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  1. Run a Backpackers... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  2. Here are some from the cookie sight... Not sure how to make it clicky It doesn't look TOOOO bad but im pretty inexperienced with how bad riser slap and tangles can be. Here's a pic with the raynox .3 on compared to my pc104. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  3. Top it is, Guess ill have to look at getting another helmet when i start with the stills, Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Thanks for the info.... as far as i can find they dont do a HD lense wider than .6 for the smaller cameras So any other makes that people know of?? Surely there must be a low profile HD wide out there?? Other wise i guess ill have to stick with the Raynox. Does anyone have any ideas on the least snagable way to mount? side, top.It would be nice not to have to watch my lense sailing into the swamp after the first jump.
  5. I get all my "decorations" from the local bike shop...they get heaps of good ones in for the biker/ moto boys. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  6. Thanks. I loked up the sight and it doesnt say anything about HD, Just DV... Just want to make sure before parting with the well urnedQuote .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  7. I dont suppose you have the part number of that century lens? ...They are telling me that they only do a .65 for the cx7 thats HD??? Idealy would like the .5 or .55 .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  8. I have a raynox .3 semi fisheye for my cx 7 and as looking for something a little less "snagable" I went down to the local camera shop and have managed to find a .5 wide angle lens lense for $89 AUD... Just seems vvery cheep so i was wondering if anyone had any feed back on them... The name of the lens is Giotto And it is a Hi Definition wide angle (defiantly doesn't feel as solid as the raynox but looked all right on the camera.) .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  9. QuoteDon't pull, get the exp. first hand. I have been seriously hurt before jumping and have seen many friends/fellow jumpers hurt. Yes, it's part of the game/shit happens. But to willfully WANT TO SEE INJURIES AND FATALITIES is fucked up! Yet we all sit and laugh when we are watching funniest home videos when the 5 year old smashes his head on the side of the table. And how many guys do we know that would jump at the chance to watch a tiger rip into its prey?! How many of us have looked up SKYDIVING ACCIDENT on utube??..Its just morbid fascination... But if your standing there WANTING it to happen to someone than yes that is fucked! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  10. [] From the Guiness World Record Book Highest Fall Survived Without A Parachute Vesna Vulovic, a flight attendant from Yugoslavia, survived a fall from 10,160 m (33,330 ft) when the DC-9 airplane she was traveling in blew up over Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), on January 26, 1972. A terrorist bomb was thought to be the cause, and no other passengers survived. Vesna broke both legs and was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. I think you will find she was still in part of the plane when it hit..No one can survive a terminal impact without something slowing them down. Its all about the G's. I remember the first time i saw someone hurt themselves seriously, I had abut 45 jumps and untill then i had been in my own little bubble of imagined safety. It defiantly made "real" all the stories we had heard by our instructors and made me think a lot more about if something went wrong, How prepared was I?..... I think the DZ ,instructors are the one to be giving answers.....When i was 11 i wasnt allowed to go more than 2 blocks unsupervised let alone jump out of a plane for the first time!!!!!!!!.. 2c Quote .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  11. Got a cx7 the other day and have an apple mac I have found the easiest and fastest way to dump all my video if i need my card is onto my PS3. also had to get the upgrade for final cut hd express $100 but if you only have an entry level laptop you might want to look at a desktop. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  12. I think im going to have to eventually buy something a bit more powerful than my Macbook, Especially with the lack of upgrades for laptops. Am going to the mac shop tomorrow to ask for ideas. Keeping in mind ill probably be using it a bit for editing later down the track. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  13. Thanks for that, I guess bootcamp was always going to be an inevitable purchase Im sick software being a deciding factor. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  14. I'm trying to get something working that will let me download my jump logs. Paralog would be ideal, but there is no hardware support. Hmmmm... Paralog sounds like the go, just connecting it to the mac?... could you use the leads that come with the jumptrack software? And sorry for the ignorance but " Dongle???" WTF ?:) .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  15. I wondering if any mac users out there had any suggestions for software for my alti track??? ..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  16. yea its 1000. in nz ....ithink you can get away with 750 if you complete certain courses though .... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  17. I was jumping camera after 200.... but those 200 where done in just over a year... so those 750 jumps are looking a lot further away ... And yes i would have to get another 50 or so jumps in over a short period before i would even think to ask and then it would probably be at the dropzone i would have been junping in. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  18. Hey guys, a quick post fro you all... im getting back into jumping after a year and a hlf off ... wanting to do camera to get my jump sup but have foud that a lot of DZs are using wristys for there camera jumps now. ( in australia anyway. ) is this the same all oer the world?? And if so will this hinder people wanting to get there jumps up for becoming a tandom not all of us have the cash to pay fro that amount of jumps up front. And will this lead in turn to a shortage of tandom masters further down the track? It would be good to hear wat you think.. Thanks SEE Some kiwis CAN fly! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  19. In Adrian's case there was no emergency. His gear created the emergency that killed him. I fail to see how his gear failed to cause and emergengy!..... The Cypress did exactly what it was designed to do........ and created an emergency! There is going to be an ongoing problem as long as People are pushing the boundries... You just have to try to be mindfull of the problems it can cause. Chain of events!!(sometimes easier said then done.) And the suppliers are trying to do something about it... Untill then Realise it is a possibility and act accordingly. Blue skies .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  20. Probably no good going to tunnel that exclusive though!! Bit of a waste of time if i get turned away! Especially after the 16 hour drive!!! Looked on the net at the one in NZ though and it looked all right. I might check it out when i go to Taupo... It did look quite small though. Would something that small be able to accommodate freeflyers??? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  21. Can anyone tell me if there are any tunnels in aus or NZ... Or if there are any plans in the future to get any going??? Ive done a few searches and have come up blank Thanx .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  22. hi, Im going to be buying a second rig probably from the us but being in New Zealand i am a little apprehensive of sending my money on blind faith. Does anyone have any sugestions on making it a bit safer (even though 95% of people are honest). Any sugestions or experiances would be greatly appreciated! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!