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  1. mnealtx

    To all videographers need help!!!

    You might want to delete this thread and re-post in the Photography and Video forum - you're more likely to get an answer.
  2. Don't forget your Poli-grip!!
  3. mnealtx

    is a 119er safire2..

    Not according to BG's downsizing chart, by at least 40 sf. Maybe you should have your 'friend' read it. Link
  4. mnealtx

    shoulder straps under canopy

    Not unusual at all.
  5. mnealtx

    Shannon Neal 6/6/90 - 8/26/08

    Has it really been a year since you left us? It still seems like it was only yesterday. I love you, baby.
  6. mnealtx

    Main Canopy Size Advice

    Actually, according to Brian Germain's downsizing recommendations, you should be under a 230 for at least your first 60 jumps - that presumes that your EXIT weight (not your bodyweight) is less than 200 lbs. If it's above, then you should be staying at a 230 for the first 100 jumps. You REALLY need to be talking to your instructors about this whole issue. Don't be in such a hurry to downsize. Learn to wring every bit of performance out of your canopy before changing sizes. Billvon's downsizing checklist is a good start. When you can perform all those maneuvers safely and consistently, THEN start looking at downsizing a step (230 to 210). Absolutely not. See above. No, it's not - 'getting small' is your first concern, as evidenced by your post. Again, see above.
  7. mnealtx

    larger Optimums?

    Square 1 has part numbers listed all the way up to an OR-253, if that helps...
  8. mnealtx

    Really valuable reserve?

    Looking at the left side, looks like the attachment hardware is cut off...
  9. mnealtx

    Why different separation times?

    Because it affects the speed over ground, which affects the separation between groups. Higher speed over ground means less time needed between groups for proper separation. Conversely, a lower groundspeed equates to more time needed for proper separation. Spreadsheet info by billvon, here.
  10. mnealtx

    Trouble finding the LZ!

    I'm not an instructor, so double-check this with them, but: First off - Before your next jump, get with the instructor and an overhead shot of the area. Have him show you the DZ and the LZ (if separate). Find some landmarks that are easily visible from the air. Discuss your landing pattern with him and figure out where you should be for your downwind/crosswind and base legs. In regards to the flare - ask someone to watch your landings. As a *generality*, it's usually considered better to 'hold what you have' and finish the flare at the right height rather than let up on the brakes. Practice your PLF's!!!!
  11. mnealtx

    5D mark II released !!

    5D was meant to be a landscape / portrait camera - 4fps is plenty for that.
  12. mnealtx

    What to write in log book?

    I do a bit of both - what the planned dive was (2-way, fall rate, etc), and narrative on what happened during the dive and thought on improrvements. So it might look like this: Solo dive, fall rate work. Climbout/exit ok, went a bit head low (remember to watch the plane fly away). Hard arch felt good/stable, bit of rocking when reverse arched/slow (try to stay relaxed). Good stable pull at 3.5k, control checks good. Practiced rear riser flares in playground. Pattern entry good/as planned, adjusted crosswind/final due to wind changes. Good flare/landing 3m from peas.
  13. mnealtx

    Benchmade Rescue Hook

    I have a model 5 that I forgot to bring home with me last time... the model 8 looks interesting, too.
  14. I doubt it...just normal development,, much like the SabreI/SabreII...