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  1. potatoman

    Skysurfing Skyboards

    Assisted a friend back in the late 90's to build a beginner board. Building the beginner board was not difficult. Finding the darn board after how many board cut-aways.......First problem was to get upright before pull. The next was, once you spin, well, you spin. (on vertical axis) LOL, don't forget the "stabilising webbed gloves".
  2. potatoman

    The four times you might quit skydiving

    How crazy is this. I posted injury as a show stopper......and yeah, I broke myself..... Damn, why did I write that
  3. potatoman

    You Know Nothing About Seatbelts - Part 2

    diverdriver, I had simliar youngster pilot go into cloud, nose down, and he froze once we came out diving straight down. Another jumper actually, from the ceiling, pulled the yolk back. If we had seatbelts on, I doubt anybody would have survived the flight. Negative G on a seatblet......Pilot error though, but has relevance to wearing seatbelts, or in this case not. To me, it is up to the pilot to make the call, he/she is in charge or the plane, and also in charge of CG. I would personally prefer a more forward CG then aft, purely cause I like speed, and speed equals more lift. I disagree with some statements, but keep them coming Nette.
  4. potatoman

    Turbulence Is Trying To Hide From You - Here’s Where to Look

    Now, dust devils.... How do you spot those, when there is only clean air inside them Also, just above the receiving side of a hangar, where the air is pushed upwards.....Can make for nice lift, and then that sudden forward surge/drop.
  5. potatoman

    On-Point Off-Landings: A Primer

    Another small tip, specially when in farm like country. Avoid anything thats straight, thats MAN made, probably a nice looking road, but with "invisible" wires etc. If it's an 8way or so off, land close to your team. You never know when you gonna twist that ancle up, or get stuck hanging in a tree. My carry on articles: mobile phone, knife, cash, pullup --> Call someone, fight for your life, pay for a lift home, field packing carries a lot easier through thorny terrain. Like your articles.
  6. potatoman

    How to Buy New Skydiving Gear

    And, have you ever seen a "Made in China" badge on a container? Captain Obvious....
  7. potatoman

    Why Your Canopy Is Slapping You Around

    Good read, enjoy your posts. To add...Dump stable, and not too quick after a track etc. Also makes for a good banger.
  8. potatoman

    Love Across The Risk Continuum

    I like this post, been there, done that, and still going strong(and that not just in the skydive world) You rock.
  9. potatoman

    My Aerodyne Nex Gen - opinon

    I recently visited the factory in SA. Picked up a Zulu, Smart and NexGen. The harness is made in the USA, the canopy is made in Durban area. The toggle fire is alarming though, at a very high rate. Thing is my toggles sit VERY firmly, cannot see a toggle fire happening.
  10. potatoman

    Performance Designs Announces New Valkyrie Canopy

    Looks great, sounds great, but darn these things are getting fast.
  11. potatoman

    Exit Order Safety

    Good read. Won't work for a 172 dz though, lol.
  12. potatoman

    Digital or Analog Altimeter

    Analog can also be more easily viewed on someone else in freefal. Take a 4way for instance, I can check my buds analog while still looking into the formation on something like a sidebody. I also see another trend.....Why use an alti if you have a dytter. Scares me. Good read.
  13. potatoman

    1st Skydive what to expect letter.

    Maybe this one???
  14. potatoman

    Falling rates and booties

    Same issue my side. I do with a loose long sleeve shirt, does help. Then I also pull the belly in, or in other words, push the bum out. Gives very good slow rate, but like the upside down dart, flying isn't so cool. Don't pick the slower students, or lose some weight. lol.
  15. potatoman

    Point Break remake?

    I loved the old movie, even though it was not spot on physics. The new one, people can say what they want, but I will go and check it out....probably why they doing it. Makes business sense. Have you seen the A_Team movie, where they shoot in freefall with the tank?