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  1. and sometimes that jump can cost you thousands in admin costs.
  2. Please do NOT follow the above advise!! if i read correctly you have not done any jumping at all in 18 months? and want to go back to doing Tandem's? it is very easy to get current. first of all make sure you have a current medical!! I would do a couple solo Jumps just to get the feet into the breeze. make contact with you local Tandem Examiner and tell him your intentions. he should do a Ground Refresher which might take a couple of hours +. there is a lot of new rules that have come in recently and a Tandem examiner will bring you up to speed. Hanging harness + EP review with Examiner. then you do Solo Jump on the tandem Gear followed by taking an experienced passenger or TDM/Examiner. once that is all done and the examiner is happy he should sign you off and you be left loose on the public again. Once you have a medical all of the above can be all done within a day. bear in mind that after 24 months you might be required to do a full Tandem Course again. I am currently a Tandem Examiner Rodger Thanks Roger. My issue is that my license is NZPIA. But i am now in the UK. So for me there is no case of going to my local examiner. My problem or dilemma is - how to best get current in a way that can help get me employment. DZ's want current jumpers. One option is to fly to the USA and do a full uspa rating. Not the cheapest by a long shot, but opens a lot of doors as everyone seems to recognize it world wide. The other is to find a dz in Europe that would allow me to get current on tandems (at my own expense) and do a conversion. One other problem i have is that my almost 4k tandem jumps were done on Sigma, and my NZPIA rating is Sigma. However the exam that i did for this NZ sigma rating in NZ is not an official UPT rating. The written exam was a direct clone but no money went to UPT so it is not an official UPT rating. This is an issue is some countries where i have looked at employment opportunities. My situation seems simple - get medical, get current, look for work, get a season under my belt, problems solved. But its actually rather complicated, at least when deciding my best option regarding moving forward with getting current. Any more advice or ideas you have are really welcome and appreciated. Or if you know nay dz in Europe or whatever that could help. Feel free to contact me in PM if you like.
  3. So, I've got almost 4k tandems and more than double that in jumps overall. But I haven't jumped for over 18 months now. Or done any kind of flying ( base or speedflying). I haven't even packed a parachute in that time. Anyone out there been in the same position as me and tried get back into tandems again? Any advice on how best to get current and approach re-entering the industry? Any things i should keep in mind? Also how did you find it coming back after a long break? Flame away!
  4. Thanks that was a great article and well written. Makes a change from the stereotype of hearing older skydivers talk only about how dangerous and reckless skydiving has become, without ever taking into consideration the large increase in innovation training and risk reduction we enjoy today. These same old dudes, after a few beers, often tell stories of absolute insanity, death defying near misses and utter carnage (mostly due to bad procedures). These make the old days seem loose as f***, which i imagine was the case. I'm glad to be jumping in the modern era to be honest. The settlers get the land...and all that.
  5. . Rather than look for a guilty individual to hang, I think this incident instead shows that having students and tandems land close together has its own risks. Students don't generally have the control and awareness to ensure safe canopy separation on landing. Or are able to predict how others will fly. But they do have similar wingloading / time from opening to landing as tandems - and this can put them in the same air at landing time. Looks in this video like maybe they were both coming back from a long spot too which might have also distracted their focus. I've seen landing congestion a few times with students/very new jumpers and tandems on the same load when landing at the same landing area. Its not just a danger for collisions, but students can also get freaked out and turn low/ miss-time flaring/ make other mistakes when they see a tandem nearby on finals, or when landing in congested air. my 2c
  6. Anyone know how i can go about getting a line set for a SPRINGO 110? Or where I can get the line measurements to make one. Parachute De France seem hard to find online, have they gone bust or something? Any help, directions or advice will be much appreciated.
  7. Dear Rigger types, I have a second hand Heat Wave 120 and im searching the internet for line measurements as i need to change the lines asap. Just for general safety reasons you know. Any one know the information or where i can get hold of it, they dont make them anymore, cant see why not., Your help will be greatly greatly apprechiated.
  8. This is best dropzone i have ever been to, although it is also the only one I've ever been to. The jumpmarsters here patiently waited for me to overcome my fears and eased me through my progression from static line to A licence with a level of commitment that i'm sure is rare amongst the sport. There is also very little elitism here, all the staff are happy to advise you at any time no matter how basic your question .Most remarkably of all there are almost no pricks there. Except when i'm there on the Savanah. Highly recommended as a place to learn, highly recommended as a place to jump and best of all you can jump all day almost every day. Great gear too, with cypresses a-plenty. And they are even kind enough to pick you up and drop you off afterwards free of charge (Pip and Polly will chauffeur) leaving you free to sample the delights on offer at the bar ( er after jumping). Swakopmund also boasts a surprisingly good night out on the booze afterwards and crystal clear skys in the afternoon .In case you lie in.