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  1. Agreed maybe we should ban you tube as well and then even free speech from talking about things in the sport that can happen and hell ban it all ! (NOT)
  2. Sitting here in my hostel where I am living last night watching some SD and BASE vids. The Dutch people thought they were totally cool. However this BRITISH chick sat through them and them and never walked out and watched them entirely no one forced her too. However today I get a phone call from the local SD centre that I should not show my videos where I love. RADIX was too disturbing for this person and that she is too scared to jump now. So blame me, RADIX and the screw in Jimmy's pelvis and Shane (RIP mate) but not her own stupid British self. When are people going to take responsibility for their own deicsion to jump or NOT TOO JUMP. I guess she finally figured out that jumping is not a ride at 6 flags Great Adventure and there is a reality to it??Quote
  3. Jumper made a slightly low turn to face into the wind for land and in doing so flew into a palm tree. The jumper suffered serious head trama from the collision and the fall to the ground. He was in a coma for several days before passing away.
  4. I did jump in Fiji last year and felt like Whoa WTF. We landed at the golf course in Port Denarau in the middle of the Fiji open. They were very happy to have a fun jumper for the day thought ,my doubts about the aircraft were proved right. Here is an article posted the other day about SD Fiji. Fiji News and Times: Meanwhile, the pilot who allegedly flew a CESSNA aircraft that fell short of the Nadi airport runway on Monday, has been stood down. In a statement yesterday, Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji chief executive Netava Waqa said the aircraft operator Skydive Fiji had informed CAAFI that it had stood down the pilot involved in the incident. Mr Waqa said since the aircraft was registered in Australia, the incident investigation would be in consultation with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the operator of the aircraft. Skydive Fiji managing director Tim Joyce said the pilot allegedly miscalculated his approach on the runway. No one was injured in the process and there was no major damage to the aircraft.
  5. Jumper was flying a normal canopy until approx 50 meters where he entered a turn and held the turn until impact.