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  1. So you understand the point that the rest of the world is fucked off with bush/cheney... ect but cant agree with it..... OPEN your EYES! everyday i meet people from all over the world (for the last 15 years) ...the thousands of people i have met have pretty all had the same image of america...which is the country you roll your eyes at... FACT! IMO you are delusional about how the rest of the world see you... if you came over here spouting your shit you would be a VERY VERY lonely man!.....FACT! and from what ive read from your other posts you just want to pick a fight........... how american...... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  2. Maybe tear down the walls that stand between america and the majority of the world.... Your leader is a complete moron!....and if you cannot see the damage that has been done by him... and why now you may have to resolve issues because of my mind you are a moron as well..... Or maybe just american.... its hard to tell these days .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  3. Diplomacy and mutual respect. Blues, Dave A leader that people will LISTEN to........ At the moment you just have a leader people laugh at! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  4. I was surprised how expensive it was to get a Dslr on my head... It didnt just mean a lens but other things as well,mount, bite-switch, flatdock, ringsight, maybe a cutaway for your new setup?.... If was me id probably look at a wide angle for the pc and maybe an extra battery if you dont already have one? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  5. Unlike with bush......America is fucked already now its just damage control.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  6. I just saw parts on the news i thought the parts i saw where pretty good...For me though... the best part was afterwards...when an Englishman was asked what he thought of Obama, to which he gushed, He was fantastic,He's my new Messiah!!!! Those crazy english .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  7. Just need this shit weather to clear up now!!!! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  8. Or i could just use my phone..... Main 140 Res 135 .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  9. Im guessing if they start a riot over a t-shirt they arnt the christians they claim to be!....Unless of course they have been given special judgment powers over there fellow man???....But i thought that was there bosses job? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  10. Ash pinched all my lenses when he went to Thailand so ive got to wait till He gets back next week .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  11. YEEESSS!!!.... Finally in my greasy little hands is a Brand new wings rig
  12. ....Crack??? Rather regular physical checkups and targeted therapy offers. Nice to see that prostitution can be discussed in a mature atmosphere free of prejudice. When you have lived in the middle of the Red light district of australia for 3 years its hard to be objective
  13. Well I don't want to hear about evil that is called good, nor do I want to see a parade of things that blaspheme God.
  14. ....Crack??? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  15. Not sure about the rest of Australia but in Kings Cross ( NSW ) Its everywhere and legal..... Why then did they censor the GTA game for NSW so you couldn't hook up with the prostitutes?.... I always wondered that... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  16. Thats it!!! They could do a SURVIVER doughnut island or something... THAT i would watch
  17. Download an inappropriate photo you can go to jail for a long time download the same image as a painting and you wont!!! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  18. I would like to think the majority of my contributions to this thread are of a little more value than your subjective emotional preachings. But hey that's just my (self declared) objective view
  19. you are the one that seems to get emotionally uptight and drags this discussion down. Objectivity seems to be something you lack, not to mention the ability to conduct yourself in a manner that does not try to insult others. But you are a KIWI so I cant really expect to much in the way of intellect or rational thought So ill take that as a no???...... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  20. the bolded text indicates to me that you have now problem with the youth modeling, more so that you dont perceive photography as art. Or did you not type what you really wanted to say? And would you regret those pictures if they are on display in the Guggenheim as some of his work is? Are you on crack??? How do you get the fact that the poster doesn't consider photography as art...The statement you underlined IMO was directed more at the different forms of art..... And im also guessing that the photos that get hung in the Guggenheim arnt he ones you get ashamed of.... But maybe you might regret it if your naked photo WAS one of the %99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 of photos that are not hung there//// ..... But of course if you have anything of value to add to the discussion..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  21. As i said before i like a lot of his photos ...but SURELY it is possible to capture a dark image of a pre teens innocence without showing her vagina ?.......Would someone like to tell me why it would HAVE to be in the photo and not covered in some way?.... But then I suppose i would have never heard about his work if it hadnt been fo rthe controversy he stirs.....maybe he just just drops the V-Bomb when sales are down? We make the assumption the just because a parent consents it is not going to affect the child may..... And ONE more question for you all.... If tomorrow he is arrested and convicted of child sex crimes ( I AM MAKING THIS UP TO SHOW A POINT!)....Those exact same photos would still be the same photos but now they have been taken by a pedophile who obviously wasnt thinking of the innocence of an emerging woman....but something to whak off over...( maybe he was thinking abotu the innocence) Would you still love the pictures if you knew his motivation was different ????....remember they would be the Exact same pictures????? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  22. How much money did you lose on Saturday? First loss at home in 5 years..... Could the yarpies finally have learnt how to win away from home?? ( sorry topic) .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  23. base_nz


    V cool movie....Had to recommend it! Weve waited too long for a completely original superhero in a movie... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  24. Ive tried to find a sight with the pictures that i saw and cant find any of them....Which i find is weird seeing as how controversial they have become?... I have emailed my friend who showed them to me and asked if she can send them to me. Or tell me where they where... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  25. Gotta love those half-blacks.....( fucking brilliant...i love americans!) Personally ill put my money on the all blacks!!! .....C'mon Richie ..GET IN THERE SON!!! The half-Mexicans could pull it off, but they're a few steps behind, having avoided that whole slavery thing and all. They're just now gettin' used to being shit on.... And all you Half-English have done all right for yourselves... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!