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  1. Saw a guy drink two pints of his own piss and one of someone else's for $50.... I think this gave rise to the other famous THAT GUY saying! Dont be THAT GUY! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  2. Cote de Pablo.... ill just pick her three times if thats ok
  3. I was told pre sales will come out on the 20th in Japan?. I was also told that smile control when on will take a stills shot WHENEVER someone smiles while your recording video..... Would anyone actually use this while skydiving? Would the quality of the still be any different from a screen grab? So im guessing im asking all you knowledgeable people out there is. Do you think its worth the money considering what you can pick up a second hand cx7 for? Is there THAT much of a difference between the two? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  4. they can detain you as-well I think they will probably end up bringing more people out to protest against the new laws who otherwise would have stayed home..
  5. Christians are pouring into sydney city this weekend for CYD and the australian police have decided that you can be DETAINED...and fined for ANNOYING or INTERFERING with the pilgrims .... Protesters have been asked to PRE-APPROVE banners and T-shirts before hand...(Lucky ive still got the receipt for the Devils costume!) And im guessing the protesters at the abortion clinic will only get in trouble if its a pilgrim with the doctors appointment??? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  6. The beer shall floweth forth cuz .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  7. Now on its way..... What do you guys think? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  8. After months of research my colleges and i have come up with the ultimate fuel protection system...... Trigger can be set for illegal tampering and or opening of fuel cap!!!! Please PM me for ordering info! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  9. long as you dont use the trunk..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  10. There is nothing you can really do to stop the most determined. Leaving your fuel flap open is always best if you don't want it damaged. As far as lockable caps you can beak into %95 of them with a fork........I have a spring coil and a ball that has been mentioned before in the pipe... minimum cost and they do the job. I just have a pull out cap but it is impossible to get a hose into the tank. Every now and then i will go to the car and the non lock cap is on the road next to the car... But ive still got my fuel and no damage. Haven't been drilled yet ........YET Who wants to guess how long before we are all taking our fuel into the house with us at night? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  11. I wonder what the percentage would be if you polled the rest of the nations in the UN? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  12. Probably German......Great escape was always one of my favorite moves
  13. Zep, out of my country!!!! OK Zep, i feel bad. You can stay. Spain played out of their skin and Germany just didnt turn up....Congratulations to all those hung over Spaniards out there .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  14. The FACTS about how football started!.... First New Zealand invented RUGBY ( all Kiwis know this for a fact!)! England gave it a go.... Kept on dropping the ball....Then decided it wasnt worth all the time an effort to keep on picking it up.....Made the ball round and there you have it!!! A slightly less interesting game than Ruby Union was invented. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  15. Doesnt look like there are many English interested in this thread!! Germany 2-1 .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  16. I will be traveling soon and was wondering where can you get an AAD card from? Was one supposed to be sent with my cypress .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  17. Takin notes cuz.... Takin notes.... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  18. I would HUNT you down Now tell everyone about the pics of my rig your getting that im going to have to buy if i want to see them.... With mates like these..... .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  19. Ive been thinking about my underwater housing too but its just TOO big to take up with me (spk-hcc)....Does anyone know what the smallest option would be ( make model ) as far as housings go? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  20. Yep ....Well put. Thats the sort of decision I never want to have to make...Your damned if you do and your damned if don't. I agree with you about this...... mate....... But unless you have info other than what has been posted you cant say if they are guilty or innocent any more than i can. What would you say where the big standout FACTS that didnt feel right to you? I would like to know claimed they heard the statement to "shoot anything that moves" .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  21. Suicide bomber going after a marine check point? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  22. And your point????? Do YOU think they are infallible? I got asked for an example what a WRONG reason to storm a building would be.... Why would someone ask for an example unless they couldn't think of one themselves? .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  23. Assigning Guilt......Please If your feeling guilty don't try to put that shit on me.....I just tell it like i see it... if i was trying to assign guilt it would probably go something like this. .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!
  24. Nope - I refuse to speculate on it because I DON'T KNOW and I WASN'T THERE. He ASKED me to speculate by giving him an EXAMPLE.... Nice try though... So, asserting that they fucked up (since you weren't there either) is equally pleading on blind faith, is it not? IF someone asserted they fucked up without knowing the facts yes. Which is why i have refused to judge without knowing the full facts. But others will plead there innocence till the cows come home! .....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!