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  1. I haven't used a Seneca but I have around 400 jumps from a Cherokee 6 which is the same fuselage. The door is small but I did lots of AFF from it and even 4-way with a bit of thought. The Cherokee 6s in use in the UK came in 260HP and 300HP versions, The 260 is a slug but the 300 is fine to 10 or 12K'. I have no reason to think the Seneca would be any different except for the cost of running two engines.
  2. Always used Icoms on the DZ, A2, A20, A3 and A6 without any of the battery problems you have had TK. That's genuine and aftermarket batteries. They usually last all day or may need changing on a long day in the summer. The batteries do need replacing after about 18 months but the aftermarket batteries are around £25 ($40) from Ebay.
  3. This ad for a Javelin on smells of stolen gear. Anyone recognise the rig? It may have come from anywhere to the UK.
  4. I've never tested it with a Tandem Student, it certainly works for visiting experienced jumpers. I suggest an email to Tony Butler at the BPA who can clarify what, if anything, is required. Hi email address is [email protected]
  5. This from the BPA Ops manual: 2.6. Foreign Parachutists. A parachutist from a foreign country may parachute at a BPA Club if he/she fulfils the medical requirements of that parachutist’s own country. The whole issue with medicals is being looked at by the BPA at the moment with a view to changing some of the requirements.
  6. So it's probably being handled by the USPS in the States. It doesn't bode well!
  7. Is it coming in the mail or by courier? It can make a mountain of difference, even down to which courier.
  8. Mitch is on Facebook but not very often.
  9. If you're in the UK or Europe, check out these guys. I have two of their carry-on size bags, one with wheels and one without. They'll easily take a smallish rig without using all the weight allowance.
  10. Was that from the Irish Parachute Club? I was doing a deal with them for one but I was told it had been destroyed, maybe it went to you instead? I'm still looking for a 206 door if there is one available. Colin
  11. I still drop in from time to time but more active on these days. Nice to hear from you Noelle :)
  12. Everything you need is in "Proof"
  13. I'm very sorry to hear that. John was an old friend and guaranteed to liven up any occasion. Blue skies my friend.
  14. I don't know of any 402s operating as jumpships in Europe but, if you can get a copy of the Flight Manual Supplement from one of the 402s already being used for skydiving, especially in the States, you could copy it and apply to EASA for clearance on a Form 32. The EASA bureaucracy is a lumbering behemoth which doesn't know how to move fast so start now if you want to operate in the summer (2012!!). Check for Cessna 402 STCs online.