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  1. MSA packs I can't remember the model but they are about 10 years old. I had always been told they would work under water but no one realy knew for sure. We were told by the MSA rep that they would go into free flow when submerged but that wasn't the case. I just wish I had brought my weight belt so I could get down to the bottom and see how well it worked at depth. The mask had great visibilty better than my SCUBA mask and it was easy to breath. Oh and yes we wore spare turnout gear so our own didn't get soaked. The coats floted even after they were totaly soaked. The only time I had any trouble staying afloat was if I thrashed around but even then if I stayed still again there was no trouble keeping my head above water. Certianly not recomended for diving but it was fun to find out how well it worked.
  2. No thats not a mis spelling I meen SCBA not SCUBA. I've been a vounteer firefighter for almost 20 years now and have always wanted to try an SCBA in water and got the chance to tonight. For drill we went to the high school pool and found out how well we could manage with full turnout gear in water if someone ever fell in a pool or any other water situation. A firefighter in full turnout gear with or without an SCBA floats quite well, better with the SCBA. I couldn't stay down which I had figured since I wasn't wearing any lead but the SCBA functioned perfactly under water to about 7 feet which is as deep as I could get. Not recomended but it was fun as Hell.
  3. I'm a Republican and fairly conservative but can't stand Rush This fucktard has to go or no one will ever take the Republicans seriously ever again.
  4. I know just what your talking about Dave. I've been a volunteer firefighter since I was in high school and it just keeps getting worse. As an example just a few minutes ago I came back home after responding to a call for the smell of plastic burning with no sighn of smoke or fire. I knew when I left home it was a B.S. call but someone has to go. It turned out to be a skunk had sprayed somewhere neer the callers home and she never bothered to investigate herself before calling 911. Her lack of responsibility brought out 21 firefighters two engines and the chiefs car. We, the members, don't get paid except for the free dinners and being able to use the empty bay of the firehall as a car wash. For years now I have been saying instead of having fire prevention day we should have a stupidity mitigation class for the comunity. Over half of the calls we respond to in any year are from people to dumb or in most cases to lazy to solve there own problem.
  5. Unfortunantly I think she probably will be our new senator She has never done anything but be born with a name, and live in the White House as a kid. Untill today when she went on a tour she had never even been in Upstate New York, and she admitted it. How can she represent a state when she hardly even knows it exists.
  6. We normally eat around 4:00 which is early compared to the normal day but not too early. That way you don't have to eat lunch and still have time for some snacks before dinner. We won't have dessert untill 7:00 or so giving time for dinner to settle and be able to enjoy a couple pieces of pie. The other reason for eating a little later than you will be is most of us men will either be out hunting in the morning or picking corn. I sort of like eating dinner at noon and just have lunch at night but that doesn't happen much anymore. When I was a kid when ever I wasn't in school that is what we did so we could work late into the evening and not get hungry or have to come in eat a big meal and then go to bed.
  7. In my area the biggest obsticle I see is from the public it self. Everyone says they want cheep energy and complain about it's cost. Yet at the same time there are several wind farm progects that have been in the planning stage for years now and they never seem to get beyond the homeowners who don't want anything new in there neighborhood. We have had the same problem with two differant planed ethanol plants. The investors finnally gave up and moved on, and that was before all the bad press ethanol has received as of late. Untill people get the mindset that everyone needs to do there part and cooperate we will get no where. As I have said before with the mindset of todays American population. If someone came into your town and said they were going to put rows of ceder poles up and down all the roads and you could hook up to this thing called electric it would never fly.
  8. I don't think it's anything for you to worry about now. There really isn't any food shortage just more media hype. All this talk about rice being rationed at Sam's Club is a bunch of bull. Yes they are limiting the amount you can buy but it isn't even U.S. rice, it's imported rice there is plenty of U.S. rice for everyone. It is true that a lot of money is flowing into comodities including grains but if it was only flowing into oil futures then there wouldn't be any grain grown since it would be too costly to grow. In the last year the cost to raise a crop has almost doubled. While some of this is because the suppliers realise farmers have more money to spend it is also being driven by globle demand for raw materials, fuel fertilizer seed steel land it has all gone up in value for a host of differant reasons.
  9. Well to make you feel real bad I went and looked at some of our old records and in May of 1966 my garndpa bought 1376 gallons of gas for $381.57 or .277 a gallon A little more recently I paid .865 for gas in 1998 and just .48 for diesel. the last delivery we got in the fall of 2007 I gave 3.22 for gas and 2.16 for diesel and paid 1.97 for LP a few weeks ago. So when everyone wonders why there groceries are getting more expensive there is one reason.
  10. Don't feel bad, I would never fly untill I started skydiving. I still haven't ever been in a comercial plane and, only ever landed in a plane one time.
  11. He didn't set the record, he is the record
  12. I'm going in the morning. I'm sort of excited since it's something differant from the nornal routine.
  13. I've been looking to replace mine too. I'm thinking about this onewww.schulte.ca/products_snowblowers_rdx110.htm Just be carefull where you throw the snow.
  14. I know nothing about hemp production but I know how to raise crops and there principals would be similar. There may not be many pests now but, if it is raised for any length of time and in any quanity pests will show up, history proves this. Then to say it grows with no fertilizer is bull crap. Every plant harvested from the soil removes nutriants, the more harvested the more is removed. At some point you have to replace thouse nutrians or your production will drop off dramaticly. Corn can be raised with no fertilizer if you only want 1/4 of a crop but for the last 75 years yields have been rising along with fertilizer use. That said with todays high fertilizer prices less is being used while production still is rising, this is done by more efficiant use and timing.
  15. That Pimentel study is over 20 years old and has been proved wrong by dozens of newer studies, yet it still pops up all the time. Since it's the only one that keeps comming up maybe it's the only negative one out there.