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  1. Ok, so here I am, back at home. It was great seeing you all again, and meeting some new friends as well.
  2. Sooo...Just to bump this thread up I'll see you all this Saturday Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  3. I do not update them often here in he forum profile. Not a biggie. If asked I will tell, otherwise it does not really matter. Yes, always Individually at the end of the jump day, or after a particular jump that I deem important to not skeep details. Again depends on the jump. Very basic description of the jump itself (i.e. 4 way, x points, or fun jump). Some jumps I really do want to put as much details as possible if it may be worth of tracking it in the future (such as if it is the biggest way I made to date, then with all the details, or if it is the first jump made with new friends then again all the names ect...) Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  4. And add to her achievement that she is a Great Lady. She really is a wonderful person.
  5. I have a BT60. FWIW, the briddle has nothing to do with the BT, it is usually provided by the manufacturer of the container (unless you got a generic stuff). Now even if your gear was stored under optimal conditions, materials degrade with time. Yes BTs are known for their hard openings characteristics, but nothing that a good packing can't tame. BTW, the firsts BTs were manufactured in 1989 not 82 Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  6. As one boogie ends another one is almost around the corner. What's in for the Thanksgiving boogie? Any vendors coming? I guess it's time to demo reserves What's up guys?
  7. I got one reserve ride. Reason: d-bag lock. I did the pack job and most definitely made a mistake somewhere. I had about 60 jumps at that time. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  8. Out of the 5 jumps I made yesterday, the first and last resulted in a very long opening. Main canopy Nitron 150, container Mirage G3 M4 (res: PD160R, Cypres 1), weight ~180 lbs fully equiped. All 5 jumps were RW, fall rate about 120 mph. In all the jumps I threw the PC around 3,500 ft, which usually enables me to open and have my canopy checks done somewhere around 2,800 ft. So, in these two jumps, the same thing happened. Threw the PC around 3,500 ft, then felt the risers going up, then nothing. I looked up while grabbing the risers and saw the main out of the D-bag but it did not inflate. Gave a few strong shakes to the risers then it does inflate, followed by a few line twists. All back to normal and flying well just above 2,000 ft (which is my hard deck). In the 50 (or about) jumps I've put in this canopy since I bought it (new), that's the first time that this happened. Always packed in the same way, by myself. What, in your opinion can cause that? I tend to believe it may be the cone being wrapped too tight. Thanks for your input. JM Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  9. Nate and Sarah, It was a real pleasure jumping with you two
  10. I run the business administration dept at the US office of an intl organisation. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  11. Yes it does work. I did had a baglock once, cut away and pulled silver. Well, the RSL was faster than I was Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  12. Yup. Over 200 jumps and still have one. Always connected too Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  13. Indeed!! Now, that's a very helpful piece of advise. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  14. Yep, he doesn't want to know how old we are. Then we won't tell him. How old I am? Iam "in between + 2 " Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  15. HA!!! I am younger than you. Back when I started jumping, we used loincloths for chutes. We didn't ate wuffos, we f....d them Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  16. I know what you mean. I had a baglock once (my only cutaway). The main landed in a cornfield. Fortunately I was lucky enough to see more or less were it landed and we were able to find it. One of my buddies even found the cutaway handle while walkint towards the minivan who came to pick me up. Yeah, I was lucky, all the goodies were found the same day. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  17. I am sure she'll do better than I will . Guess we will have to plan a trip to Orlando so we can take her to Disney as well Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  18. Voted No but I will at some point. I believe that it is an excellent way to find out how it flies. No need to wait till the time comes.
  19. After reading a few other threads, I was wondering how many jumpers do carry a spare reserve kit to replace lost parts after a cutaway? Such as: - Cutaway handle - Reserve ripcord - Free bag - Reserve pilot chute Usually the above stuff is the one most commonly lost. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  20. I was wondering exactly the same thing, as I am about to order a spare kit. So it would come handy and not expensive at all (about $350) Way to many, if not most IMO OK let's find out, here's a poll (edited to add link) Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,
  21. I jump at a small DZ. Usually there is a rigger on site however he is also one of the TIs and AFFIs. He is usually rather busy. Usually a rigger is better qualified to evaluate this, wouldn't you say so? Not saying that this specific packer hasn't a clue. So with all due respect, I do not see that as indignant. Hispas Brothers President HISPA #2,