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  1. Here's the news reel link. Well he said 'just build a pile of boxes in a field and I'll land in them' .... and he did!!!!
  2. Here's an update. It's now May surely there will be some good weather soon? Someone remove the hosepipe ban and the skies will clear so we can all go jumping!
  3. Cloudy in the UK today so a day for videos! Here's a link to the Morning Sunrise program on Aussie TV which even I can access from the UK! Result.
  4. A good explanation from the One show on the BBC for those in the UK. Starts at about 9 1/2 mins if you don't want to sit through Matt Lucas first.
  5. Super easy out of Tampa too so no problems on the US side either. They knew about parachutes. Just wanted to check for a hook knife or a CO2 canister. Didn't even take the rig out of the bag to look at it. If your maxed out on hold luggage weight then this option certainly worked for me!
  6. I thought I'd have issues flying from London to the US, but going out of Gatwick I wasn't even asked to open the bag. I'd printed out all the Cypres letters just in case, approval letters from the US and from the UK. Flying back to the UK out of Tampa on Wed so I'll see how it goes. I now have lots of space to take back a new Apache wingsuit plus lots of other cheap goodies too!
  7. I just had to tell someone. I've been searching for a carry on bag that can hold a rig and finally someone has come up with a brilliant one, the IT-0-2 by Landor & Hawa. This one is ingenious as the handles are down the side, not the middle, so a flat base to pack in and comes in a good size 55 x 38. Just flown out to Florida with a Javelin/ Sabre 150 rig and an Apple mac - all in hand luggage allowance, now up to 23kg with BA. here's an example Not linked at all with the company, just one very happy customer, hope it's useful
  8. Thx I'll see if I can borrow a PC in the meantime.
  9. You can download the compiled software from: Sample config file for navigation: Instruction on how to install are here: Hi I'm attempting to upgrade this navigation software to flysight but only using a mac. The firmware software only seems to work on PCs. Any clues as to how to do this on a Mac? Thx