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  1. I remember OFiddle!!! Hey Beth how are you doing? And Peanut and Lucky arent together anymore ? Aww :( That was sweet at the time i was hanging out on the rec.. And i remember the cat passing thread too... that was funny... And Dan Rossi's were also good... another one i remember of his in addition to the ones above was the time he was helped out to the aircraft with the white stick, and sun glasses.. helped to seat himself in the pilots seat, and then then told the three static liner students to get in... and they all did, completely unpreturbed by the fact that a blind guy was going to fly the plane :) Nice to see you/hear you again Beth.. and when i clicked into your profile i noticed your I love skydivers post.. hmm Muff Brothers St Patricks day 2012 is sounding enticing :) i was at the 15th annual one i think.. still have the tshirt somewhere :) Genie
  2. Argh!! Still dont know whats happening, and its looking now like I wont know whats happening til Saturday!! So.. bringing my license and a sleeping bag, just in case, and if meeting my mate doesnt work out I'll take a trip out to Teuge - thank you all for the suggestion, and hope i get to meet you all, if not this weekend, then one in the future maybe :) Thanks! Genie
  3. Woot! Glad to hear it Jimbo!! Yes we did have some good conversations and i missed them, good to see you again /hug.. Dunno if we could have the same kind of conversation in public here tho ;) but i see we have PM's too! :) Drop you a line in a minute or two ;) Genie/Noelle
  4. That was a fun trip! never forget arriving at Delmarva at about 12 midnight, wandering out toward the decking and hearing a drawl saying Hi, you wanna Marguerita???" Only one answer for that question :) And Major congratulations on Baby and Doggy to you both, thats great news :) Really happy for you!
  5. Of the people who used to post on wreck, most are out of the sport or dead. It used to be that when one of us died it was skydiving-related, but now it seems more likely that we are succumbing to cancer and such. The half-life in the sport is only a couple of years, and most participants are around no more than 7 years (I should track down the source of those stats). Anyhow, the de-evolution of rec.skydiving was so repellent that many people lost interest in an on-line skydiving community. For the rest of us, has taken the place of recdot. All things being considered, I prefer getting banned now and then to putting up with the endless drivel on recdot. It would be nice to have a killfile, however. Blue skies, Winsor Hi Windsor! I do of course remember you well :) The drivel towards the end really was too much but i had a lot of laughs from rec.skydiving before it imploded like that...My independent soul does rebel somewhat at the concept of moderation, but the rec was a very cautionary tale as to when it can be necessary, when others choose not to regulate themselves. I did lose interest myself for quite a while in online skydiving communities, but i realised recently that i have been very lax in my reading and learning in recent years, and the things i *think* i know, may have all changed now.. so I might be becoming a little more active again now perhaps.. ;) Still great to hear from those I do remember. Winsor, you always stood out as articulate, well spoken, and able to reason an argument all the way to the end. Always enjoyed your posts and thoughts :) Genie
  6. Hey Colin!!! Taken part in any more drive by water gun shootings lately?? I can recommend you as a wheel man if necessary :D I might be coming over your way in the next while... have you on Skype, so ill catch you there ;)
  7. R.I.P - a preacher and we called you Rev yes?? Yes i remember you!! You were just a whippersnapper back then lol! Good to see you again!
  8. hey Wendy - still CRWing then i assume? :)
  9. I remember you too Wendy, I liked your posts :D
  10. If you see him, tell him to come by and say hi :)
  11. Gregor!!!!!! How are you!! You were one of the people I was thinking of when talkign about the kindness of strangers in my 12 years post :) Still remember how kind you and your wife were... long time ago now - still at delmarva i see ?? :D Tracy and Martin arent there anymore are they? Heard something about that...
