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  1. Shit man, I just got current again two weeks ago and had the pleasure of jumping training and jumping with him for my retrain. We had a blast, and he was awesome all around. It hurts very much to hear this tragic news, and is very sobering to think someone with so much experience could be so unfortunate. Blue skies Shindig, it was great meeting and jumping with you :(
  2. I've not yet jumped at Perris, but when that plane clears for takeoff, I'm so there.
  3. How high do you go back up when you pull? LOL
  4. I actually had one a couple weeks ago tell me, "Due to upgrades to our system, you may experience longer delays." Nice upgrades! Blues, Dave ROFL
  5. Oooh those are some sweet photos! Thanks guys :) I would love to take my own pics, but with only 80-something jumps there's not much I can do about that right now.
  6. Okay what the F*CK is that guy doing on the howard stern show? He should be in the god damn ER.
  7. So where can I get some good skydiving backgrounds for my desktop? :)
  8. Monkeyb

    MTV tonight

    What was Brian's last name? Is there anything in the incidents forum about this? I heard about it from a coworker, but I don't watch TV... maybe I can find it online somewhere.
  9. That was a hilarious post. I'm guessing you didn't come up with that yourself... but if you really are that original... then mad props to you
  10. I don't know... I almost always finish too... but this particular time my urge completely died, which is a good thing I suppose... given the circumstances now I have to deal with some ridiculous IMs from him, such as: -haha you're a loser, can't get a real woman! -relax... it's natural... i understand -dont worry its normal for a young guy to be doin it The little turd really got me good... im never gonna hear the end of this
  11. I hope this thread isn't being inappropriate in any way... but I just had to share with someone to kill the akward mood.
  12. This all happened like 10 minutes ago, and wow do I feel like an ass. I'm 22, he's 15. Apparently he was hiding in the corner of my room to try and scare me, when I got that urge... well half way through I decided not to finish off, because it just wasn't doing it for me. A few minutes later my brother pops out from behind the chair he was hiding laughing his ass off. The situation is both extremely hilarious and akward at the same time.
  13. Thanks so much for the warm comments everyone, they are very, very, very appreciated. It really burns right now. I can't do anything but feel bad, and the worst part is I honestly, truly, know I could've prevented this if I was around to hear him out. I would've told explained that things aren't as they seem, and I know he would've listened, but due to circumstance I just wasn't around. Oh man, he has carried his pain on to me through this act. I wish I could have helped remedy his situation from the start :(
  14. I am devastated. He was my cousin from Spain, 28 years old. I had not seen him in 10 years, but I have awesome memories of when we were younger, and really feel heartbroken. I wish I could have seen him one last time. He was gay, and his parents did not approve. It caused him lots of pain and torment, and over time he began to hate life and who he had become. I wish the circumstances had been different, I don't care that he was gay, I still loved the guy and would have done anything in my power to prevent it. What a shame that someone so young had to take his own life. He comitted suicide in the same manner as our grandmother, by throwing himself in front of a train. I feel bad for so many reasons it's not really worth discussing, but I thought I would come here and share, because this is something I don't really feel like talking about with my real life peers. Even though I had not seen him in so long, I still feel horrible about this. I can't even bare to think what his sister, older brother, and parents are going through right now. R.I.P. Josue, I will miss you very much :(