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  1. I wonder if he'll get his watch and tie from Martin Baker?
  2. Condolences on the loss of your Dad. I thought it really cool that you have sequential D license numbers. Wish I had some sort of hobby with mine.
  4. Dublin '05 was our first honeymoon. We went on a second one later that year.
  5. Josh was a good friend of ours at Goldcoast Skydivers. My wife and I ran into another Coastie on another forum. This was his answer to what had happened in HI. "Inbox :: Message From: Sainte Subject: Re: You wouldn't happen.... i didnt know him personally but i was good friedns with the 3 other guys on the plane. i have heard nothing but good about Josh and can assure you the other crewmen on that flight were all excellent people. it messed me up enough that i didnt fly for about 3 months after that accident. it was finally determined that the hoist cable had fouled around a bit on the boat they were hoisting to. it snapped under pressure and caused the helo to lean over too far. when the pilot corrected for it, the rotor blades actually ripped the hoist off the plane and caused considerable damage to the rotor blades. the pilot took the plane back towards shore in an attempt to land instead of ditching. he apparently did not realize the extent of damage to the plane. both Josh and the swimmer, Dave Skimmin stated they should prepare to ditch. unfortunately they didnt have time to do that before the rotors came off the plane. they were at 500 feet when that happened. i have a sticker on my hemet commemorating the 6505 and it's crew. last year, we got a plane in here at new orleans with the tail number 6605. we usually just use the last two numbers in the planes tail number, but i started a tradition here in nola to use the last 3 numbers when flying the 6605. too much bad juju using "05" as a call sign. the other guys on the flight were: aircraft commander (air station XO) Capt. Thom Nelson co-pilot, CDR Andy Wischmeier Rescue Swimmer, AST1 Dave Skimmin " God Bless Josh and his crew! And his fellow CoastGuardedsmen that protect us!
  6. I guess that's what happens when you cage something that doesn't wish to be caged. Gonna start keeping an eye on my cat.
  7. I think I ruined his life when I picked him up and held him cradled in my arms at the Mardi Gras Boogie at Moss Point in 2004 Yes.. there are pictures And witnesses!
  8. I got to check out this bad boy yesterday when chile came by the house. Damn, it makes me want one!
  9. I'm with Piper17 on the Springfield XD-45. But, I don't find it too large to carry concealed with the proper holster. Crossbreed Super-Tuck rocks! If you like how your 9mm feels and like how it shoots with exception to the trigger, take it to your local gunsmith. Estimates are still free in a lot of places. It could be a rather cheap fix instead of $$$$ for a new one.
  10. Another thing you may wish to keep in mind about building yourrelf is the wait time. Most, if not all manufacturers have production backlogs of up to 6 months or more. I'm at 6 weeks and counting on an upper myself.
  11. palstev

    Dublin '05

    The wife and I drove to Dublin after getting married in Colorado. Made a great helo jump with Reverend Jim. And, I was the one who cut the power to Lee's camper on Thursday.
  12. Blue Skies and Green Fields Boo Bear.
  13. There's a skydiver from Emerald Coast working at Austal. He told us that they're allowing boats to come no closer than 100'. We're gonna make a run up the Mobile river this weekend and hopefully get a few nice pic of this awesome beast.