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  1. chronistin

    dudeist skydivers association

    Well Dudes, let me check in as #1966. All good? Chronistin (Home @
  2. chronistin

    Stupid Skydiving Faces

    I found this one at a swedish site while ago. Still makes me laugh... Chronistin (Home @
  3. chronistin

    World Championships Canopy Piloting

    The new overall world champion in Canopy Piloting is John Zuiliani from Canada, 2nd place: Andrew Farrington (USA), 3rd place: Jason Moledzki (Canada). Picture of the award ceremony: Chronistin (Home @
  4. chronistin

    Skydive Blog?

    Well, I'm a blog-addict, so I've got my Jumplog, which is based on blog-software, and my Skydiving News Site, which is Blog-Like, but they're both in german - as is my everyday blog. I recently found Sector 10 Blog, a weblog about sector 10 of the upcoming rw record. Then, there is qlogger, a site dedicated to special interest blogging. They have a skydiving section (where you get all the fields to publish a real jumplog), but they seem to be down right now. I asked the same question a while ago, and some of the links from the replies are still active! ... and although the site has not been updated in ages, don't miss out on Skybytch's story about the skunk on blogspot. I've got an rss filter on technorati tag "skydiving", am watching Google's blog news regularly, and got some other bots trying to find new skydiving blogs for me - so, if there are any other skydivers' blogs out there, they haven't been tagged right. [edit] should've written faster, someone beat me to the sector10blog. and sector 11? gotta have a look at that now... Chronistin (Home @
  5. Not a TM joke either, but on a load with many tandems, the spotter approached the door reluctantly, clinging to the grips, pretended to stumble & "fell" out with a grimace of fear & screaming loud. I laughed so hard (especially seeing the faces of the tandem passengers) that I completely messed up my exit when it was my turn. Another nice show was when a jumper (well, the dzo in fact) asked the pilot on a tandem-heavy load: "Did you remember to fuel this time?" Pilot: "Oh shit, I forgot!" DZO: "So you want me go out on the wing with the jerry can - again?" Pilot: "Just be ready when the engine starts to cough." Chronistin (Home @
  6. I "lost" my altimeter when a lowtimer on his first attempted 7-way grabbed my hand so hard that it came off. I freed my hand and tracked away like hell. Very strange feelingto be in freefall without an alti - although a mind-sharp co-diver followed me and "held hands" with me - showing me HIS alti until pull altitude (PLUS it was one of my first dives with my audible, so, I really didn't have reason to worry, but I did). Someone has the video of this jump, showing my alti getting lost - and I kind of cherish the thought that it lies there somewhere in the tunisian sand waiting to be found... oh well, the joy of the "firsts"... Chronistin (Home @
  7. chronistin

    This looks terrible...

    Oh shit. I had hoped that this is some kind of fake or something... A horrible idea. ? Don't go up unless you're sure you can open the chute? Chronistin (Home @
  8. chronistin

    This looks terrible...

    Die Frage steht hier. (link to original question) Chronistin (Home @
  9. chronistin

    This looks terrible...

    Yes. Might be real bad taste. Or somethig we don't know about (dummy? steep valley behind that hill?) I really don't know, just trying to answer a question that has been brought to my attention. Chronistin (Home @
  10. chronistin

    This looks terrible...

    Someone posted a link to this video on my site - anybody got an idea about where, when & what has happened? thanks, Chronistin (Home @
  11. I have often wondered about that! Remembering my own first Tandem, I don't think anything would have kept me from coming back, but then again, I was so embarassed by my boyfriends continuous foto-klicking, I hardly remember what my TM said... Chronistin (Home @
  12. chronistin

    World Cup 2005 Results

    Thanks for the link to my new gallery - & you can find more cool pics at Charlie's page Chronistin (Home @
  13. chronistin

    How about RSS feeds of the forum topics?

    I, for one, would be VERY happy to have them. Now that would be a feature that would make me seriously consider premier membership. except that I can't afford it right now [I know this is an old thread that did not go very well, just wanted to add my interest] Chronistin (Home @
  14. chronistin

    Urban myths in skydiving Here is an Interview with the lady. way down the pages she says she was told that they found her in the middle of the plane. She has no recollection of the incident herself. Chronistin (Home @
  15. chronistin

    Fun Facts Part 2

    There was a 96 year old guy this february who made a solo-jump. dislocated his shoulder, and they were debating if it still counts as oldest jump... still got the link (in, but the article has expired. Chronistin (Home @