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  1. Thank god i live in a country where we dont feel the need to have a gun on you at all times!!!!!! My old man works for the police heading up licensing laws for firearms. All guns Must be kept in a safe and Ammo must be stored separately, You also must secure the weapon when traveling and store bolt and ammo sep. and they are always checking up on safes , storage ect... It is a very good law to have in place but then again we dont live in a crazy ass country where some people feel the nej,ied to even carry there guns from room to room with them..... What kind of fucked up life that is man!..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  2. reply] Every crime is different and its not as black and white as that im afraid.... Sometimes a a victim definatly bares some responsibility for the crime other times not! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  3. An unlocked car in a wide open garage in the middle of the night?!.... Sounds just as inviting for the sort of people whom are looking for this exact situation to take advantage of..... And when they do, they are the ones who have done wrong, committed the crime. Or is that still a debatable assertion? yes the person who stole the gun is the one who has done wrong... but....There where active criminals in the area as his car had already been broken into. To know that and then leave a golden ticket to the thief to grab himself a gun... yes i think he is just as much his fault and doesnt deserve to carry another firearm! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  4. Well, the cop left his gun IN VIEW in a CAR that was OUT IN PUBLIC. Not parked in a garage. I see that as just the first of many differences in the situations. An unlocked car in a wide open garage in the middle of the night?!.... Sounds just as inviting for the sort of people whom are looking for this exact situation to take advantage of..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  5. Quote I am so glad I have never visited that evil country. Not like your country where you feel the NEED to carry a GUN everywhere you go!!!!!.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  6. bought mine in a second hand shop for 250 with a wide angle lens .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  7. Id say the bootstraps in Kenya are a lot shorter than in America!.... That was a groaner! I don't think, they even wear boots... do they? Chuck Chuck .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  8. so your saying a beagle is more dangerous to have around your kids then a pit bull?? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  9. Well the decision was finnaly made to put down the orphaned whale in a sydney harbour ...more experts than you could shake a stick at decided to put it to sleep!!!!.... so 6 injections and 10 minutes of having to see a baby whale thrashing around in it death throws its all over...... Fair enough it was the humainthing to do but 10 minutes.... come on.... My idea would have been a lot better ... C4......very quick and a lot more entertaining to watch!!!!!.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  10. I disagree, as would most people with experience with pit bulls. If you are looking for an innately aggressive dog, check out Jack Russell Terriers. The challenge of ownership with them is to train them to be nice. Pit Bulls are innately gentle dogs; they just have great strength and size, making them appealing to assholes that want to train their dogs to be mean and aggressive. pitbulls are also banned in oz....In NZ i knew breeders of both pitbulls and american pitbulls... They can be nice as you like but they will always have the ability to turn...IMO if its got a lockjaw then its probably not the best animal to have around kids. probably the only dog i would consider with lockjaw would be a staffy.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  11. Id say the bootstraps in Kenya are a lot shorter than in America!.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  12. and that would be an example of using it in a way that makes you sound like a bit of a dick.... for the best non pc stand up at the moment you should definately cherck out ricky gervais....politics, animals and fame!!!!! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  13. base_nz


    i got way cools.... They have an insert which sits bellow the plastic of the goggle.... costs about 100 aud to get them set up....if you need to change your script then just change the inserts..... Otherway is to have the perscription on the outside but because of the cuvature of the goggle this can be hard ( and expensive).... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  14. Yep....not much you could do there either, you would wake up one day the chinese would have invaded and the rattle of your sabres would be heard around the world ...... I heard on the radio that bush was sending in military planes and personal with aid and doesnt care if russia agrees or not....Can anyone confirm this? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  15. I don't know. Having three bears a day can be pretty dangerous, but it depends on whether you're referring to the Teddy or the Grizzly type. Seriously though you should always be aware of a bare bear bearing beer form bearley!!....... Those nude drunken english bears can be quite a handfull.. so im told.....
  16. Retard .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  17. remember when SPASTIC was all the rage.... They even had the Spastic society.... Ive decided im done with retard..... Spastics retro !!..... Its not usually the word i find offensive id say its more the context in which its used.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  18. I guess its slightly less dangerous to have say 3 bears a day to an acid a day (keeps the doctor away... sorry couldnt resist)... or a pill a day.... Too late now though the government has spent soo much on telling us how deadly these drugs are they cant tax them now!...Guess they should have thought about that sooner... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  19. per capita mate. %90 of pills MADE in the uk do not contain any mdma at all...... its all speed and K ( and floor scrapings!)....and those that are imported can go for as little as 50p, But Coke is a LOT cheeper in the uk and therefore more accessable to the masses . About 10 years ago i would have said you are right... but times are a changing. ( people still take pills in the uk but nowhere near as much as they used to).Its all about the coke. but because of the outrageous price of coke in oz pills are the drug of choice for going out hands down. and this has been shown by the huge increase of imports... all you have to do is go out at night and go top a club.... Its rampant.... Ill take you out this weekend and show you mate!!!! the affect of this bust wont be felt untill a couple of months before xmas...But it was impressive.... ive herd these fellas import up to %60 of the gear in OZ(sceptical about that [email protected]), Sounds like a definite gap in the market to me gazz! when is your next shipment of (skydiving )gear comming in from overseas!?... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  20. So you understand the point that the rest of the world is fucked off with bush/cheney... ect but cant agree with it..... OPEN your EYES! everyday i meet people from all over the world (for the last 15 years) ...the thousands of people i have met have pretty all had the same image of america...which is the country you roll your eyes at... FACT! IMO you are delusional about how the rest of the world see you... if you came over here spouting your shit you would be a VERY VERY lonely man!.....FACT! and from what ive read from your other posts you just want to pick a fight........... how american...... Just cause you are pissed doent mean the "world" is. I refer yet again to recent votes in Germany and Britian. Your eyes are open but you cant see. Cause you are controled by your emotions, not the facts. I awaint you calling me a moron yet again Once again.... All i have done all day every day for the last 15 years is meet and talk to people from all over the world!.. In the last year i have talked to my eyes are very much open to what people of the world think of America ..... But from what you are saying bush has not done anything damage to the image of the states and you are still thought of as the white knight here to save the world from tyranny...people from all over the world have nothing bad to say about you.... How many English have you actually spoken to that still live in England and think AMERICA ROCKS??...and im not talking about what you have read.... I would like to change my moron rating and downgrade you to Imbecile And right now i have 6 people from the uk reading your post.....all of them seem to disagree with you as well...but they probably didn't take part in your vote or poll or whatever you are using as a reference... but to be fair you do get a 10 out of 10 for pure entertainment value
  21. Delusions of adequacy? yep... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  22. your a bit carried away