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  1. All of the freefly coaches are top notch. Try them all out and see who you click with the most. Paraclete XP is very lucky to have Kirk who has chosen some of the best tunnel coaches in the world plus they are all excellent skydivers to boot - you can pick their brains on exits through to canopy control. If you signed up to the tunnel camp I am sure you will have an excellent time and learn absolute heaps. Liz
  2. Dan, wasn't that tunnel totally awesome?!!! Again, a HUGE thanks to all for everything, especially to Chris, Will and Plammer for putting up with me imporsonating a turtle out of conrol on it's back.... Hey, you were good enough to get me to fly my first RW point on my back!!!!! Have a wonderful Xmas. Liz
  3. What can I say, Paraclete is the BEST in the world!! Size aside, the airflow is perfect and all the staff are top notch - not only in their flying skills, but their personalities and teaching abilities as well. Beware - the kids are flying rings around people!!! Liz
  4. Joe, heard you had relocated. What a catch this wind tunnel has in you working there. Coming to America in a week's time, so will be good to catch up again. Hope all is well with your family, especially the impending birth of your new baby. Liz
  5. Thank you to you and skydivesteve for your links - much appreciated. Liz
  6. If there are any Russian speakers out there, I need something translated from English to Russian (not a large amount of text). If you can help, please pm me as soon as you can. Liz
  7. A HUGE CONGRATS to you all - the formation looked awesome. Liz
  8. Egos... That is the reason. When Todd Hawkins had his canopy collision during the Arizona Challenge that was basically caused by the majority of the jumpers having a form of tunnel vision to land in the main landing area regardless of the space around it to land safely. For the first couple of jumps after that, everyone landed well apart, but normality returned and 90+ people tried to land in the main landing area after each jump. These people were all supposed to be the "best" skydivers around as to be invited onto the Challenge means that you are a kick ass RW (usually 4-way or 8-way) skydiver. Personally I felt that all these "top" skydivers were not setting the best example by vying for a landing spot in the main landing area (due to their either showing off or not wanting to walk from the alternate landing area) and neglecting safety under canopy. Liz
  9. OK, this kid has done 800 jumps in a year, but you are concerned about him coaching. How is his rapport with the people that he is coaching? Is he a good coach? You can have 20,000 jumps, but not be a good coach.. From the amount of jumps he has done, he has obviously spent all of his time at the dz jumping and also interacting with other more experienced jumpers. Obviously this guy wants to get on in the sport whilst at the same time GIVE BACK the knowledge he was given to the newbies.. If he has an attitude problem then that will be dealt with from the instructors on the dz. Please do not take this the wrong way, but with your number of jumps over a certain period of time versus this guy's, then do you see yourself as having the quality and more knowledge than hin? Are you in training for being a coach? Are you taking newbies under your wing? If you are, all well and good, if not, you cannot judge. Natasha Montgomery went from being an AFF student to winning a Gold Medal in the World Championships in 3 years, plus being the first female to win that accolade. I see from your profile that you have only been in the sport 3 years - the same as Natasha. If you have concerns about this guy, you would be better off taking it up with your dz management rather than on Everyone's circumstances are different. Liz
  10. (not a reply to Billvon, but a general reply) My 2 cents worth! Having lived and jumped at Eloy for 3 years, this is my take on the landing situation there is.... There is actually a small core of regular jumpers and jumping staff there. All of the non-swooper regulars landed on the side furthest away from the hangar (in the main landing area) between the peas and the swoop ponds, or in the alternate landing area. The area between the beer line and the peas closest to the hangar was regarded as the area for high performance landings. Most of the working and sponsored peeps were very experienced canopy pilots and were all of the same thought that if they did not have a clear run to do a high performance landing then they would not do one. The problems mainly came during very busy times, eg boogies, where you have a lot of "wannabees". From my personal experience, I was very glad to have met and been taught canopy skills (not swooping as I am a big girl's blouse!!) by some of the top canopy pilots in the world who were at Eloy working and also training for world swoop comps, pusingh their limits in their landings whilst being safe to others in the air. Eloy has always has been seen as the pinnacle in all areas of skydiving - 4-way, 8-way, Freefly, Freestyle, Big Ways, Birdman, CRW, Swooping and canopy piloting - that is why people go there. To limit the boundaries is actually bad for business as these highly skilled people will move on (a lot of them are also coaches in the wind tunnel so there will be a dearth of excellent coaches). Basically, what I am trying to say is that certain landing rules should come into place during boogies and other event days. That way, everyone will be kept happy and Eloy will still maintain it's safety record. The last fatal incident there was a canopy collision between a student and a military skydiver who was on an exercise. I would summise (I could be totally off track here) that both of these canopy pilots were not doing high performance landings and had "tunnel vision" and "landing target fixation" along with the fact that they personally thought that they were the only ones in the air. That is conjecture, however... I think Eloy will lose a lot of excellent staff because of the rules and if all those staff/teams move onto other dzs then Eloy will become a mediocre dz that only offers good weather, an Otter to jump out, plus a wind tunnel, but with no "top level" load organisers, skydiving and tunnel coaches. Liz
  11. So, I will tell Mel that you have had time for household duties, ie cleaning, laundry and cooking On a serious skydiving note, does the PAC have a problem with it's centre of gravity or is that an ugly rumour that is going around? (I remember a few years back when it was first manufactured, a 4 way was the most that could be launched and everyone else had to stay behind the line). Liz
  12. So that is your excuse.... So did you, Travis and Neal all plan to land on a heap on my neck???? Luckily, all my years of horse riding put me in good stead to be able to relax my body when a hard impact was impending. Mwhaw Liz
  13. Jealous?? Moi? If I remember correctly, I had to push you back into your slot quite a few times - a testament to my strength! You actually made me look good by flingiing your arse round back into place Please say Hi back to your team - you guys are awesome and I will send you the BEST care packages ever. Hugs, Liz
  14. Anyone local, get out there and do the after work load. Where else are you going to be able to jump with one of the best skydivers in the world???? Regardless of your experience, Kirk will make the jump successful, so newbies, do not be shy - this could be you opportunity to do a jump that is bigger than normal. Even if it does not complete, you will have great coaching (Kirk is very approachable and will answer any questions you have - remember he has 20 years in the sport, is a world champ skydiver and current top level jumper and he is all about safety). For the newbies - everyone started off at the same level and you do not learn from being perfect!! Am jealous of anyone who can make the Wednesday loads. Liz
  15. That's due to you trying to show off and hogging the airspace Liz