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  1. Hi! This tutorial from gopro website might help. //JF
  2. //JF
  3. Hi! I made a angular bracket of aluminium that fits below the shoe laces and using velcro to secure it, the i attached one of the adhesive Gopro mounts. This give me a good angle. I have just used it for stills so i really don't know if it's secure enough for video (vibrations). It gives you pictures like this. //JF
  4. Do any of you fellow skydivers have any pictures or drawings that show how a door step (the kind that covers the whole lenght of the door) on a cessna 206 are constructed and attached to the plane? They are planing to build one for the cessna we have on the dropzone, and what better place to ask then here
  5. Thanks. Anybody know if the fuselage differ from different year, our rented cessna is old 1969, and it looks likes the body taper more then the one in your picture. //JF
  6. The interior is newly renovated (white), then they go and rent it to us to use as a jump ship. What were they thinking
  7. Got this picture from one of our pilots, unless you are a really small person its nearly impossible to fit under with camera gear on your head. //JF
  8. Hi! Do anybody have some pictures of a sliding door installed in a cessna 206?. The one that was installed in the cessna our DZ has rented was not usable, it was mounted 5 to 10 inches below the ceiling. They had to install a fabric door instead. //JF
  9. They where testjumping them when i was at Deland about a month ago, they said something about having to redo some tests that FAA where not satiesfied with.
  10. Hi! Borrowing the tread a little. Anyone having trouble with the GoPro HD mounts, the ones that came with mine has noticeable play in it, it don't secure the camera completely. I'm not talking about the screw but the play between the clip and baseplate. It, might not be a problem but i can imagine it will cause vibrations in the picture. I haven't jumped with it yet. //JF
  11. What kind of turn do you do? Thats a big difference in altitude loss. //JF
  12. Canon EOS 350, Kit lens, widest setting, TV mode ISO 100 and shutter 1/600 to 1/1000 depending on how much cloudes (freefall only) on ground shooting landing i use sports mode and in plane fully automatic the green beginner setting :-) //JF
  13. Maybe i refrase short to "short compared to a Velo", I used to jump a Velo 103 and uppsized to a Sensei 111, so i did not expect it to have the same recovery arc. I only do 270 to, but i don't feel like it has much longer recovery arc then my other canopy a Samurai 136, I started doing the turns on the same altitude as the velo and worked my way down, and im almost down to the same initiation altitude as i have on my samurai. Granted i have only 30 jumps on the canopy and have a lot to learn about getting the most out of it. //JF
  14. Hi! Picked up my Sensei 111 a couple of weeks ago WL=2 , have made 30 jumps on it so far. The openings are really good. rears are strong but the recovery arc is like most say short. A question to those who have bought one, mine has a Big sensei logo across the entire center cell. I thought it would have the little sensei patch close to the nose on the center cell. What did you get? //JF