha! Maybe it sounds tougher with your accent....I just think it sounds ridiculous. The whole thing about Lodi is that it's unapologetic about how it operates. When monkeys like you pound on keyboards trying to defend it, the sweater unravels...so just stop. You are making me wish for the first time since I left 2 1/2 years ago that I still worked there: I'da had you twisted in a week. hehehe ;) Oh, one more thing: go back to taking pride in ur spelling and punctuation cuz you'll be doing yourself a favor. As of right now I'm pretty sure you've never even had a thought worth spelling correctly. Woop de fucking dooo HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks I really needed to laugh tonight. p.s. if you're tired, try getting some rest.
  15. Well it appears that norcaljumper is making a reference to my sister's suicide in 2004, she did in fact drive her truck off of a cliff. I honestly don't know what to say, except that strikes me as a little bit heartless, but hey whatever you gotta do to make your point. And LongWayToFall...you just summed up my argument perfectly. Thanks for clarifying how much safer it is for jumpers to exit when the pilot configures for jumping...nothing more for me to say apparently. Hey norcaljumper...you got a name?
  16. who? you mean bill? cuz he was the only person I ever saw at lodi no matter where looked, and he was the one that was always screaming.
  17. After I got off student status at Lodi...the only thing I was ever "told" was to ...."GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!"
  18. cuz I thought you said this.... "you arrogant and mis-informed snot .. my first look back thru the door ... OF A FRIGGIN CESSNA 182, when I had hardly any jumps at all (and had never been in any airplane other than the ones I jumped out of) convinced me that anything other than a 'DOWN' exit was stupid ... "
  19. ur really funny when did those conversations take place?
  20. When bill did my aff, back in 1989, I was sixteen. My father dropped me off at bill's dropzone on a Wednesday, when he came back to the dz on Saturday, me and my dad did a 2way...My dad had gotten off student status there the month before...That first two way was out of Bill's Beech 118. Awesome! I remember two things about my aff class out there 21 years and 12,000+ jumps ago.... Wait...I remember 3 things...cuz on Thursday, Bill had me mow the landing area. Anyway, I remember two things about my aff class with bill... #1 Bill said....."throughout this entire process, you are going to want to think...don't do that....I will do all your thinking for you." I was like "cool" #2 Bill walked me out to the 182 that he taught me in...it's the silver one....and he said..."you are going to think that you might hit the tail when we jump out....don't worry...that will never happen." I was like "cool"
  21. And please...as a sport...let's stop blaming the jumper okay? He jumped out of that plane exactly as all of you would have with his jump numbers on that flight! I saw it, and do not call me a liar!
  22. I'm not sure if anybody is actually reading this thread, but this is where I am going to mike my one and only public statement about this case and it's resolution. In my opinion, as one of the eyewitnesses of this incident and testifier in court, the only way to make sense of the decision of the jury, and to do honor to a fellow jumper who will NEVER EVER EVER EVER etc. etc. etc.enjoy life again is to think about it like this..... Jury: "(those are quotes) we understand skydiving is dangerous and we can't decide anything about it." good for us They gave us power....a great deal! Now what are we gonna do with that power? Keep in mind...we are not living in a time when the gift of power should be abused...hint hint...get out of jail free card... And excuse me if I'm wrong...but is not skydiving in the United States self policing? And if it is...why would anybody...anybody...support a man who has said to his staff..."this is not a democracy...this is a dictatorship!" I mean seriously...in the interest of the sport of skydiving, and cheap jump tickets aside!...why?
  23. Oh, and the guy talking about his $5 hop 'n pops? Yes they are a rip off, when they rip off somebody's head.