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  1. I was in the roseville area today and realized that I was only 20min from Skydive Sac. Of course I had to go and check it out It's a nice little DZ with fantastic views. I was only able to make 1 jump(sunset tracking dive), but it was worth the trip. I'll definitely have to come back to this DZ as well although it is quite a bit farther out for me. 2 down many more to go...
  2. Skydance was awesome Although way smaller/not as new as my old DZ, they still do a great job with everything. Everyone was friendly, it was easy getting on a load, the Pac is another sweet jump plane, renting gear was a cinch, and it didn't take long at all for an instructor to come and do my re-currency dive. I made 3 jumps and will definitely be back. I met too many people to remember most of your names, but thanks. It's awesome to be back in the air again
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies! I'll be sure to check out as many as I can while I'm here. At the moment all I can think of is: Rental car, squadron approval to have fun, and good weather=1 eager guy who hasn't jumped in almost 5 months ready to check out Skydance!!!!! I should be out tomorrow...
  4. I just moved out to Travis AFB so this will give me the oportunity to check out some of the awesome DZs on the West Coast. All 100 of my jumps were done at Start Skydiving(I'll still call that place home), but now it's time to see what else there is. There seam to be many DZs in the area. Although I'll probably start with Skydance, I'd like to jump at the others as well. Anyone have recommendations on places within 3hrs?
  5. I too have to say that Brad and Melonie are awesome coaches. I did 5 jumps this weekend( 1 coach jump with Brad) and had lots of input from both of them. I can now sit even if it's for only a few seconds at a time.
  6. Awesome...some rocketry people who also skydive! Your SR-71 looks cool and it should fly ok. I have one as well. Good luck with the flight. The HPR bug bit me pretty bad and I'm currently L2 considering L3. Launching up to L motors and skydiving is a little expensive hehe P.S. Kallend, seeing that you're in the Chicago area I was wondering if you've ever been to the any of the Midwest Power launches? I've been to the past 2 and if you've never gone before I'd highly recommend it.
  7. Hey thanks guys! Start Skydiving is an awesome DZ. Seriously the people, planes, facilities, and everything rocks. The only complaint has been the windy weather we've had which grounds us students I'm sure there are plenty of people who use their tax return money for jumping
  8. Hey everyone I'm another one of those people who have been lurking on here for months before deciding to join