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  1. Hello, I have decided to finally get rid of my old cameras that haven’t seen the light of day in six years. It’s hard for me to do knowing that they work fine. Would anyone have any use for these? I can’t think of a reason to store them any longer. 2- Sony cx100 Cannon Rebel T1i Cannon 20D I have all the Lenses, Batteries, Cards, Chargers, and Cables that go with them as well. [email protected]
  2. It works great on my iphone, but I cant get it on my ipad. The App says it will work on my ipad. Im stumped. Anyone know if I can pull it up on my ipad?
  3. The student actually recognized the bag lock and said he was going start pulling handles. He was super heads up. The instructor can't read his mind tho so he got something over his head. And saved the cost of replacing a cypres cutter. The system is a normal cut away and reserve handle.
  4. After this jump, the student bought his cat b. He made 2 jumps today including his release jump and is doing awesome. I'm pretty sure he is hooked! Tough decision to make. I feel it was the right one since he walked away uninjured. ..........and cue the haters and let the shit slingin begin!
  5. That was the hot set up in 1997. I had one just like it. I did someone a "Favor" and gave it to them.
  6. If you want to increase your weight with out increasing WL, just toss your weights over the landing area. That will give you a good target and help with your accuracy. Stay Safe.
  7. The seal is to identify the rigger and acts as a tamper resistant device like that on chapstick. Dont buy that chapstick with the broken seal. Skydivers could have used it for a chapped arse!
  8. WARNING! This goes in the what not to do category. I planning on NOT pulling the silver on my next cut away on MY rig with a Sky Hook. However, I will be prepared to pull it if nothing were to come out. This is not advice. Just my own personal bad decision. Is that what you (alain) were looking for?
  9. Greetings! I jump near Cleveland. I would love to help put you through AFF. I am also interested in para gliding. Shoot me a PM if you want to talk details. SafetyNate
  10. 108909 +3200 = 112109 209 + 7 = 216 112109 / 216 = 519.02
  11. I go back and forth with this. On one hand it is true your reserve is NOT guaranteed. On the other, If I didnt have 100% confidence in my reserve, I wouldnt jump it. I would be pissed at myself if I got hurt trying to land a questionable main with a still packed good parachute on my back. I understand both sides and change my mind depending on which way the wind is blowing that day. Hows that for a plan?
  12. Sounds like you go a plan. I wasnt trying to pick on you or reply to you personally. I just happened to pick your reply button. Just some stuff to think about. I feel ya on line break during a swoop. I dont think one would have any time to save a crash. I feel fortunate to have spent my childhood crashing. I crashed bikes, skate boards, and snowboards. My body seems to have a built in ability to take a hit. I think that has saved me thus far. I have had more than my share of high speed crashes. Im sure I will have some more. "If you're not crashing, you're not learning!" The best way for me to find the edge of my ability is to go over it then back off a little bit.
  13. [BASE jumpers apparently practice landing with one toggle and one riser....I wouldn't try it.]. Why not? Give it a whirl. One day you might need it in a pinch. Find out how your canopy flys in all modes. Who ever said landing this way was easy, was right. Making it it look good and not getting hurt is a different story.
  14. Why do BASE jumpers sometimes land with one riser and one toggle? It s called the "keep what you got" theory. When you let go of the toggles in BASE, they are gone bc they are routed outside of the guide rings. Without the steering lines, they rear riser flare like crap. Also subject to a tail inversion. So it can be a better scenario to use one riser and one toggle to get a better pay out. On skydiving gear, if you were to lose a steering line, and opted to use only risers, you would essentially be using two risers and one steering line. "Keeping what you got". If you truly want to even it out, whip out that hook knife we all have been itching to use and hack off your other toggle. Doesn't make much sense, right? Same applies to BASE. If you blow a steering line, or have to throw one to clear a mal, why cut off the other one? It can only help you. I know this is not a BASE discussion. However, this isnt the first this question has come up. Plus, BASE jumpers have made canopy skilz! Jus sayin.