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  1. “You’re damn right I got the blues, from my head down to my shoes” - Buddy Guy I thought maybe today would be the first day without tears, but it’s not time yet. I have lost two true and loyal friends. These are both people who have made a difference in the lives of many skydivers, not just mine. They were both leaders - facilitators, motivators and mentors. Danny I have known the longest. He was a mover and shaker at the political level. Yes, he sure could be a jerk. But he didn’t mince words, and you knew where you stood with him. He was always a loyal friend, willing to share, never turning his back on you or acting like he didn’t know you. He made sure I got to my first WFFC. He told me yes I could do front float out of the Porter. And yes, right now I am angry with him. We all know his head was big in more ways than one. And Bob. More subdued. A mover and shaker at the hands-on level. A loyal and trustworthy friend. He was a welcome fixture at my dropzone with his dog’s leash in one hand and a cigar in the other. He was a natural leader, willing to share his time and talents with you no matter what your level of skill. I’m sure I never would have known what kind of a hero he was if it had not been for this incident. I am so impressed at the difference he has made in so many lives. Now is the time to initiate some sort of common-sense policies about HP landings. We do not need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We do not need to mandate additional training or licensure through the USPA. If there are no other canopies in the landing area – have at it. Swooping is an awesome discipline – we have some of the best in the world right here. But there has to be zero tolerance for high-speed/radical maneuvers in the main landing area when other canopies are in the air. Period. Doesn’t matter who you are. The consequences need to be swiftly meted and equally enforced. Blue skies.....
  2. Two good friends - people I never thought I'd never see again....this is too sad for words. Blue Skies Forever You Guys, Diana
  3. http://n.ethz.ch/student/mkos/pinguin.swf Click to start, then click to swing the bat. Then hope you don't get entertained by a messy code BTW, I don't know if I did the url thing correctly
  4. Tim Webb Carl Daughtery Mike "Maddog" Maguire Billy Weber Scott Miller Jerry Bird Jim Captain Karen McLarty Martha Scott Roger Ponce Kate Cooper Gus Wing Bob Hallett Solly Williams Gary Smith Mike and Patti Woods Norman Kent There are more, but I'm getting old and draw a blank right now.
  5. I can't believe you people can get 2 pages of BS out of a kindergarten drawing of THIS!
  6. Misery Agony and Despair People Dying Everywhere But Happy BirthDAY, Happy BirthDAY........ Diana
  7. Thanks for this info. I just donated a bunch of Skymiles. I don't know when I'll get around to using them - hopefully the Red Cross can put them to good use. This tsunami disaster makes Florida's hurricanes look like a day in the park.
  8. The prospect of quality skydives with great organizers and great aircraft - but location and budget also factor in.
  9. Well, I hear the plane flying right now. But Mike Johnston said they'd probably be shutting down around 2:30 this afternoon and don't know when or if they will restart. Diana
  10. Those cars are really cool. There were lots and lots of them in Rome when I went this spring. The Europeans are way ahead of us on saving gas. I guess they have to be with prices at 1 Euro/Liter. I think that car over there costs around 5000 Euro. Amazing, how by the time it gets here it's jumped up to $13,000. The other thing they had tons of in Italy was scooters. Some of them had full covers on them, so rain wouldn't be a problem.
  11. Looking good here in DeLand. I just got back from the hospital. I was on the Code Green Team. Released before 5pm. I still have electric and cable. I don't know about the DZ. I'll probably check that out tomorrow. Not near as many trees down this time (at least not in my area). It's still very windy and a little rainy though.
  12. Congratulations DeLand Majik - Best 4-way Formation Skydiving Team in the World!! You guys are awesome