  12. It was 12 years ago today that I first left an aircraft in flight, and flew to earth under a parachute. A cold, clear, blue skies, day with the dark closing in about 4.30 in the afternoon, and I had not got to the drop zone until 11am that day. A late night in the local pub, after completing the first jump course the day before made getting up a little more difficult. I wasn’t very hopeful about getting to jump when I saw how busy manifest was, so I was thrilled to be told to gear up at about 3.30pm, with the 288sq foot Manta and heavy cumbersome student harness. I was the only first jump student on the last load of the day. My jumpmaster was there, a guy doing his 2,500 foot hop ‘n pop to finish his static line progression, and one guy grabbing the chance for one last hop n pop before a week of no jumping until the drop zone opened again next weekend. I remember the jump clearly, falling off the strut as I tried to move further out, canopy opening and swinging under it, releasing my toggles, pumping my brakes, looking around me in awe at the setting sun, and the beauty of the countryside and bog below me, finding the dz, being talked down and landing, skidding in on my ass, and then just sitting there on the grass in the big student field, bemused by the wonder of it all. While they shouted at me on the radio to Stand up! And I never heard them. It took John running towards me shouting “are you ok?”, for me to realise I had to re-join the real world again. In the last 12 years I have racked up around 220 jumps – no sky goddess here! I realised early on, that I would never be a world class skydiver – and that was ok. It meant I could relax about jumping, and not have to push myself. As long as I am safe in the air, competent enough not to hurt myself or any other, I am content. Life has provided distractions along the way, returning to college full time and new relationships, but I have never quit jumping – to me it’s an important distinction. I sometimes just didn’t jump for a while! I can always go back and there’s always someone there to say hey “how are you, long time no see, so….. you jumping?” Along the way I have been so privileged to jump in drop zones around the world, to jump with world class skydivers, and world record holders, to go to places I would never have otherwise seen. I went to Kenya on a skydiving trip: “You’re going on holidays to Kenya by *yourself*?!?” “No, I’m going with 150 skydivers; I just haven’t met them yet”. And I could do that in the certainty that skydivers like helping other people to jump. That I would have a fun time with fun people, and boy did I! I have been blessed by the kindness of stranger skydivers in so many ways and places, from lifts, to places to stay, to getting me to airports, to collecting me and taking me to drop zones, to giving me free accommodation. I have returned the favour – or paid it onwards to other skydivers in return :) /waves at Bill Von, remember your trip to Ireland ?? :) and I’ve been thrilled to be part of this group. I once saw skydivers described as a “tribe”, unifying characteristics overriding any distinctions. I thought it was a great description. During my time in jumping I have met pilots, nuclear scientists, bank robbers, tattoo artists, dentists, doctors, truck drivers, construction workers, accountants, students, psychologists, physiotherapists, software engineers, receptionists, tree surgeons, farmers, army, special forces of 4 different countries at least, etc. etc. – and no one cares what anyone else does – other than being able to look out for each other, and support skydivers business in preference. I have met people from all over the world, and then met them again on the other side of the world :) I have done things that I would never have done otherwise because of skydiving, including travelling through Asia for 4 months – where I bumped into the refugees from the Thai Boogie on St Patricks day in Hua Hin and had a hell of a party :) Skydiving and skydivers have enriched my life more than I can possibly say. And on a day like today, after two sweet jumps yesterday, in one of my favourite places in the world, I’d just like to say “Thank you”. To the people who, in 1956 in Ireland, set up the Irish Parachute Club, to all who developed it and grew it in the last 55 years, to all who have done the same for the sport worldwide, for every up jumper who jumped with a low timer, and encouraged them a little to keep going, to everyone who loves this sport, to everyone who has ever left a plane in flight in control of their own actions and responsible for their own lives - THANK YOU ALL! Glad to get that off my chest :) Genie
  13. Chuck? is that you?? ! Hey! Sorry to hear about Treetop, i still suspect him for being the guy who very kindly got me something sent to me in the mail, which i do still use :D And Peek, Wendy, Remster - all names ringing a bell.. its been a while... i eventually gave up when every single thread devolved into a Snuff/David "oh yes it is!, Oh No it isn't" pantomime sketch... havent been back since.. It was fun back then tho.. i dont think i wrote too many inflammatory posts myself, but I did seem to find myself in the middle of some of them :D And then at one stage in a quiet little dz somewhere in the states, someone said oh ive been dying to meet you since i heard you were coming, i read all your stuff on the wreck - and i nearly died on the spot lollll Still jumping, but still in my "Skydiving is a journey and not a destination, and im just strolllling on down the path.." Monday will be my 12th anniversary of my first jump, and i have about 220 jumps now lol :D Couple of breaks from jumping here and there.. the year i went back to college to do post grad in 1 year fulltime, instead of 2, and after I broke my ankle on landing and ended up travelling in Asia for 4 months - Score! but still love it, still love the people and the places :D Great to say hi to you all again Genie
  14. Hey all, I used to be Noelle from Ireland on the wreck... still any of you old bods still around?? (waves and Bill Von who she knows is still here :) I'm thinking of Treetop, Jim Bozo, Snuffy (still alive?) David (still fighting with Snuffy?) Peter from Oz, Marc of weightvest fame, among others - you know who you are :) How many still around and active here instead now?? Looking forward to catching up with y'all... Genie/Noelle
  15. Get the train from Schipol, some one will come and get me from the train station and organise sleeping arrangements for me?? Now that sounds about right for standard Irish Skydiving hospitality :D The weed would be ok - except I'm a little worried that being dutch, when you say tons of weed, you mean metric tons :D Hot, fit, sexy, skychick, check, check, check and check :D Well i would say that wouldnt i?? Havent had any complaints so far tho ;) Sky chick yes, skygod nooooo... :D Oh oh oh.. and i nearly forgot - ik spreke kleine bitsch nederlandese :D - does that help?! thanks you guys, i really appreciate the options - and hey if your weather is like ours we can sit inside and use up those metric tons of weed instead :D Genie