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  1. I'm unfortunately moving to the "maybe" list :-/ Traumatic Lumbar disc herniation after lifting some heavy stuff in a bent waist position a few days ago. It's not too bad for now but could easily get ugly with a combination of too much driving + skydiving. So 10 days of rest and anti-inflammatory drugs and I'll see what's going on :-/
  2. count me in :) 1. Zun 2. Sylvain 3. Airowpoint 4. Gert (one of my seven second-best Facebook friends!) 5. Gadget (Hans on 5th position - how could this happen?) 6. xnawakx 7. redfox 8. Patrick de Guillebon 9. Alain 10.
  3. 1. Werner (NL) 2. Ludwig (SE) 3. Martin (SE) 4. Sara Hall(SE) 5. Alejandro Lopez (SP/BE) 6. David Haygarth (UK) 7. Tomas 7even (SE) 8. Jarno Cordia (NL) 9. Patrick de Guillebon (FR) 10. Joaquim "Italiano" Forasetto (SE) 11. Gustavo Cabana (SP) 12. Benny (DK) 13. Mette (DK) 14. Tim Van Eester (BE) 15. Bavo 16. Gert Michiels (BE) 17. Pierre Pascal (UK) 18. Kaatje the pink bird (NL) 19. Miikka Sakari Oksanen (FI/EE) 20. Sylvain Karpf (FR) 21. Alain Chanclou (FR) Maybe: Tristan Virgin-Burner Hans (aka Gadget) Bassie Danny Piisfish (from 28 april ? )
  4. yep, I'll second that, and please note as well that AAD are compulsory in France. another thing : a foreign jumper with a license from a FAI member federation can get a free temporary "foreigner license" when registering at the dz. That's basicaly an "aeronautic" insurance that covers any third party damages that you may cause while skydiving. I'm not sure that it covers your self nor your transportation back home if you get injured. best thing is to get in touch with the staff of the dz you're going to.
  5. do you mean 120USD one way or does it include the way back ?
  6. how about weather this time of the year ? (temp, clouds, rain, vind...) would the costal road from the international airport to Higerote be a good idea ? I understand a 4x4 is needed, but what about safety and how long travel time ?
  7. the bridge is not at risk to colapse but DID ACTUALY collapse sea or air is the only way out...
  8. I was wrong. the international airport is actualy here 10°36'09N 66°59'38W and I guess that going through Caracas is actually the only way unless you go by plane to the DZ.
  9. including drop 3000ft above la playa ? joking appart, C206 would be a nice plan B
  10. but we don't have to go to Caracas, right ?
  11. wow, not so cool wondering if there would be so local flight from caracas to the dropzone... I got in touch directly with Giancarlo (who is in Dubai right now), -thanks beto74- : it appears that Internet access is tricky from the dropzone, which is why we don't get quick replies from skydive venezuela. Alain edit, my translation of the french embassy website: edit one again: good news for us is that the airport is on the right side of Caracas when going to the DZ, check google earth: international airport : 10°29'10N 66°50'39W the DZ: 10°27'42N 66°05'37W
  12. Hi there, I have done a quick search in this forum but did not find a lot : Has any one been to skydive venezuela recently ? How is skydiving (wind, weather, °F, ...) ? How about life & accomodation down there , wondering if bunks are up & ready ? My ticket is booked, I'll be there in a month but i still don't have any accomodation. please don't reply 'email them' coz I've done that and they don't answer
  13. alain


    I've been jumping my S-fly right after 5-6 coaching jumps on BM classic. It's a 1st gen, made end of 2003. The new ones (2005') are basicaly the same wing but with better materials and imrpoved built quality. I'd give a 5 for those ! The S-fly is easy to use. Unlike some top notch rivals like S3 or MTR2, the leg wing is not huge and therefore easy to dialup for a beginer. Over all performance is very good though, I've been flying side to side with a GTI and I'd say the S-Fly is better. I Did not get a chance to fly with S3 bird mens. Rigging up is actualy done in less than five minutes, thanks to those zippers. Now, good thing with the S-Fly, and I'll go against the prview review on this, is how easily you get in (before boarding) and out (after opening). Once you get the right way, it takes nothing more than 2-3 minutes to get in: you don't have to plan far ahead before boarding with the S-fly :) Unzipping arms and legs and removing booties is nothing more tricky than a classic. The S-Fly is suitable for complete beginners on that matter, and no big deal with a small harness sensitive canopy (I'm flying a crossfire2 @ 1.6:1) My bottom line is: if you want the best absolute performance the S-FLY is probabely not for you. But if you accept to trade a little top end performance for global hassless use and flight, this is for you.