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  1. freakyrat

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    I would talk to one of your instructors and your local rigger. Everyone here has an opinion on canopies. A Pilot or a Sabre 2 loaded 1-1 is a good choice. Another overlooked canopy is the Pulse from PD which os another Hybryd Canopy. In a 7 Cell a Spectre is also a good canopy. I personally jump a Pilot 140 made out of ZPX for easier packing loaded at 1.5 which is a little aggressive for your experience level. A larger one would be most appropriate. The Pilot opens nice and flies great. To get a nice flare you have to push the toggles all the way nice and smoothly. Some people who have flown the Pilot do not realize that you have to complete the flare as you do with any canopy. All of the manufacturers have demo programs and will send you a canopy for your experience level to try out. I also know that PD has Reserve canopy's to demo and that is a good idea. Whatever you decide have a great time and be safe. Cheers
  2. freakyrat

    Optimum Reserve

    This is my First Product Review I( I know, Case Of Beer) I had to use my Optimum 126 Reserve yesterday. I have an exit weight of 190 lbs. with gear. I don't know how much my wing suit weighs however. After a relatively uneventful wing suit flight I went to deploy and for some unknown reason I couldn't find the hackey handle. All my previous wingsuit dives I had no problems. The opening on this canopy was incredible. Fast but not hard. After I got the suit unzipped etc and brakes un-stowed I turned back to the DZ. The Optimum flies very well and had good penetration in about a 13 mph wind. I was landing slight off the airport in an open field. I went to flare and was amazed how deep I could go with the toggles and how well the canopy flares. My landing was nothing short of remarkable.
  3. freakyrat

    Rob Steffens, Huntsville, Texas

    May Rob Rest In Peace and may God give comfort to his family and friends. Thanks for posting this John. I remember Rob quite well from Skydive Houston and I think I even made a jump or two with him.
  4. freakyrat

    Venom, V4, PIA and Wingsuits

    Doug, looking forward to your presentation. See you in Reno.
  5. freakyrat

    Contacting PD

    I would give them a call. They are pretty nice people and will be happy to answere any of your questions. I've had a Stilleto re-lined and they called after they inspected the canopy and found out I had a frayed kill line inside the slider that I didn't even know about and fixed it. There service is top-notch.
  6. Just thought I'd let you all know that I spoke to someone at Skydiving Magazine and they are going to try to take care of the problem with the USPS. I put the poll up because I just wanted to find out if this problem was widespread or just isolated. Seems like from your answers it is just an isolated problem. Thank You Chris Conroe TX