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  1. I've never attempted a riser only landing so I wasn't sure it had enough flaring power to bring me down safely. I've played with it rather high up, but since there is no vertical reference, I can't tell how much of the vertical descent is changing. The other thought that crossed my mind is, is there a point where the wing loading on your canopy changes the glide ratio to the point where a riser landing is not safe? Oh, and thanks for all the information!
  2. So I was wondering about a specific malfunction and how to handle it if I were ever posed with the problem. What is the correct procedure to follow if you deploy your main canopy with no problems, and upon descent, at about 1000', the brake handle knot breaks free of the grommet and you have no control of the brake line for one side of your canopy? Do you ditch the main or try to land with your risors? Has anyone been in this situation before? I'm very curious on how to handle this.